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So Cal Regional Report

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Posted 11 August 2009 - 08:23 PM

Well I know it has been a while, a week and a half to be exact, but I will now give a report of what I experienced.


Well for the two weeks prior to the event, me and my friend were contemplating on what deck I should run at this event. We had listed all of the symbols and actually had many new combos that we were making up as we went on.

Now back in the day, when Hugo*** was legal, I was winning many games and taking names. And because I was able to do this with 150 cards within my deck, I was making many people irritated. Then all of a sudden, they banned him. Thus I was not able to take my rediculus Hugo*** to any premier events.  When the new Hugo* came out, I was excited to start creating more shinanigans. So with the upcoming tournament, I decided that it was time to release Hugo* into the the game in an explosive way.

So we were contemplating the symbols the current Hugo had on it. This required a thorough look into what types of kill conditions there are with these symbols. Well it was hard to find the correct one just running one symbol, so then we came across a card I had used in the past. Neo Deadly Rave. I was thinking to myself that this card with Hugos enhance would be 11 dmg already. So I kept looking into the idea and came up with a build that would build up a wall and also create some crazy damage.

So we get to the tournament and I was feeling a little skeptical of my decks ability to kill. Then when they announced pairings, I was in shock that I had to play one of the two Felicias first round. This was one of the people that I had already known for a while and we have played some crazy games, the only thing was, I could not remember any of the times I have played him, that I had actually won.

Round 1 Hugo* vs. Felicia   W

Now this was a very hard match to begin with. I mean I am sitting there trying to get as many cards out onto the field as I possibly can. Then he started attacking with a Feline Spike on the Third turn. I was not very worried, because luckily for me I had drawn my Damage reduction. So he was stunning, and I was reducing. Finally the attack went through, with minmal damage(including Multiples). Next turn I threw an attack (Close Throw). It did minimal dmage, but he reversaled with Feline Spike. I decided to take most of the damage. Then I played a few more foundations and ended. He goes with another Feline Spike. I reduced it, gain a lot of life back(Thank god for Battle Prowess). He ended. I then again played a lot of Foundations. He goes and Attacks with Feline Spike Again!  I reduced and Gain a lot of life back. He then was able at the end to Mentally Ustabled the Feline and Attacked Again. I reduced a little of it, but I was almost back at full. My turn I Tag Alnged my attack, so that I would kill him the next turn. Then I played more foundations. He attacked a gain with Feline, I reduced it and Gained life back. He was so frustrated cause all of the Felines he was throwing were Multiple 2 and it was aggrivating him that I was living. I go and I go for the kill. I play my Neo Deadly Rave and I get my attack to 28 Damage.

The next game was almost the exact same thing, except that the other game took so long that we went to time, and on the final form we were both still alive. So I had won against Feline Spikes. Ot of two games I had to Endure 14 Feline Spikes, and I SURVIVED.

Round 2 Hugo vs. Felicia   L

Now I call shinanigans on this one, not only was I playing the same character that I played last round, but I was also playing my friend that helped me build my deck. I was like Seriously. Well the game began and I had drawn two Damage pump cards and two Tag Alongs. I just played it out and was able to get three foundations out. Third turn he plays Feline Spike, but of course I only had two damage reduction cads. By turn five I had survived three Feline Spikes. But my luck was horrible and I kept drawing Damage pump without an attack. The on the next turn he threw a Feline and then Feliciaed them away, and then threw Mecurious for game, I was annoyed.

Second Game I draw an almost exact hand as last time, except I had draw three cards of damage boost and a Tag Along. So I muliganed, and I had almost the intention of scooping. I had drawn all four of my Neo Deadly Raves. I wanted to cry. So I basically lost that one!


Round 3 Hugo Vs Zi Mei   L

This was almost a mirror of what happened last round. I kept drawing Damage pumps and attacks, that I could not play. I mean he started swingin on the second turn, and then killed me on the fourth turn.

This game was great I had kind of had what I wanted on the board, but I kept Checking my attacks and Tag Alongs. I was so annoyed. By fifth turn he had what he needed.(I was so amazed, it looked like he had 20 Attacks in the deck, not once did he check them, but me with 8 attacks I checked half of them by third turn.)

Round 4 Hugo vs Padma

This was a round where they said the first one to deal damage would receive promos. So on the second turn I chucked a Close Throw for 9 Dmg and he failed the block so he was already at 9 vitality. Then I was able toplay three foundations and ended. He played five foundations and ended. I looked at my hand and then I looked into his staging area. I noticed he had nothing that hindered me, but helped him. So I chucked a Neo Dealy Rave. He said that was game, but when I looked down at my staging area, I noticed I had a lot of my Damage boost. So I added the damage up and it came to 56 DMG UNBLOCKABLE. I was happy from then on.

The next game went just as fast, I was able to defeat him in four turns.



So that was it I was 2-2 and I was a little excited to play the jigs and reels tournament, but then there were troubles with tie breaker and with Diversity. With two Felicias and two Tiras. Me and my friend were skeptical about whether I got in or not. Then they proposed a game between me and Nintendoman's brother. I was wow. Then when he showed his character being Akuma I was actually scared.


Special Round Hugo vs. Akuma

I figured this was my chance to impact the world in a way I could have ever dreamed. I wanted it to be known that my Hugo made top 8 at a regional. So we began and it was hard getting through all of the CC hacks, but I was still trying. Soon he started throwing attacks, so I had todo as much as I possibly could to stay alive. Then I saw a window for me to attack, but as soon as I added up how much damage I had, it was off by 2 damage. I was going crazy looking for a way to accumilate the two damage, but there were none. So I attacked and then performed a missplay with Close Throw. I forgot to stun first and he negated my first Enhance. Which was not a big deal it was only4 damage. , so he was left at 6. I then ended. I used as much damage reduction and life gain I had to survive the turn, but I was left at two and he was still at 6. So on the next turn I threw down a Neo Dealy Rave, and then we went back and forth Enhancing and negating, but I soon threw it for 8 damage and winning the game. Yes, Yes, Yes! I made it to top 8.


Then my hopes were run dry when they said that I was playing Archimedes. I was so annoyed at that time.


Top 8 Hugo vs Guy

The first game was really horrible, I was checking attacks, also key components. I was annoyed by then. He had three BRTs out and I was ready to scoop. Then he would go on the attack run and I would live. Then He would do it again next turn. I was getting pounced on. So I was not very hopeful of winning this game.

This game went a little better, if he had not drawn two Holding Grounds. I was annoyed at this point. I know he saw it in his head. I just threw one Neo Deadly Rave, for the base of six damage. Then it over, because I could not draw an attack and he kept drawing his. So I lost, but I had fun while annoying everyone else.


I think it is amazing, this was the third time I have played Archimedes 3 times and still have not come out with the victory. Oh well Ill try better next time.




Living through 7 Feline Spikes

Top 8

Great Promos

Second Counter

56 DAMAGE UNBLOCKABLE(third turn by the way)





Felicia, Felicia/ Round 1 and Round 2

Playing Archimedes in top 8




Well thats it, I really did great considering what character I was playing. HeHe.

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