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Your Chronicles

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#1 Lord Balor

Lord Balor


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Posted 24 August 2009 - 02:28 AM

Well now that some time has passed and people are expanding their sets by making the best use of various sales, I thought it apt for a thread to discuss your chronicles.

What forces do you have at your disposal, have you repainted, made modifications, developed new maps?  Personal projects?

As a new recruit, at the moment I've got the starter set and awaiting the delivery of Vulkan's Fist, The Book of Law, Order of the Bear & Advanced Recon.  This gives me a nice small Capitol & Bauhaus force as well as some nice treats from Brotherhood which will be useful in a campaign I'm thinking of writing up once I finish the current Warcraft Supplement.

So aside from collections and the physical aspects, what forces do you like to use?  Single faction or a mix?  Personally I like a single MegaCorporation but there's plenty of room for alliances/mixes, especially with the right overarching narrative.  Either way, what tends to be your armylist and favourite tactics with them?

Quite a broad topic with a number of questions, but it allows peeps to take it in whichever direction they prefer and good for drumming up some discussion!

#2 Inquisitor Liss

Inquisitor Liss


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Posted 25 August 2009 - 02:36 AM

 I am now the proud owner of 4 of every model produced for all factions. (minus the ones given away in the contest and those released just as cards)


#3 Mutant2089



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Posted 05 September 2009 - 09:58 AM

Im thinking of making a tournament with my 3 friends who also play.

We are going to chose one faction of the four: 1 Bauhaus, 2 Capitol, 3 Brotherhood or 4 Algeroth-or-Ilian, and then stick to that faction for four games to come. By this we will be great at our team both in attack and in defence and relate to our team.

I thinking of that you only get Point out of what you kill. Gold3, silver2 and broze1 point. We play 7/7/7 mostly, but now we will only play 1 player againt 1, and notice thepoints out of that. Yoy keep the guys you have left and fill it woth new points of a falling calue 6/6/6, 5/5/5, 4/4/4, 3/3/3 and then your out if you havent gived up allready. Last, only one will win the tournament.

In-game we will use victory zones, but only the Relic will generate Points. The rest is only for function. Lok forward to game this campagne.

#4 Dominik



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Posted 06 September 2009 - 10:24 PM

Nice Topic Lord Balor. Here is what happend around me, since the "death" of MC:

I still have got one very motivatet player with an own collection (nearly as big as mine) left. We usualy play 10/10/10 games on the "map pack tiles". I have made a very nice looking full colour print on hardboard. I´ve also got two more players, who are willing to join me. They´ve got no own miniatures, but they can play with mine.

Normaly, we only play with different singel factions and no alliances (don´t like the idea). Only with ilian we use some brotherhood models to resurect karak at least once in a game. I like bauhaus (with battlesuits) and brotherhood (with sacred warriors). Not sure, how competitive capitol still is against a algeroth list with a lots of big creatures.

I don´t  use any proxies or new units from the new cards. All existing models are more than enough for our games.

Next time, we would like to play a 20/20/20 game on two maps.

#5 Lord Balor

Lord Balor


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Posted 07 September 2009 - 12:05 AM

No worries Dominik and I've just ordered Golem of Ice, Karak's Curse, Warmaster's Legions and Gommorian Hammer Warpacks so a nice boost to the Demon Faction(s).  Pretty soon I'll be able to have larger games than the 5/5/5 that I'm currently on and then comes trying to organise some new missions or campaign which I'll hopefully keep a thread here updated on what's going on!

#6 Lord Balor

Lord Balor


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Posted 19 December 2009 - 02:31 PM

Well after the sale I managed to pick up a few sets and so have gone from a small force to a healthy collection of 2-4 of each model (Only 1 of Warmaster's Legions/Gommorian's Hammer and Advanced Recon though so still some hunting to do yet) and was surprised when the package arrived that it also contained Map A03 in it and while I do have 3 starter sets (For the command cards/dice/maps), this additional map gives some much needed variation so many thanks to FFG for the surprise bonus!

As for the future, I can now get some big games in and hopefully post up a battle report or two while still hunt for Lost Legions and the above 3 sets to complete the collection.  All the doubles I end up with will either be painted a different colour (Bronze/Silver/Gold, whichever I need) or converted, mostly to give Ilian some variation.  How fares other people's Chronicles these months on?

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