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Black Friday IV tournament

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Posted 25 November 2008 - 06:43 AM

Folks should probably continue to check the old forum for any updates re Black Friday as I don't think Stag Lord has migrated over here yet.

I just added a post over there, which said:

"Neutral Ground will be giving Black Friday participants a 10% discount on all AGoT themed game items (this would include board game items).

Also, I'll just throw out as a reminder/request that it would be helpful if people bring counters for gold in addition to their power counters since the new Core Set rules apply (unspent gold applies towards dominance)."

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Posted 26 November 2008 - 02:46 AM

If there are any people now planning on coming who never sent me a PM saying so on the old forum, if you can, please send me a PM there or post here announcing your intentions. It will may help with figuring out how many scoring sheets to print out, how many spare sets of title cards for melee may be needed, whether I need to lug all of the t-shirts with me to the store, etc. Thanks.

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Posted 30 November 2008 - 09:11 AM

For the benefit of those who may not be frequenting the old forum ~and to preserve for future generations of AGoT LCG players, here are the results of Black Friday IV:

Joust Results (11/28/08)

(quoting from SithLord's post on the old forum, with name typo corrected)

"16 Players:
6 Greyjoy (1 kings of salt and rock agenda)
3 Stark (1 kings in the north agenda)
2 Bara (1 brothers at war agenda)
2 Lannister
2 Martell
1 Targ (true queen agenda)

Standings after 4 rounds:
1 Ethan Eisdorf (wolf stalwart, Boston MA): stark
2 Erick (finitesquarewell, Washington DC): Stark Kings in the North
3 Anthony (, Long Island NY): Greyjoy
4 Paul (Redterror, Long Island NY): Lannister
5 Jay (Bloodycelt, Boston MA): Greyjoy Kings of Salt and Rock

4 Paul defeats 1 Ethan
2 Erick defeats 3 Anthony

2 Erick defeats 4 Paul"


(quoting from finitesquarewell's post on the old fourm)

"Posted my deck list and some rough strategy and commentary on card choices (though I have no clue of why tzu-mainn's site thinks the list was created in 2007):  http://tzumainn.com/..._deck_id=11407"


Melee Results (11/29/08)

(quoting from SithLord's post on the old forum)

"7 Players

1) Paul (Red Terror, Long Island NY): Stark
2) Kevin (kpmmcoy, Maryland): Targ
3) Dan (drownedgod, boston MA): stark"

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Posted 30 November 2008 - 09:43 AM

~Let's see if I can set the record for longest thread with only one contributor... :-)

First off, congratuations to Red Terror (Paul) for the strongest overall performance over the two days, being runner up in the Black Friday Championship and then taking the Warden of the East title on Saturday. ~The fact he won the melee despite his caustic table talk style is a true credit to his game play.

This was my second large organized AGoT event, and like the first (CTcon this year), it was a blast.  It's worth repeating: the people playing this game are a true pleasure to be around --easily beat my in-laws on Thanksgiving (in case my wife has her spies reading this: Honey, I'm just kidding about your relatives).  The competition both days was great but more importantly it was the friendly, personable nature of the participants that made it a great two days.  Saturday's melee was a great demonstration of why multiplayer is worth playing; there were interesting "non-joust" decks, tactics both in card play and negotiations, and plenty of entertaining banter, both highbrow and low-. 

A tip of my helm to Stag Lord and Sithlord who have been the resilient "old guard" that kept the game alive in NYC and have helped the many new players in the NYC and Long Island area that have picked up the game this year, myself included.

To the guys who crossed state lines to participate in Black Friday IV, a big thanks to you all for taking the time and cost to do that.  It was a pleasure meeting all of you and playing with many of you. 


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