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#1 HonorforONEFilms



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Posted 25 November 2008 - 05:29 AM

I was wondering what an elve army would look like and where I could get the minis for it?

#2 Elberon



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Posted 25 November 2008 - 07:59 AM

Hi there,

For minis that are pretty cool looking and fit scale you could try:
Caesar miniatures
Irregular Armies
or Google 15mm elvish miniature, you'll get more than you bargin for

As for rules weeellll you can take a look at my homebrew rules

Here are my (untested) rules:

Wood Elves
Arrogant and elitist, they consider themselves to be the best race going
and have grounds to support this position (*1)
Unit type restrictions: No Cavalry
Deployment: As Dwarves
Support Receiving: Elves only need 1 adjacent Elvish unit OR Forest tile to count as
Bold (i.e. two units side by side in woods would be Bold 2 one for troop support and 1
for Forest support).
Providing: Despite their disdain for other races they are very good fighters and inspire
those near them as such they Provide support as normal
Special Rules
Adjusted movement
Green Move 3 OR Move 2 and battle
Blue Move 2 and battle
Red Move 2 OR Move 1 and battle
Must Pursue (*2)
Archery: do not loose the dice for moving and firing they are also automatically
equipped with Long bows with no need to spend a Specialist card on them.
Each unit has only got 3 figures per unit (*3)
Wood Elf only creature, de-fanged Giant Spider.
*1 They live for a long time after all and have years to train in pretty much any field you can
think of.
*2 Well they are very arrogant and believe they can crush any enemy….
*3 They maybe great fighters but they have an appalling birthrate, things that live a long time
tend to have a less frequent, smaller numbers of children so not to over utilize resources.

Small, weak (1 on 1 they will loose to a goblin) but tactical geniuses
Unit type restrictions None
Support As normal
Deployment As Humans
Special Rules
Can only ever hit on matching helmets, all lore cost 1 extra and take an additional hit
on sword on shield when being attacked (but not during battlebacks), only give
support and receive support if unit has more than two figures left in it.
when playing a command card in the:
Left or right sections you may move half the number on the opposite section (round
up) i.e. a scout right section would allow this player to also move 1 unit in the left
section as well.
Central section you may move half the number of units split anyway you wish
between left and right section as well.
Cards that move all units of a type grant an additional hex movement and battle.




#3 Indygnome



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Posted 25 November 2008 - 09:24 AM

Nice idea on the Drow, I like the tactical genius effect of moving extra units, but the balance of them being weaker. I know its a lot to ask, but it would be nice to get some FFG thoughts on your ideas. If they could let us know if it would clash with anything in the pipeline for the game in future might be useful for people like yourself who have taken the time to create homebrewed rules. 


#4 Elberon



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Posted 25 November 2008 - 10:09 AM

Nah it would be nice for them to say, we really like those mind if we use them but a lad can dream, and might actually require me sending it off to them 'officially', hmm I might go look at their submissions guidelines....

I feel the Drow mechanics are good enough as it stands but not necessarily fitting with 'classic' view on them, the rules could easily be ported into another race if need be so I'm soso / happy enough with the fit.


#5 highpriestrsw2



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Posted 25 November 2008 - 08:06 PM

Elberon's elf rules are great!

I've found a few very cool 15MM elven army minis to use but I still can't wait for the official elves if they ever see then light of day!

I really like the mighty armies elven army minis.

I'm also kicking around using the barbarians from mighty armies in Battlelore and just making them bold  with a re roll similar to dwarven ax swingers. I'm using my own home brew rules (still in play testing) where they have to be killed just like creatures do with a second hit in order to be taken out. It makes them uber tough. I'm thinking of making these qualities a bundle called beserk but it's still just some fiddly rule my buddy and I use. We also had a variant where the player rolled four dice when any barbarian unit was killed for every sword and shield rolled you gain back one figure starting with the flag bearer because another barbarian takes it's place. On a few lucky rolls we've gained a full unit back. We had no name for this trait . The opposing player also fielded 2 giant spiders and a hill giant. The barbarian army player fielded dwarves as the barbarian's allies. Our home rules need a lot of tweaking and our scenarios were pretty amatrurish and one sided most of the time. We did use the Mighty Armies war elephants in a few of our games and they function much the same way that the C&C: Ancients pachederms do but we couldn't figure out a good enough trait to make it so they didn't trample everything and make the games even more one sided so I guess we'll try to revise them as well.. Once we refine these rules I might post them.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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