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ANIMA player created creatures.

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Posted 07 August 2009 - 02:00 PM

I actually dont mind there being a very limited beasteary in the anima core rule book, as it allows GMs to get a very good grasp of what they are creating and why they created it.  if you play horror with lots of undead you can create a list of several undead and not have to prowl the monster book for it.  any way the main point of this post is to create a fan made beastary which is why i listed rules below.  I dont want people posting a level 1 creature with 1800 DP and 45 Gnosis and calling it "pun pun".  funny yes but not useful.  if you create a joke creatue please indicate that you are doing such.


Rules:  the creature must be made using the anima creature creation system in the GMs book.  show stats, and DP related costs.  also give a beief description of your creature and whats its possible uses in a game would be.


"Beastmen are a mixture of human and animal combined though powerful spiritual forces. Although an occasonal 'tame' tribe may appere from time to time, most follow there animal institcs and will survive by attacking travelers, and even small lightly protected caravans. it is unknown weather they are a naturally occuring by product of the barrior or if they are some darker Imperium experiment."

Level 2: Catagory: between worlds. DP: 700 Gnosis:10
LP: 126 LP Multiple: 3 DP: 60
Class: Shadow
Str:6 Dex:6 Agi:8 Con:7 Pow:4 Int:4 Wp:4 Per:8 DP: 47 Gnosis: 0
PhR:40 MR:30 PsR:30 VR:40 DR:40
Fatige Points: 9
Regeneration: 1

Init: +75 Natural Weapon. (Claws / Bite)
Attack: +110 (claws) DP: 200 Gnosis: 0
Defense: Dodge: +90 DP: 160 Gnosis: 0
Damage: 65 (cut) DP: 20 Gnosis: 0
AT: +2 +3 (weak fire, elec, thrust) DP: -10 Gnosis: 0
Tough Hide Cut 5 Impact 5 Thurst 3 Heat 3 Electricy 3 Cold 5 Energy 0

Essensial Abilities: Fatige Resistance DP: 10 Gnosis: 0
Powers: Natural Weapons. Complete Night Vsion. DP: 40 Gnosis: 10

Size: 13 Medium.
Movement: 8 / 90ft.
Secondary Abil: Acrobatics +20 Climb +15 Feats of Str +10 Withst. Pain: +0, Notive +35 Search +35 Track +15 Hide +45 Stealth +45 DP: 170 Gnosis: 0

Modus Operandi:
Beatmen travel in packs, although usually smaller than wolfs, or other lesser pack animals, the most common encounter travelers have are between 3 and 5 beatmen that either lay in wait to ambush unsuspecting victums, or if the target is small enough they have been known to charge head on. Beatmen usually do not wear any clothing of any kind, nor do they usually carry weapons as there thick hids of fur and powerful claws are more than a match for the average passer by, however they have been known to carry crudly made amulets or other charms that they can fit around there neck. Some hunters collete these amulets and will pay top coin for genuine ones as they are usually only found on elder beatmen who have claimed the lives of many. Even the Inqusition has made note of the ferocity and intensity to which beatmen fight. In combat Beatmen usually outright attack a foe, however they have been known to follower certin behavior patterns. If a foe is proving to tough for a beatmen to take down quickly they may hold there iniutive and try to gain counter attacks on there foes. It is not uncommon for beatmen to perfom grappls or takedown mauvers on particuarly armored foes so they can tear away flesh at there leasure.

Other Notes: tamer beastmen do exist and resemble humans more than wofls. they have more intellenge, power and will power but less agility, con and perseption. (usually a -1 +1 trade off) Also tamer beatsmen still have claws but often use weapons, such as crude javlins or bone clubs.

Final note: if beatmen get suprise they usually attack using 2 fatigue points as to maximise the amount of damage inflicted before the foe has time to react. They will use up Fatiuge at about 1 point per turn in offence until they reach 5-6 were they will only use it if nessicary.


