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[Migrated] List of Calxian Noble Houses

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Wu Ming


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Posted 25 November 2008 - 02:02 AM

Here's a quick list I compiled of 'Official' Noble Families mentioned that may be of some help to GMs and Players alike. I've thus far only listed the House not specific members nor have I included Navigator Families nor Rogue Trader Families. Hope its useful, let me know if there are any mistakes or omissions, which is likely as this was just a quick 'casual pass'. I'll likely make more detailed entries later, feel free to add your own, Noble house used in your games or ones from suplements I may have missed.

  • House Alswere [Sepheris Secundus] (PtU p.103, 105)
  • House Authwaite [Scintilla - Gunmetal City] (PtU p.23)
  • House Belasco [Malfi] (IH p.110)
  • House Belin [47 Kapella – Hive Vunox] (IH p.171) *
  • House Borella[Scintilla – Hive Sibellus] (PtU p.22-24)
  • House Del Sheen [Sinophia – Sinophia Magna] (IH p.15, 24) *
  • House Grey [Luggnum] (IH p.28)*
  • House Hax [Scintilla – Hive Sibellus] (DHC p. 287, 293), (IH p. 117)
  • House Kaffiq [Malfi] (DHC p. 325)
  • House Koba [Malfi] (IH p. 122) *
  • House Krin [Scintilla – Hive Tarsus & Sector Wide] (DHC p. 295, 312-313), (PtU p.33-35)
  • House Kronus [Mortressa ?] (IH p.62)
  • House Llahast [???] (IH p. 124)
  • House Mariette [Malfi] (IH p. 116)
  • House Moncreath [Malfi – Legation Quarter] (IH p.109)
  • House Strophes [Scintilla – Hive Sibellus] (PtU p.12-15)
  • House Tileon [Balecaster] (IH p.98)
  • House Ulbrexis [Sepheris Secundus] (PtU p.92-95, 99, 105) *
  • House Vaahkon [Fenksworld] (DHC p. 324)
  • House Vaxinide [Vaxanide, Scintilla, Malfi, Regulus] (DHC p. 326)
  • House Verence [Scintilla – Hive Sibellus] (PtU p.23)

*Family is in Decline, Fallen out of Favour, or Ruined.

'Unofficial' Houses:

  • House De Caul [Reth] (Lightbringer)
  • House Argyle [Coseflame](DocIII)
  • House Gallean [Coseflame] (DocIII)   
  • House Montresor [Coseflame] (DocIII)
  • House Satraptus [Scintilla, Settlement 228, Monrass] (Wu Ming)
  • House Orientia [Monrass] (Wu Ming)

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