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Adventure/encounter ideas.

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#1 Malkavianmadman



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Posted 13 August 2009 - 05:40 PM

So ive been thinking of some interesting things to do to my players fr RT. Also none of them are as profecient in 40k lore as i am. So ive come up with some interesting ideas for encounters or missions, here they are in brief.


They find the corpses of 2 marines who were locked in mortal combat, each one has killed the other in some form of deadly embrace. One weilds a blue power sword the other a rusty looking (yet extremly well crafted) sword. The one carrying the rusted blade (with a proper knowledge check) belongs to the Relictors chapter of space marines.


An encounter with the infamous former rogue trader Edward Teach, wanted preferably dead for acts of piracy.


They find a ship drifting through space, on board they find the shell of a chaos land raider bound within hexagrammic wards, along with the diaries of a radical inquisitor...


Cybertron....aka the planet of iron, a planet that was colonized by the men of iron and is now a techpriests worst nightmare/ ultimate dream come true.


They find a uptill now unseen anomoly in which a set of binary stars orbit each other so closely that they feed off one another...


thats just some ill post more as i think of them. Enjoy

#2 Psion



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Posted 13 August 2009 - 07:02 PM

- An offer you can't refuse:  An Inquistor of the Ordos Xenos approaches you and Inquistor-fu's his way into you giving him free passage to a planet on the absolute fringe of the galaxy.  He needs to explore one particular xeno pyramid (not Necron) on a lifeless rock, there are several others on the other side of the planet.  Perhaps that old creep made it worth your while after all...

- Sending an SOS:  The PCs encounter an apparently abandoned Explorator ship left adrift in the system they're currently operating in.  While towing it in and expecting payment is out of the question, perhaps there's some nice swag on board you can "redistribute" to your needy vessel.  Provided of course that whatever killed the crew doesn't decide you're tasty too....

#3 Talex



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Posted 13 August 2009 - 10:58 PM

 A routen rade run turns sour when then PC's drop warp into a space battle between an Imperial luxary Cruiser and an unknown ship your sencors bairly tell you is there. The Cruiser is destroyed and the Imperial Dignitary is killed. The PC's are blamed for the attack and must flee. Outside the law of imperial space they must find the ship again and clear there name, not to menton find away past its stealph. Ofcource if they were to capture the ship and give it to the Inquisition they could get alot of wealh and reputation

#4 Varnias Tybalt

Varnias Tybalt


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Posted 16 August 2009 - 03:10 PM

-After emerging from a mishap in the warp, the vessel translates to real space just outside a strange star system with a conglomeration of five suns (one green, one blue, one black, one white and one red) and in the middle of this is a most peculiar looking planet. Scans show that the entire world seems to be made of pure metals, where oceans normally have water this world have oceans of mercury instead. The trees are in the same way made of green, oxidized metal, and grassy fields are made up of razor sharp blades protruding from the ground.

The scans also indicate that there seems to be living organisms on the planet surface, some of them even made from flesh and blood but their skin has a higher metal concentration than other organic life. The world is also prowled by a multitude of unliving metallic artifact creatures of an almost robotic nature.


(if you're familiar with the CCG called Magic: The Gathering, you'll probably recognize this as a shameless rip-off of Mirrodin. But still, a naturally occuring metal world (instead of it being a built construction) has some appeal to it)

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