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#1 Chernobyl



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Posted 12 August 2009 - 07:35 PM

A lot of people I think were hoping to see a brilliant refinement of the game on the level of dark heresy or the upcoming rogue trader...instead they've gone 180 degrees away from that to a completely new game mechanics that from my point of view, the only thing I can figure is Descent game mechanics, where its all based on dice.

I really, really, can't begin to tell you how much this turns me off to the idea of buying this game.  A lot of people have said they're cautiously optimistic - well, That's not me.  At the moment I'm rather Alarmist, and treading close to drearily pessimistic.

#2 Nova Nagilum

Nova Nagilum


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Posted 12 August 2009 - 08:25 PM

Yeah I really don't know what's going on. I think a ton of other people are sort of scratching their heads. I hate to be a pessimist here but like, yeah - what?

FFG's whole strategy is really weird. It's like, they deliberately sort of kept this under wraps because they couldn't come out and say 'we're doing 3rd edition, only there are cards and boardgame props and (for some reason) a limit of 3 players to 1 GM'. Oh yeah, and it's a hundred bucks. That's what really gets me. Like, most board games (or books) are something like - 50 dollars? Maybe 60. A hundred dollars is like, like what? This isn't even a collector's edition or anything. And in their little picture the rulebooks look like pretty thin paperbacks (I'm sure they would have indicated if they were hardcover).

With Rogue Trader and Dark Heresy they've been completely forthcoming - because you can tell that they have a ton of ideas and enthusiasm to share for those product lines. I'm a big Warhammer fan, but this is sort of WAY out of left field.

Also - is A Ratcatcher's Tale still a real, actual thing? Or was that just some weird prank? Was that just supposed to awkwardly lead us over to this new game? Like, what are they doing? lol

#3 Diriel



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Posted 12 August 2009 - 10:24 PM

I don't have a whole lots of interest in getting this due to lack of a job.  Took most of my spare cash to pick up Rogue Trader...


BUT...It seems to me that it is a normal roleplaying experience with a GM and players.  the new dice system does look interesting, but i don't think any of us have a clue how it works.  We'll know better after people go to gen Con, and after they release more info.  The premade character sheets....well....again we don't know.  how can just one character card show you progress through levels?

I wouldn't go passing judgement on this just because of the big reveal...Its supposed to surprise you, and it supposed to be a little shocking or they wouldn't have hid it with the Ratcatcher.  None of us knew too much before they really began revealing info about Rogue Trader, either....and there are still big questions lots of people have about how that system works.

I think a lot of it is due to the love everyone has for 2nd edition, and that is well founded.  i don't doubt they knew this was going to surprise and possible upset some folks.  Here's to seeing how the dust settles...

#4 Gilead te tuin lothain

Gilead te tuin lothain


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Posted 13 August 2009 - 02:38 AM

Nova Nagilum said:

With Rogue Trader and Dark Heresy they've been completely forthcoming - because you can tell that they have a ton of ideas and enthusiasm to share for those product lines. 


The big problem is that DH wasn't even their game and the same could be said for RT as that background was designed to have three levels of play, and chances are the design notes have been passed across to FFG.  I'm not sure I want a game were I have to sort out various cards and dice before even getting started.

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