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Deck Listing Format

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Posted 24 November 2008 - 12:45 PM

The Deck Listing Format (DLF) discussed here is not set in stone and is only a reference/guide for players/critics to read deck list(s) in a "standardize" form.

Go here for a UFS Card database/search:

The general form that I've adapted to using is

Qty DF/CC SZD Name (Symbols) Block - Misc Stats/Abilities/Usage

4x 7/2 4M4 Knee Press Nightmare (Death,Evil,Order) - Bison Only [R][S2][M2] block discard upon dmg
4x 1/5 Whereabouts Unknown (Air,Chaos,Order) +2L - [B2] momentum generator

This can be shortened by eliminating unnecessary descriptions.

ie 4x 1/5 Whereabouts Unknown +2L

You can leave out the card's symbols if you say your build is a Air, Chaos, or Order and since it's effect is known by most players.

There are others who prefers to put an attack's SZD after the name. You choose how you like it displayed.


DF - card's printed difficulty
CC - card's printed control value
HS - handsize
VT - vitality
[S#] - Stun ability; ie [S2] means Stun:2
[M#] - Multiple ability; ie [M1] means Multiple:1
[P#] - Powerful ability; ie [P3] means Powerful:3
[R] - Reversal card
[D#] - Desperation; ie [D4] means Desperation:4
[B#] - Breaker ability; ie [B2] means Breaker:2
[T] - "Throw"; The Throw keyword is not an ability but is usually together on a card with "If this attack is completely blocked, it still deals half damage (rounded up)."
+#(H, M or L) - Block card with rating and zone; ie +2L means +2 Low Block. The "+" helps signify a Block.
SZD - attack's speed, zone and damage; adopted by TwinHeadedDragon from the original forums; ie an attack with 2 speed, high zone, and 5 damage would be 2H5.

There are many adaptions of how splits are described. My example is just my preference.

[DF:split type] - Using brackets like how the keyword abilities are abbreviated helps to signify a split card. The control and block is not needed since it's the same as the other side of the split.
[DF:foundation] - split side is a foundation
[DF:asset] - split side is an asset
[DF:SZD] - split side is an atk with SZD stat
[DF:action E/R/F] - split side is an Enhance, Response, or Form action card

ie 4x 2/5 Evil Plans (Evil,Fire,Order) +2M - [3:Action E]

This tells us that Evil Plans has an action split side with an Enhance ability and 3 difficulty.

ie 4x 2/5 Clones (Earth,Fire,Water) - [3:3M5]

This tells us that Clones is a split attack with 3 difficulty, 3 spd, mid zone, and 5 dmg.

Last but not least, sectioning/ordering the card types. I personally like to just alphabetize the type (exception of characters) and then order the individual cards within each section by it's CC and the DF within the CC. Confused yet? =P

This is an example of my E.N.D. deck that is long retired.

The E.N.D. (Evil Nightmare Denial) - acronyms are cool!!! ^^

characters: 5
1x Nightmare2 (Death,Earth,Evil) - start, 6HS, 25VT, discard
4x Nightmare1 (All,Death,Evil) - merge for negation

action: 7
3x 2/3 You Will Not Escape (Death)
3x 2/4 Power of the Edge (Death,Evil) +4M

asset: 3
3x 5/2 Soul Edge (Death,Evil) +2M - Nightmare Only - Unique

attack: 16
4x 3/3 2M3 Nergal's Poison Sting (Death,Earth,Evil) +0H - discard E
4x 4/3 3H3 Drop Kick (Death,Evil) +2H - [S2]
4x 4/3 3M7 Shoulder Rush (Death,Earth,Evil)
4x 6/3 3M12 Tiamat's Rampage (Death,Earth) - [P4][S3]

foundation: 30
3x 2/4 Dirty Pool (Evil)
4x 2/4 Lost Memories (Death,Evil) +4M
4x 3/4 Calm Mind (Death)
4x 1/5 Megalomania (Death,Evil)
4x 1/5 Unkown Force (Earth,Death,Evil)
3x 2/5 Float like a butterfly (Evil)
4x 2/5 Ancient Insight (Death,Earth) +2H
4x 4/6 Yoga Mastery (Death)

Notice I left out symbols on certain cards. That's because they do not share it with the starting character and makes it easy to see megalomaniable cards. ^^

Hope this helps!

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Posted 10 January 2009 - 01:15 PM

bump.. can I get a sticky?  This can still be of use to many new players.  Veteran players can set examples of how they prefer to list their decks but we need to keep some universal reference here right?

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