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controlling an opponents character

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#1 kingsoyboy



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Posted 14 April 2009 - 06:04 PM

Question:     When a card says that you can take controll of an opponents character does it go immediatly in your play area standing up or knelt, or does it go into your hand?


#2 perthius



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Posted 14 April 2009 - 08:21 PM

It stays in the same state it was in. So it stays in play and if it was knelt it remains knelt. Technically it doesn't even have to be moved to your play area. It just makes it easier to see what's going on if you move it. A few other things to note:

  • Any attachments on it are still controlled by your opponent unless the effect specifically stated that you take control of their attachments too.
  • Duplicates can only be played on cards that you both own and control, so you won't be able to play a duplicate on a character that you take from your opponent.
  • If the character is killed or discarded it goes to the dead or discard pile of its owner, not its controller.

#3 Old Ben

Old Ben


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Posted 15 April 2009 - 07:31 AM

I´ve just copied the FAQ entries, there are some examples proofing what perthius already said:

(3.25) Taking Control of a Character With
Any time control of a character switches via
card effects during a game, the new controlling

player gains control of said character and all
Unless specified in game text, the new controlling
player does not gain control of any attachments
on said character.

(3.26) Duration of Control Change
Unless otherwise stated (for example, with a
specified duration), the change of control is
permanent until the card that switched sides
leaves play or control of the card switches
again via a card effect.
Note that attachments that grant control effects
end when the attachment granting control
leaves play.

(3.27) Unique Cards and Changing Control
You may not play, put into play, or take control
of a unique card already in play that you
own or control (except for putting a duplicate
on a card that you own and control), or that is
in your dead pile.
Thus you cannot take control of a character
with a unique attachment that you have in
play. You cannot play a unique card if your
opponent has taken control of another copy of
that unique card that you own.
Duplicates can only be played or put into play
on cards you own and control.

(3.28) Changing Control Mid-Challenge
If a character participating in a challenge
changes control during that challenge, that
character is removed from the challenge. If
said character was the only character in the
challenge, the challenge ends.
If that character was the only attacker or
defender, that player's STR during the challenge
is considered to be zero. All players may
trigger effects or pay costs as long as there is
at least one other participating character.
For example: Thomas initiates a military challenge
against Kris with Khal Drogo (VED
U94). Kris chooses to defend with Eddard
Stark (VED U7) and activate Bran Stark's
(VED R5) ability to take control of Khal
Drogo, thereby removing him from the challenge.
Thomas's total STR is considered to be zero.
However, the challenge would resolve as
normal because there was at least one other
participating character. Thomas then chooses
to play Horseback Archers (ACOS C54).
Thomas's STR is now 3. Both players may
continue to take actions as normal until the
challenge's resolution.

(3.29) Changing Control and Leaving Play
A card a player owns is a card he or she
brought to the game in his or her deck. A
player may lose control over a card, but he or
she is still considered the card's owner.
When a card leaves play for any reason, it
always returns to its owner's discard pile, dead
pile, hand, or deck (depending on the specific

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