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cool treasure combos

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#1 Dungeon Master

Dungeon Master


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Posted 26 May 2009 - 03:49 PM

Ever since I picked up the dungeon expansion the game has really changed. We have kind of an unofficial house rule where the ultimate way to win the game is by beating the lord of darkness enough to move to the crown of command. This victory is way cooler than a puny character sneaky through the mines with the gnome follower. We end up running through the dungeon a few times to build up enough treasure cards to take on the lord of darkness. I've seen some really good card effects combine with treasures so this thread is to list some of the most powerful or useful combos.

1: Priest plus elixir or life or dragonfire wand
The priest can't use armor so the elixir of life is even a better since it can be used in any kind of attack. The priest can't use weapons either but he can use the wand of dragonfire and blast most enemies.

2: Dark cultist plus dragonfire wand
In one game the dark cultist had tons of craft and then got the dragonfire wand. She could kill any card she drew but even though she can't take trophies from the dragonfire wand she still gets a reward!

3: Totem staff plus fiend slayer
The fiend slayer lets you draw an additional card which increases your chance to draw enemies. Keep the enemies as trophies to cash in for the totem staff. The staff is a great treasure to pick up your first time through the dungeon since you don't have to worry about landing on the draw 2-3 card spaces. If you lose a few fights then just dump a weak trophy to heal.

4: Book of lore plus totem staff
The book lets you draw a spell at the start of your turn and the totem staff lets you keep an extra spell. Now you can walk around with 4 spells. One turn I landed on the troll and hit him with a fireball, finger of death and then used my summoned bear to fight. The poor bear got pounded but at least I didn't lose any life and even though I lost the battle the troll still lost 3 lives which almost killed him!

5: Bag of holding
This isn't really a combo but this card can be very powerful if your opponents are the thief, sorceress, or other really powerful fighters that can beat you up and take your objects. One game the troll used the clock owl kept landing one people to beat them up and steal their objects. I put all my stuff in the bag of holding so he couldn't take anything!

#2 Cidervampire



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Posted 28 May 2009 - 08:59 PM

How about the Sage with the Magic Carpet and the Fate Stealer.  He'll have a 50% chance of going anywhere he wants every turn and can whack the other players to get his fate back pretty much whenever he wants.


#3 Velhart



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Posted 06 June 2009 - 10:24 AM

Nice combo's

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