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A few questions

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#1 Lord Balor

Lord Balor


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Posted 08 August 2009 - 06:57 PM

Well a while ago I picked up the starter set as I do love the Mutant Chronicles lore and background and found the mechanics of the game simple to use and digest but with a nice deeper tactical flare and mastery hidden behind that simplicity.  Since picking it up i've been a tad busy but finally been able to settle down and have a few skirmish games and am now ready to expand my collection and assimilate any sort of additional material available and so some questions have propped up:

1) Are there any new maps, official/fan made, Downloadable/Physical available aside from the initial doublesided mat provided in the Starter Set?

2) How are people's experieces with the Lost Legions pack?  I know it has a nice $10 USD price but living in the land down under, that quickly shoots up to ~43 USD with delivery factored in and so I'm more cautious in ordering as delivery quickly makes it more than just an impulse buy, especially on a student budget.

3) From the base Starter Set, which expanded warpacks do you feel contribute most to the game to keep it fresh and different with a variety of playstyles/tactics?  Capitol seem to have a nice niche on movement and Algeroth are more brutal (both from the Starter Set)  and I do like the looks of Bauhaus, but rather than thinking in factions, I'm just thinking in which sets best flesh out the game, again as a result of a Student budget and costly Uni books -_-'

Many thanks in advance!

~Lord B.

#2 Coral Beach

Coral Beach


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Posted 09 August 2009 - 08:23 PM

1) There is a new one-sided map in the Lost Legion pack.

2) The Lost Legion pack is completing the Capitol and Bauhaus faction mainly (Algeroth have some reinforcement but the interesting minis were released before). So if you play Bauhaus or Capitol, this is a must have. If you play Algeroth only, maybe considered. And if you play Brotherhood or Ilian, you may ignore it.

3) All depends of the faction you play :

- For Capitol : Lost Legion due to the personnality and free marines models. Else the Advanced Recon is a must have for the Ranger Commander and the transport which is fleshing a bit the Capitol tactic.

- For Bauhaus : Lost Legion due to the personnality, the card retriever, the Vulkan prototype and the Etoile Mortant. Else the Vulkan fist is a must have for the tough Vukan battlesuit and the Ranger sergeant (heavy play emphasising).

- For Brotherhood : Divine Retribution for the personnality which is be really annoying for opponents and Book of Law for the kick-ass models in this pack.

- For Algeroth : More complexe because the good models are mixed with less interesting ones. Nepharit Lords for the personnalities and Necrotech because all models are interesting to play for my sense. Else the Gomorian hammer and Warmaster Legions are very costly for only one interesting model (badass shooter or card retriever).

- For Ilian : Karak the Keeper is a must have. Else the Ice Golem may only be bought for the command cards and counter (there are plenty of other Second Set silver figures more interesting to play for this faction but they need heavy proxying).

Hope to have answering the questions.



#3 Lord Balor

Lord Balor


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Posted 10 August 2009 - 02:46 AM

Many thanks for the speedy and detailed answer.  I do love the look of Bahaus but more inclined to enjoy the challenge of a speedy Capitol force while Algeroth I find are great for introducing new players with as they seem to require less tact.  I'll go lookings for Advanced Recon and Vulkan's Fist and if there's a map in the lost legions pack, that lends more weight to picking it up.  Speaking of which, is Lost Legions a FFG direct only thing?  Very tempted to get it as even with shipping, it's still 43 for quite a few figures + the map when compared to the price of a standard warpack although if it wasn't a FFG only, that nice shiny 10 USD price is something that couldn't be passed up!

I look forwards to getting a few more games in and hopefully post a report or two as I find narrative really helps getting into the game with a sense of purpose and character, especially in a rich vibrant enviroment like the Mutant Chronicles universe!

#4 Mutant2089



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Posted 10 August 2009 - 05:52 AM

The Lost Legion also include lots of cards which are essential for advanced gaming.

get it.

This is the order I bought things and how i expanded this game until today:

First I bought overlords and rangers to flesh out the capitol and algeroth figs you allready have.

second, i bouth the techron and the banshee expansion, and both Ilian expansions, Karak for the mini and golem for the cards ofc. Get them.

then I ordered two Lost Legion packs all the way to Sweden, EU. I havent regret that buy since, and I am a student too. My friends love capitol and bauhaus (i got the venusian guys next after i got LL.)

Then I ordered all the BrotherHood stuff along with Nectrotech and the buahuas venusians.

We play this game 2 versus 2 : cap+bau vs al+il(including corrupted BL:s) on a 7/7/7 x4 point game (team human:14/14/14 vs team mutant 14/14/14), with a last-man-standing way to win = you cant win on points at all. Last mini left wins.

Last out I entered the competition to win the Ilian expansion: the cursed and undead legionaries, but i lost the competition and got no minis.

It kinda suck! release the Ilian expansion FFG!!!

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