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Some unclarities in game...

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Posted 24 November 2008 - 06:37 PM

I have encountered some unclarities in game:

1) May a concealed squad be targeted via strategic cards (for example snipper attack or suppresive support)? I think it may not.

2) If a flamethrower squad attacks (from an adjacent hex) a building hex with enemy medic squad (or bravo squad with 1 star), how much is their cover

reduced? Building cover is + 3, but the additional cover bonus is not provided by a terrain, so the enemy squad should retain their + 1 cover (due to their


3) How it is with providing cover bonus to units

a) via Take cover card?

I think that:

it may be assigned only to

i) a fresh (not yet activated) squad (no matter if pinned or disrupted)

it may NOT be assigned to

i) a squad being just active
ii) a squad in op-fire
iii) a fatigued squad

b) via Heavy fog oper. card (globally)?

I think that:

it may NOT be assigned to

i) a fatigued unit

it may be assigned to

i) a unit being just active
ii) a unit in op-fire
iii) a fresh (not yet activated) unit

Would this cover bonus (via Heavy fog) be applied to an assaulting squad (their defense roll) or not?
And how it would be with a "defense bonus" of medics or bravo squads - would it count (as a defense bonus) if such a squad would assault?

4) Relating to hex and halfhexes:

If two map tiles are put next to each other, half of their boundary hexes are half-hexes. A half of each such a hex lays in one map tile.
A question is, if a unit stands on such a boundary hex - in which map tile does it really stand? On both? or on each.

I encountered this problem when playing Stavelot scenario, where you have to check out if American trucks and halftracks are in an area
of 2 maptiles.

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