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Heresy is closer than you think

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Posted 21 August 2009 - 06:14 AM



CASE FILE 559:28S:WV7:HMad

Please enter your authority code> **************





Thank you, Inquisitor.

You may proceed. 






DATE: 996. M41



[Pict recording static only, Imperial jamming technology [(?)] pict switches to non standard imperial pic frequency]

[picture returns after 1 minute 12 seconds]

[a comfortable room illuminated only by a large fire, one man [subject (i)] sits with his back to the pict-source, facing the fire. A second man [Subject (ii)] walks from a side table to a seat near subject (i). Subject (ii) positevely identified as Inquisitor Talexus Keyek, Ordo Malleus]

KEYEK: And you? Working with the Tau i hear 

VOICE (i): I take out anything that destabilises the Imperium but with anything I can lay my hands on, Imperial or not, If it will work with or for me, I will use it. If not it dies. 

KEYEK: Then we are not so different in our methods, knowlege is power. If i must harness the power of chaos, so be it

VOICE (i): Chaos corrupts, you will not serve the Imperium if you are corrupted 

KEYEK: I do my duty, I serve the Imperium as long as I spare her from the warp

VOICE (i): And by dragging yourself and those around you into it, you do no such thing. The warp is Dangerous! I'll have as little to do with it as possible.

KEYEK: You are rite indeed to fear the warp but because of its danger, all the more reason to fight it.

VOICE (i): Daemons are to be banished not summoned!

KEYEK: I havn't summoned one yet

VOICE (i): There very presence on this plane offends the emperor, endagers the Imperium and serves no good purpose, you know this. They are not foolish creatures. Do not think to use them or they will use you

[Keyek stands, turns towards pict-source]

KEYEK: And you? Accepting the help of Xenos, bringing them into his holy realm.

VOICE (i): Only when a greater threat is to be destroyed. Any Xenos breed befriended is one less enemy for the Imperium, one less enemy for the Imperium means more resources to pour against those that threaten us. They will keep for when we have dealt with such things as the Tyranid scourge.

KEYEK: No Xenos can be trusted. Seers and degenerates and invaders the lot of them. They will turn on us as quickly as you turn on them.

[Subject (i) stands, anger detected in vocal patterns.]

Voice (i): As will the forces you so foolishly play with. I do not trust them to think past there own goals but i believe i am wise enough to work with them when their goals align with ours. I have no aim to turn on them unless they do so first. They show treachery, they will suffer. Why create conflict where none exists. We are in a position to know that the Imperium needs all it can get. There are bigger battles to fight, the chaos forces raiding and pillaging for one.

[Keyek sits, lifting a small glass to his lips, unknown substance [liquid (i)] after 4 seconds he smiles and laughs]

KEYEK: Hah! Thinking about joining the Malleus are you! I dare say we need more of our numbers, Inquisitor Kade was killed last month denying a daemon sect on Sentinel and there has been no word from Inquistor Thrace for some time. Puritanical fools to the man but noble souls none the less. You cannot fight what you do not understand, a radical i may be but i am better equiped to fight than a puritan. A man can fight with faith alone but a gun helps him more

[Subject (i) sits, amusment detected in vocal patterns]

VOICE (i): I've yet to see a puritan unwilling to take the holy fire to the enemies of man

KEYEK: And i've yet to see a daemon that didn't die to my blade, Miasma

[Keyek's right hand gently pats a simple leather bound sword aprox 30" long. Sword later positively identified as the Daemon Sword 'Miasma']

VOICE (i): Why do you delve so much into lore you know will corrupt you?

KEYEK: Because it is necessary

VOICE (i): Think of those even from our own Order who have fallen, doing what they thought was right even as they commited attrosities in his holy relm

KEYEK: You speak of Quixos?

VOICE (i): And Eisenhorn and others like them. The archives are filled with names like that.

[Keyek laughs and drinks more of liquid (i)]

KEYEK: Hah! If you thought me that far gone would you be sitting drinking Amasec with me

[liquid (i) positevely identified as amasec]

VOICE (i): Probably not

KEYEK: Both of them were fools who thought they could overcome the power of chaos. I merely channel it, much as you do with your Xenos.

VOICE (i): More fool you. Who is to say they didn't start off like you.

KEYEK: Yet i still stand where without this power i would be dead with naught but my faith

VOICE (i): Better to die in his service than live in treachery, not that i plan on dieing any time soon.

