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Sadly funny...

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#1 Dreary_Angel



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Posted 14 August 2009 - 03:58 AM

This is so sadly funny...

Every time a new edition of a game is planned to come out, as soon as notice about the most abvious thigs about it are released (and I'm talking about averything but mechanics of the game) there is an awful lot of people crying out in sorrow and cursing the producer to have killed the game...


I am not really sure about what i think about this 3ed... mainly because almost nothing has been said XD

Dices: ok, now instead of regular d10/d100 dices we use customized dices with images instead of numbers, good, the most logic thing is that we'll use the tens of our characteristic to know how many dices we have to roll (given we'll still have characteristics based on 100 and not on 10); not a really bad thing from my point of view, but nothing is known about this mechanic;

Cards: ok, now we have carreer cards describling the peculiarities of it, and supposely skill cards, supposely to know what a given skill could be used for; where is the tragedy? better than flipping through the books every time;

All the core mechanics are unknown and nothing has been said that could make me cry out in despair...

They just said there will be this 3ed, supposely by fall...

I say let's wait for more informations to come out, and then we can cry out or still be interested.

If someone has real motivations to feel betrayed or to say they've already ruined the game, he/she is most welcome to share them, but, please, do not just open post to say: "They killed the game/This edition will suck/I'm out", this is so childish,,,

Everything IMHO, obviously.



P.S. Just to say it before someone blame me: I have quite an expectation for this game, but I'm not saying it is an RPG savior or something, my arguments where just to point out that what we know so far is really nothing we can complain about, IMHO.

#2 Kriegtanzer



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Posted 14 August 2009 - 05:32 AM

It may be a great game, a fun game.  I agree, wait to judge this new game untill we know more about it.

But there are things to complain about.  It is a new game, marketed as a new edition of a game that works perfectly fine and has a lot of faithful fans.  This implies that there will be little to no support for the game we love.  This is not a new edition, a revision and recollection of the rules to a game, it is a new game with new mechanics.  You can call it WFRP but it is not the WFRP we play and now there will not be support for the WFRP we play. 

Rather that tell us about the new game FFG ran bogus marketing campaign on a hoax game mocking the followers of their products.  The sad thing is the Ratcatcher's Tale looked more interesting than what they have put out so far about the new WFRP game.  I really wanted a sewer guide to Altdorf.  I don't like being mocked.  They could have better spent their time trying to sell me on their new game rather than a hoax.  How do we know this WFRP3e is not another hoax?   You can't buy it yet so it could just be FFG continuing to mess with our heads till we all gain an insanity and start playing D&D 4e.  They can no longer be trusted until you have the game in the stores.

#3 Sythorn



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Posted 14 August 2009 - 11:13 AM

I think one of the primary reasons people feel betrayed is that 2nd edition barely had two years worth of supplements before Black Industries went silent on the game while focusing on Dark Heresy, then shut down and sold the game to Fantasy Flight Games, who released two supplements that were carry-overs BI was working on before going silent themselves for quite awhile.  I still see the 2nd edition line as vastly incomplete, what with priority books such as an elf supplement having never been released.

I know the elf book is something of a dead horse we've been beating for a while now, and I apologize for bringing it up yet again, but it really does suck to have a new edition released so soon when the current game has yet to produce much information on one of the player races, especially when they are purported to be different than the bog standard that appears in most fantasy campaign settings, yet those of us who only play the RPG know nothing of them.

That's certainly one of the reasons I find this new edition a little frustrating, even though I saw it coming.  Taking 4th edition D&D (or even 3rd edition), for example, I felt the past lines were more-or-less completed and I felt it was the right time for a new edition.  The information I needed for the various campaign settings was completed and freely available, and the implied setting had itself been mapped out with lots of ideas and options.  If anything, the past two editions of D&D felt a little overdue.  So when 4th edition was released I took a look at it, realized it wasn't for me, and moved on hoping it would bring in new players to the hobby.

Contrast this with 2nd edition WFRP, and there is a lot about the world I still don't know.  Not to mention it really seemed the game was just coming into it's own, with the later supplements achieving a level of quality that humbled past efforts, at least in my opinion.  So what it comes down to for me, is a combination of several factors: WFRP was just hitting its stride, the product line was incomplete, FFG is silent for a long time and springs an announcement on us when the game is very close to release, and the new edition carries a high price tag with no sign of a slimmed down version without all the accessories in sight.

It also doesn't help that FFG is launching three other Warhammer products around the same time, most of which I was planning to buy, if not all.  And now I have to shell out $100 if I want to try the new edition, and I won't know how the rules work until after doing so, and therefore whether or not it's something my group will be interested in.  Furthermore, that price tag nets me 1/4 of the careers that were in the previous edition and is missing what I feel is a key race, and it seems future expansions will come in the form of boxed sets, instead of traditional supplements, something I'm not keen on.  Although I've tried giving the game the benefit of the doubt and remain at least partially open-minded in my posts (and I hope it shows), this is really frustrating for me.

To make matters worse, I can't see shop owners or retailers wanting to fill their shelves with a massive box that costs $100 during a recession, and I doubt casual consumers would purchase the game even if they would.  I don't think the stores I typically purchase WFRP from would even have room for it.  Obviously, this is a bad thing because I want the game to succeed and spread the fandom, despite my own personal feelings towards it, and it seems unlikely this new boxed set will do that.  Really, I'm not at all surprised the community has reacted this way, not at all.

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