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Multiple Encounter Markers: Double Back and Catacombs

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#1 Aranion



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Posted 02 May 2009 - 07:56 AM

I'm hoping someone can help clarify two passages that I find really confusing. Both seem to indicate that a Location can have more than one Encounter marker place on it.

First, Catacombs. Page 13 of the rules says (emphasis mine):

Instead of allowing a Location card to drop off the end of his Trail, Dracula may instead opt to place it in his Catacombs. When he does this, he moves the Location card (along with any encounter marker on it) to one of the three Catacomb spaces on the board. This allows him to leave up to three encounters in place on the board indefinitely. Dracula cannot add another location to the Catacombs if all three spaces are full (but he can always remove locations from the Catacombs at the start of his turn, see below).

In addition, when Dracula moves a Location card to the Catacombs, he may take an encounter marker from his encounter hand and place it facedown on the square above the Catacomb space, thus reinforcing the location. If a Hunter later enters that location, he will have to face both encounters (unless the first ends his turn prematurely). Dracula chooses the order in which the Hunter faces the encounters.

Let's say Nantes is the card on Dracula's farthest right. It already has an Encounter marker on it. It's now his turn, and he chooses to move it to the Catacombs instead of returing it to the Locations deck. The encounter marker moves it with it.

Can Dracula then place another Encounter marker on Nantes? That's what the rules seem to say.  So if a Hunter goes to Nantes, the Hunter then must face both Encounters (with Dracula choosing which is first)?

Second, Double Back. Page 21 of the rules says this (emphasis original):

If the location had an encounter on it, he keeps the encounter on that location, but if the location came from the Catacombs, he may only keep one, not both, of the encounters. He chooses which encounter to keep, and the other is returned to his encounter pool. Dracula does not does not place a new encounter on this location.

Again, this seems to indicate Dracula may place multiple Encounter markers on a Catacombs Location. But I just find this paragraph very confusing. Here's how I understand it:

  • When Doubling Back to a Location with an Encounter marker previously placed, new encounter may be placed over it.
  • When Doubling Back to a Location without an Encounter marker (though maybe this isn't possible), no new marker may be placed.
  • When Doubling Back to a Catacombs Location with multiple Encounter markers, Dracula must choose which to keep. If there is only one Encounter marker, it remains in place but Dracula may not place a new one on it. If no Encounter marker is there, the slot remains empty.

Is this correct? For the most part, the rules are really well written but I found these two sections really hard to grasp.

Thanks for any help you can give.

#2 Dam



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Posted 02 May 2009 - 07:50 PM

I think you grasped those just fine. Didn't see anything I'd do differently, well, except I'd probably never use the Catacombs .

As to doubling back to a location with no encounter, it's allowed (as long as Drac can reach it legally). IIRC, there might be cards that remove encounter markers from locations. Maybe the Hunter(s) even went to a location and cleared it and you want to double back. Of course, that location is now face up, but it's an option. Hey, didn't say it was a great option .

"A dirty mind is its own reward."

#3 Nagypapi



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Posted 08 June 2009 - 07:03 AM

Yes, there can be more then one encounter on a location in the catacombs. You get it right.

But if you 'double back' to a location you NEVER place encounter on it. If it had two (you double backed on a catacomb location with two encounters on it) you choose which one to keep. If it had one, you keep that on it. If it had none (possibly because the Hunters already faced it and it got removed) you don't place a new encounter.

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