KEYEK: You fail to understand the true power of chaos, its true nature. That nature is conflict, chaos is more than willing to fight amongst itself, I simply give it direction. By forcing it to fight itself it weakens

VOICE (i): I wonder if it is possible to truly win against chaos

KEYEK: Even if it is not, douse that not make the struggle more noble. To not give in to the darkness but to fight against it. The struggle is part of being human and through our sacrifices the Imperium still stands.

[Silence for 59 seconds]

VOICE (i): Which sacrifices in particular? The human Kind?

KEYEK: But of cource, if a general was to kill 4 million men in defence of a planet the Imperium triumphs from that sacrifice.

VOICE (i): And yet that is still 4 million less men for the next battle. There are enough foolish generals around, pompous idiots with no qualification for command other than bootlicking their way to the top.

KEYEK: True. The Imperium has equal amounts of sycophancy and talent it seems

VOICE (i): More so, it seems somtimes, hah!

[Subject (i) laughs]

[Image out. Recording ends.]
















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Posted 22 August 2009 - 02:42 AM



CASE FILE 945:84F:VJ4:Mbc

Please enter your authority code>  **************




Thank you, Inquisitor.

You may proceed.







RECOVERED BY: Magos Anicos

DATE: 899. M41



[The data slate this information was recovered from was severly damaged by what appears to be an electrical blast, cause unknown. Although recovery took place the data is, in places highly fragmented, somtimes with whole days missing. However i have filed the data because it hints at a dire theat to the Calixis Sector. I remain, as allways, your humble servant. Savant Kellogine]

112th 898. M41

I have come to Solomon's Gloriana with little hope of success, yet while there is still chance i will search. Brackus tells me that a plague of sourts has broken out amoung the lower reaches of the hive and i would trust his word. Small chance that this plague is caused by my obsetion, yet one who lives as i do learns to trust his Interogators. [no mention of an Interogator 'Brackus' in Calixian recods] I have, for the moment berthed myself and my followers in the uper hive, using what little connections i have in this festering, Emperor forgotten place.

113th 898. M41

Today i started my investigation. An Inquisitor cant walk freely around an under hive, he would gather too much unwated notise so i have sent my able followers Gruss and Malia [both common names on Malfi] who are more adept at subtlety than I. My Savant Orla is serching the archives. I need to be watchfull of her, i fear she may be too watchfull of me. I myself am comuning with some friends amongst the Noble classes but information is frustratingly hard to come by. No word yet from Brackus. He should have made contact by now

114th 898. M41


115th 898. M41

Success [DATA FRAGMENT] but Brackus [DATA FRAGMENT] the daemon [DATA FRAGMENT] now is my time.

116th 898. M41

Orla has uncovered troubling information about the quary i seek. The daemon was brought here from Scintilla by a Rogue Trader. Although i would not be suprised if that scoundrel Benjamin Black is behind this. Him and his master Inquisitor have had a vested intrest in the daemon for too long. First i though he, like me, wished only to destroy it but now my confidence in them has shrunk to nothing. If they are responcible then why move it. Are they trying to harness the plague the daemon summons. If only i had proof of this, if only i had the identity of Black's master. It seams that once i am finished here i will have new work to do.

117th 898. M41

  The plague has worsened. It seams any contact at all with the lower hive is now a death sentance, a slow death sentance. I have had Gruss and Malia quarentined and Brackus' remains incinerated with holy fire. The under hive has been sealed off but i must go down there to stop the daemon i will [DATA FRAGMENT]

118th 898. M41

So they lost controll of their pet and [DATA FRAGMENT] Orla is dead, they came for her when they slept. They would have killed me too if i had not heared her Psykic shreak, they will [DATA FRAGMENT]

119th 898. M41

I have found how to stop them. Orla had found the key, Emperor guid her soul. But i fear my enemies plans are also set in motion. The plague has lessend almost at once. How have they contained the beast.

120th 898. M41

I am alone, my faithfull friends and allies have been killed and i have decovered the nature of my enemies plan. On Solomon, hidden by Harlock of all people, is a method forgoten for making the most hideouse of artifacts. Daemon Weapons. I fear i must stop them, alone if i must.

[All further data lost]

[Inquisitor believed to be Inquisitor Harpier [unconfirmed source] who disapeared between 800 and 900 M41.]




