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The Crew are taking shape!

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#1 Wing Commander

Wing Commander


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Posted 29 June 2009 - 10:55 AM

 My Gaming group are so excited about the forthcoming release of Rogue Trader that they're flashing out their characters' backgrounds already, they will then pick the closest class that suits and roll the character up accordingly. This is excellent as they are very rounded out and have some good storyline to them before the game is even released. We are going to be playing Rogue Trader very much with loads of cliches and the crew so far are;

Lord Tiberius Flashheart - Captain Kirk meets Lord Flasheart! Very flamboyant, a walking hormone ready to fight or make love at the drop of a floppy hat, complete with thigh length boots and a flashing blade! Very much a rakish Rogue of a Trader willing to make a buck or pick a fight!

Leftenant  Commander Sharp - Head of Security, in command of a veritable army of redshirts, Lt Cmdr Sharpe is driven and focussed. He spends much of his time backing up Lord Flasheart and helping keep him out of trouble, or at least running interference when the trouble starts! More of a tactical leader of men, Sharp lacks his Captains flamboyance but is a solid warrior.

Spooky - The Captains Advisor on all matters Immaterial. Spooky is the ships Navigator; not flashed out much as yet as the Navigator class is still very much an unknown, the player has a few ideas but will pad out more once he knows more.

Sgt Harker - Sharps Master at Arms, conversant with most weapons Harker is in charge of the weapons locker and maintenance of shipboard combat gear. He enjoys testing most of the weaponry personally and will happily integrate xeno tech into his arsenal, the bigger the better!

Crash & Burn - Ships pilot! Crash & Burn is renowned as an ace hot shot pilot, he follows the ancient adage "any landing you can walk away from....". He is in space for the opportunity simply to fly - everything and anything, from a shuttle to a starship or anything in between he loves nothing more than heading into the black behind the stick of a craft. Thats not to say that he doesn't enjoy a good brawl now and then...

- there they are, the crew so far! These will be more fleshed out and have background added to them and probably have a tweak or 2 by the time the rulebook is released but they are a walking, talking collection of cliches and should lead to many humourous moments. 1 player is scratching the ship but they haven't yet decided on name - just that it is a bucket of bolts and barely space worthy as this is more fun.

#2 Jephkay



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Posted 30 June 2009 - 04:42 AM

Our crew consists of Captain Lane Mastodon (points if you get the reference), Narla (the Scum from our DH games), Navigator "Gravity" Wells of the Nostromo clan, and another who is waiting on the book to drop. 

I have a feeling it will be an Arch-Militant, hopefully with a slightly funny/clichéd name.

I have a few ideas for NPCs (Gravity was an NPC until a player laid claim to him) and I'll have to create shipboard NPCs to support all the various roles.  Again, these will have to wait on the book, right? It's frustrating.

#3 Peacekeeper_b



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Posted 30 June 2009 - 06:37 AM

Im still uncertain if my genre cliche NPC "Flash Rogers" will show up in my campaign or not. He tends to pop up in most of my sci-fi games.

#4 darkstar952



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Posted 30 June 2009 - 09:24 AM

The only thing i know is going to be on my crew so far is an ork FreeBoota.

One of my players loves orks, and really really wants to play as one.  In dark heresy it wasn't really possible just due to the nature of the scenarios (what kind of cultist isn't going to see an ork coming a mile off?), but given the greater freedom in rogue trader he will finally get to play his precious ork.

The rest of the players are all waiting to see the book before they decide.

#5 Brother Praetus

Brother Praetus


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Posted 30 June 2009 - 11:29 AM

Peacekeeper_b said:

Im still uncertain if my genre cliche NPC "Flash Rogers" will show up in my campaign or not. He tends to pop up in most of my sci-fi games.

What about "Buck Gordon," PK_B?  I think he would make for a superb Void-Master type NPC.

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