This is the exact same format as the creatures in the book, however i have included the total DP and Gnosis spent in creating each area.  Also I made the beastman becuase it didnt appere to be in the book, and the combat section refered to it and I liked the picture of the girl slaughtering it lol.  enjoy.

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Posted 07 August 2009 - 06:35 PM

There's a thread just like this already started on the actual Anima forums: http://animaforum.edgeent.com

As you will soon see, not many people frequent this one. Presumably because FFG's forums are terrible.


#3 commanderq



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Posted 08 August 2009 - 06:37 AM

yeah i figured as much.  thnx though. 

#4 Mantis Sine

Mantis Sine


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Posted 14 August 2009 - 02:08 AM

Don't know what previous poster is talking about.  Both forums have same format.  Also, traffic seems to be varied on both forums from time to time.  Takes about three days on either to get a response.  Also, feel free to keep posting your creature, even if there was a previous topic in THIS forum, they get buried. 

Great job on the Beastman (I'll probably use it)!

#5 commanderq



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Posted 14 August 2009 - 06:36 AM

Tnx.  I also made a Mintar which will give parties a hell of a time due to its very high armor.

I also plan to make a "Summoners Slime" IE a creature with higher than normal states due to the fact that it degenerates over time.

hear is the minitar.

"Minitars are extremly large and powerful humanoid creatues who relish combat and constantly pusht themselves to the physical extreme. Mintars tend to form small tribes ranging from 5 - 8. However they are highly territorial and usually perfer to fight and hunt alone. Mintars are indeed incredibly strong, however there main power comes from trutly inhuman constition allowing them to pummel foes of any size into dust long before they can cause the mintar any real harm. Mintars usually use what ever the largest weapon of the strongest foe they have slain. In additon to wearing armor. This leaves many schoars puzzeld as to were these monstrosities came from.

Level 4: Catagory: between worlds. DP:900 Gnosis:10
LP: 238 LP Multiple 8 DP:80
Class: Weapon Master
Str:9 Dex:8 Agi:5 Con:11 Pow:4 Int:5 Wp:6 Per:6 DP: 64
PhR:65 MR:40 PsR:50 VR:65 DR:65

Init: +60 Natural. -10 Two Handed Axe.
Attack: +145 DP: 250
Defense: Block +120 DP: 200
Damage: 120 (Horns / Claws) (Thrust / Cut) / 120 Two Handed Axe. (Cut / Impact)
Wear Armor: 100 DP: 60
AT: Breat Plate + Chainmail Cut 10 Impact 10 Thrust 9 Heat 7 Elec 4 Cold 6 Eng 0

Essensial Abilities: Fatige Resistance, Unnatural Size DP: 20
Powers: Natural Weapons, Additonal Attack -30, -1 AT atk. Night Vision, increased dmg +50 DP: 150 Gnosis: 10
Size: 25 Big
Movement: 5
Secondary Abil: Compusure: +30, Witd Pain: +30, Feat Str: +35 DP: 75
Regeneration: 4
Fatige: 13

Modus Operandi
"Mintars are a realy nightmare to fight in hand to hand combat. They possess truly insaine defense due to there natural resistnace to damage and the duel layers of armor. In combat Mintars will usually attack with there Giant Axe. If that proves to be to slow in solving the combat they will start to use there Horns as an additonal attack. Mintars will use there fagiue points to negate the -30 penetly on that additonal attack. They will contiue the duel assualt against most foes. In the cast the foe is extremly heavy and well protected mintars will double there attacks by taking -25 on there two attacks and make a total of 4 strikes in a mad frenzy. due to there slow inittive if a minitar finds itself on the defenseive it will Asrob Hits to pummel the quicker adversary. Though they posess claws as well as horns they perfer to use the axe due to its persision and power.

Feel free to mess with points to give it a 10 str, I just thought that was a bit much although im starting to think that mabye it should. (even though your players will curse you for it lol.)

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Posted 28 September 2009 - 06:06 PM

figured id bring this post back up to the front for people to see.  ill be posting a new creature soon. 

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