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Posted 23 August 2009 - 01:48 AM



CASE FILE 947:74X:FG0:Zmn

Please enter your authority code> **************







Thank you, Inquisitor.

You may proceed.






To Lord Inquisitor Markus Aldos, a communiqué

 Carried by Unknown Astropath (Calixis) via meme-wave 41~c.654

double intra

Origin: Samson IV, Hazeroth Sub 83256 origin date: 156. 943. M41

Recieved: Scintilla, Golgenna Reach Sub 84757 reception date. 156. 943. M41

(redundent copy deleated from buffer)


Author: Inquisitor Talexus Keyek, Ordo Malleus


Greatings Lord

By his holy light and the great grace of the inquisition ect ect

Long has it been since my last communiqué, i'm sure my lord has not forgotten the task that he set for me, to track down and find the unknown Inquisitor responcible for the Solomon Incident and to find and destroy the daemon weapon thought created there. I am sorry for the...delay in my responce but i have not spent the last fifteen years being idle. Howether i proudly tell you two things. 1.) The rumours of my demise are, as you have no doubt no realised, quite false and 2.) i have completed the task you entrusted to me. You will ofcource recieve my full report upon my retern to Scintilla. I admit to you know that i have missed Scintilla. Despit its appearence it is my home as you well know my lord. However i have taken the oportunity to send this initial report of my success by my own personal Astropath. Now to the point. The most monumental news i can bring to you (appart from my own healph) is the identity of our own Rogue Inquisitor. Inquisitor Harpier Ordo Malleus. I know this may give you cause to question me but my evidence is quite firm. He worked through a proxy, again another Inquisitor, to create the Solomon Incident and to fake his own death. His treachery to the Holy Order and to the God-Emperor was total. By the time i tracked him down to Samson IV he had created 12 daemon weapons. I believe he intended to creat some sort of army of daemon enhanced soldiers. However me and my agents have sytematicly destroyed his cult and destroyed 11 of his foul artifacts. The only one not to be found was the original sword caging the plague daemon 'Miazma'. Where this weapon is i have no idea. I have however completed the task you have set for me. Harpier, his proxy and the rogue trader Benjamin Black have all been executed.

Your Humble servant and Friend


[message ends]








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Posted 23 August 2009 - 05:27 AM




Please enter your authority code> **************


Thank you, Inquisitor.

You may proceed






CLASSIFICATION: Alpha Level Intelligence


ENCRYPTION: Mythos v 3.1

DATE: 991. M41

AUTHOR: Inquisitor Augustus Thrace

SUBJECT: Heresy!



Salutation Lord!

I write to you bearing the most terrible of news. We of Ordo Malleus Calixian have been betrayed! A member of our holy order, a well standing and well though of Inquisitor has given himself whowly to the dark powers. The Inquisitor i speak of is non other than Inquisitor Talexus Keyek! Lord i know this news will be hard to bear as Talexus is a long standing friend of yourse but i beseach you, listen to my council and support my claim to make this monster Diabolicus Hereticus. His hunt of Inquisitor Harpier, the hunt that gave him his notoriety and reputation for tanacity was a farse. Harpier was Keyek's proxy who was mercilesy killed by his master. My Claims are not without evedence. After months of serching i have found what i need to send this monster to the Emperor. My Lord i provide a writen transcipt of a pict recording. A pict recording tacken from the Bionic Eye of Keyek's deceased Magos. I beg you Lord, Start the hunt for Inquisitor Talexus Keyek! 


Augustus Thrace



DATE: 943. M41





[Pict-record fuzzy, all detail un focused]

VOICE(i) [believed to be pict-source] : Blasted implants! [Voice (i) chants mechanicus ritual of apeasment]

[Pict-record focuses, reveals an underground room one large door. Room has 5 individuals in it, all facing away. One man turns around [subject (ii)]

VOICE (ii): Not often you hear a Magos complain about his Blessings of the Omnissia, Rassier

[Subject (ii) positevely identified as Inquisitor Talexus Keyek

[Pict-source positevely identified as Magos Rassier]

[man [subject (iii)] aproximatly 30 years standard turns towards Keyek. He is wearing Storm Trooper Carapace and a Hellgun. Insignia of the 31st Solomon Legion. His head is bald and scared [new]

VOICE (iii): Oh leave him be boss, his heads not been rite since Sentinel

KEYEK [Smiling] : Learn some respect will you Gear

[Subject (iii) positively identified as Seargent Gear]

