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New LCG: Invasion Earth

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#1 David Spangler

David Spangler


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Posted 02 August 2009 - 11:47 AM

Seeing the heading "The Invasion Steams On!" on the Home page got me thinking in a very different direction from the Warhammer LCG that this news report is highlighting.  A friend of mine is involved in bringing the old television series V (for "Visitors," as in alien visitors and potential invaders, not the V of the movie about a masked superhero in a future fascist Britain) back to life in a new format and storyline.  Likewise, stories of invasions of earth are a staple both in sci-fi novels and in video games.  So, I got to thinking, what about an LCG about an invasion of earth in which players could be either human factions/nations/alliance or invader/alien factions or alliances?  There could be goals on the one hand of "exoforming" (the alien version of terraforming) the earth, of conquering cities, nations, or continents, or wiping out human armies, or of preventing these things from happening and destroying alien motherships, armies, etc. on the other.  The new warhammer LCG has "zones," so earth could have zones as well:  an ecology zone for exoforming, a political zone for cities and nations, and a military zone for armies and their support bases, technologies, etc.

It seems to me that we really need a good sci-fi LCG with outstanding artwork and game play.  An alien invasion of earth would make for an interesting game, it seems to me.  In addition to chapter packs, there could be meta-packs that introduce different kinds of aliens and different kinds of invasions (for instance, direct military invasion or a sinister, stealth invasion a la the pod people) and different earths with varying levels of technology, political cohesion, etc. (one interesting variation, for instance, would be similar to Harry Turtledove's alien invasion during WWII when not only do the human nations need to confront the aliens but they need to confront the hostilities created by their own international war).  So you could have an LCG on Invasion: Earth that not only  had story arcs and chapter packs within a particular invasion sequence but also different kinds of invasions, aliens, and earths, all using the same core rule system. 

Just a thought

#2 JerusalemJones



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Posted 03 August 2009 - 02:58 AM

I woudln't be against a sci-fi themed card game. Star Trek is about the only one that comes to mind that is still -- sort of -- around. I never played Decipher's Star Wars,, but heard it was amazing. Dechipher's attempt to bring it back (was it jsut called Wars? Can't remember) was pretty much a flop, and the Warhammer 40k game didn't survive the end of Sabertooth -- so far.

It does sound that designing an LCG is just an intensive as a normal ccg, and can be more expensive. Think about the artwork alone. I can't imainge getting artists to do great art for $20 per piece, and that can add up fast for a 160-240 card core set, of even a 20 card chapter pack/160 card cycle. On the other hand, if the LCG models continue to be successful, we should stand a good chance to see a good sf LCG in the future. And if it is based off an existing property, there is often lots of already produced artwork to choose from Oh, what I wouldn't give for a Shadowrun or cyberpunk ccg that was well thought out and developed.

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