GEAR: If you wanted manners boss you should have said, only i brought a Hellgun. Aint gonna be to polite with where i shove it is all

 [Another man [Subject (iv)] laughs loudly and turns towards the pict-source. He is wearing Imperial guard issue flak armour over an Imperial Navy uniform, he Is holding a naval shotgun]

[subject (iv) positevely identified as Petty Officer Eli Hall, Imperial Navy]

HALL: Don't know why you keep this one Talex

KEYEK [laughing softly]: I don't know why i keep any of you really. Mortisin is the only one who pulls his weight, isn't that rite Mortisin.

[A final man [Subject (v)] wearing a black body glove and a face mask, a two handed power sword sheathed on his back [Moritat (?)] responds without turning]

MORTISIN: I live but to serve my lord.

[Keyek turns to a woman [Subject (vi)], aprox 40 years standard who is studying the door]

KEYEK: Any success Atfir?

ATFIR: Yes my lord, i believe i can open this door, i also believe that Harpier is on the other side of this door.

KEYEK: Do it 

[Keyek draws a chain axe and power sword from under is cloak]

GEAR: Whats the plan boss

KEYEK: We've all got guns, lets go kill some bad guys 

[the door opens to reveal a large cavournouse underground chamber. Keyek and his retinue charge through the doors, pict-source follows, Hell-pistol in pict-sources hand]

KEYEK: Harpier! HARPIER! Show yourself!

[12 human figures appear in a circle around the pic-source. Pic-source tracts around in a circle looking at them. Pict-source aims hell-pistol at closest. All adverseries are wearing robes and are carying strange weapons. All weapon fonfirmed as Daemon Weapons. All Adversaries are wearing maskes of animals]

KEYEK: Attack formation Epsilon

[Pict-source turns quickly and fires three shots at a Jackel masked man. The Jackel mask deflects two shots with his glowing sword. The thired strikes his face, exploding his head. Two adversaries, Dragon and Snake masked run to attack Pict-source but are interscepted by Mortisin. Mortisin's Movements to fast for pict-source to capture. Dragon mask falls to his knees, his right arm severed at the elbow. Snake mask falls backwards decapitated. Dragon mask impailed by his own daemon weapon, his arm still holding the hilt. A scream from off view. Pict-source pans. Atfir impailed by Cat mask's glaive. Cat mask kicks Atfir off of his blade. Cat mask struck by multiple Hellgun rounds from point blank range. Cat mask explodes outwards and falls revealing Gear. Gear decapited by spear held by Rat mask. Rat mask struck in face by a Naval Shotgun held by Hall. Hall fires point blank into the fallen Rat Mask. Pict-source turns and fires his hell-pistol at the back of an oponent poised to strike. Oponent falls exploded open. Pict-source focuses on Inquisitor Keyek. Three oponents lie dead at his feat, the remains of a chain axe imbeded in one. One oponent [Subject (vii) has lost his heron mask.]

[Subject (vii) positively identified as Inquisitor Harpier]

[Pict-souce pans, the last of Harpiers Acolytes fall to Mortisins power blade, Keyek strikes at Harpiers head which is parried by a strange green blade. Keyek sheathes his sword and opens his arms smiling.]

KEYEK: Its been too long my old friend

HARPIER: It has indeed Talex

[Harpier drops his weapon and embraces Keyek. Harpier stumbles back a daggers hilt visible in his chest.]

HARPIER: Master, why?

KEYEK: Because it was neccessary old friend. You had fullfilled your usefullness. I dare say i will recieve quite a reputation for killing the 'Rogue' Inquisitor Harpier.

 [Harpier falls to the floor dead]

KEYEK: Eli, pict evidence of every daemon weapon here. All except this one. [Keyek points to the sword Miasma] Then destroy them all, evidence of their destruction as well.

HALL: Yes Boss

RASSIER: What do you have planned for this blade, Inquisitor

[Keyek turns to pict-source]

KEYEK: Why i'm going to keep it of cource

RASSIER: But, Inquisitor, that is forbidden

[Keyek nods at Mortisin, who aproached pict-source. Pict -source lowers revealing a power blade impailing mechanicus robes. Pic-source falls to the floor.]

KEYEK: We are agread, the Heretic Harpier killed him

[Image out. Recording ends]







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