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Whom do you serve.....and why?

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#21 Traejun



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Posted 06 June 2014 - 01:03 PM

I love the Undivided game quite a bit.  Done that a few times.  I rather enjoy Tzeentch - which I've played as both Sorcerer/Psyker and not... preferred the latter, surprisingly. One of my favorite BC characters was a Forsaken alligned to Tzeench - real scumbag, that guy :)


I've done Nurgle once and Slaanesh once.  Both were fun(ish).  No interest in Khorne. 

#22 Crazyrat621



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Posted 08 June 2014 - 04:07 AM

The group I play in is all Nurgle aligned. Our human members focus on poisoning water supplies and spreading diseases in preperation for our Nurgle aligned space marines. It ends up with weakened populations trying to fight off warriors who seem indestructable.

#23 Bellevue



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Posted 11 July 2014 - 04:32 PM

My character serves the Emperor in all things. She alone sees clearly what He wants and knows that His imperium has abandoned him, seeking to serve their own goals and never truly believing that He will return to lead them to glory.


She hears Him though, she understands what He needs and she knows that it may sear her soul to serve him this way, but He is the Emperor and must be served, even at the cost of her soul, even at the cost of the whole Imperium if it cannot be brought to understand His wishes and to make the sacrifices necessary for the glory of the future of Humanity.


Chaos undivided, deep in denial.

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#24 Annaamarth



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Posted 12 July 2014 - 04:34 AM

That's pretty cool.  Could also be Tzeentch, because he's done that before- I remember the case of the Soul Drinkers most clearly.


 -Errant, on how Rogue Trader ought to be played

#25 Misha



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Posted 12 July 2014 - 05:04 AM

Sad was the story of the Soul Drinkers. :(


But anyway back to the point, my group is mainly Slaanesh because the love to manipulate and seduce to get their goals. I'm fine with it though sometimes a change to Khorne would be welcome. Personally I am a true supporter of the oh mighty Tzeentch. Even though I don't like psykers.

#26 Oborous



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Posted 12 July 2014 - 11:42 AM

I like a Slaanesh and Tzeentch for role playing.  



I see the issue as -=why=- are the characters actually in this game?  In many games I see characters that don't actually have a reason to be an adventurer, why would a Khornite Berserker sign up for a compact with a Fleshshaper, a Pirate of the Ragged Helix, and a heretek?  Why wouldn't he just sign up for the next 'viking raiding party'?  Even if he did sign up for a little while, why wouldn't he leave the first time he heard about a war band going hard core raiding?


Khonites, as I mentioned, really have to bend their desires to stay with a non-always-combat style game.  Though, I guess you could buy one of those stasis-beast cages from the other FFG W40K games and keep your Khornite Berserker in stasis until combat occurs...


Nurglites still can be player characters, but they tend to take the longer view with long term plague potential.  I haven't seen many that would really accept the operational tempo of most adventures, especially that GM's like to put timelines in to race against the clock.


Slaanesh is always in the moment, looking for something new, some new indulgence.  They are very good characters for RP, though have ADHD to such a degree that you need some other people to poke them to keep them on task.


Undivided are excellent characters, there are so many reasons for them to be characters.


Tzeentch, to me at least, are the ultimate characters (at least for reason to be a character) for an RP session, they love plots and twists, researching and learning new things.  They inherently like the more intimate (non battlefield) setting of an RP game.



I've seen people love the characters that don't fit (my example of the Khornite Berserker), but why would the rest of the party keep you around?

#27 Lohandria



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Posted 18 July 2014 - 03:18 AM

I go nurgle simply because of my love of biology (my nurgle characters take on various obsessions based on that)


current game gm has given each party member a warband (starting us off epic) and with a backstory of being a fallen ecclisiarch taken by pirates he then takes gains control of a thanks to a plague that came after a moment of weakness when he begged any of the dark gods to save him while said plague also drove the priest so mad he found clarity --- my gm uses BC to get the crazy out so I cant help but live it up


last nurgle character was a klutzy nurglite who loved his jetpack even though he flew into a few walls but his proudest moment was after being fired from a demon possesed ship's torpedo tubes (willingly) and managing to stick the landing (close call) all so he could rush into action faster than the shuttle would have allowed.

so i go nurgle so that fluff wise when i burn a fate point to survive such a crazy attempt (have yet to need to) I can picture the bits pulling themselves back together as he waist for his body to put his head back on. oh and because it is great when you can kill someone with a handshake or kiss.

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"Why is it terrible to hire Xenos? It is not like I am sitting at my meals with them. All I am doing is allowing the enemies of the Empire of man war against each other-with one side funded and directed by me"


"So, umm i accidentally found an army and you will not believe how-I found them on a ship I was planning to crash into a planet. Unrelated news look at my new ship."

#28 DreadLord



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Posted 18 July 2014 - 08:41 PM

All the Tomes have something worth while.  Obviously I would have liked the Tome of Decay to have more Nurgle stuff (chem-burners, plague zombies, etc...) there is stuff in each for all.  Nurgle has rules for making daemon engines, waging Black Crusades and continuing play as a daemon prince.  Khorne has weapons out the wazoo and mass combat rules, good for facing the guard.  Tzneetch has a lot of good rituals and psychic powers for everyone so if you are using psykers or rituals that could help.  Slaanesh has expanded social conflicts and improved minion rules.


Personally I am a magophile so Tzneetch appeals to me.  That said and considering your expressed desire I would say Slaanesh.  Reduced cost for the Fellowship attribute and skills such as charm and deceive (good for a Count of Monte Cristo type) and allied skills include the knowledge ones that can aid in that.  Also there are still some combat skills which would be nice when time comes to get bloody.

#29 Magnus Grendel

Magnus Grendel


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Posted Today, 01:48 AM

 Khorne has weapons out the wazoo


It really does. Chainsword? Fine. Chainaxe? Classic. Chain Hammer? ....Now you're starting to get silly.


And yet awesome at the same time.


As to Khorne characters, it depends on how you play them. Bezerkers are just that - nuts - but a Khornate heretic could as easily be Alexander the Great as Conan.

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#30 DeathByGrotz



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Posted Today, 09:54 AM

Case in point, "command" is a Khornate skill, which very much implies a personality beyond "grunt, kill, waagh" provided you're leading sentient non-orkz. If you take it logically from there, your high Fel commander should probably have several other social skills at very least trained to remain a plausible concept.


As far as my own group goes, we've had the best experiences with Khorne, Nurgle and Tzeench as far as roleplaying was concerned, especially on the intrigue front. Maybe we've just had very poor Slaaneshi RPers, but after the last two, we almost voted Slaanesh off the gaming table.


I've been thinking about the reason and I think it stems from most of our characters having some investment in social skills to get by, even using "opposed" archtypes, simply because our heretics are ambitious and to accumulate and hold on to power the system requires investment in fellowship and characteristic related skills to realistically maintain your personelle and allies. This leaves a dedicated "face" concept with very little to do, because the entire group can, socially, hold their own (and honestly, in a realistic situation, the face isn't necessarily the one people talk to unless you groom your entire presentation to point out him as "boss" and everyone else as "minion"; and even then, someone's going to want to chat up the rest to see what they have to say/their story holds up etc.). The result is the socially invested Slaanesh player is tendentially...bored because the imposing khornate space marine can actually talk, and talk well, so he does weird cliche-Slaanesh things that are counterproductive, make waves ahead of time and basically scream "Hey, look at me!".


So basically, we play everything but Slaanesh in our current campaign, because without something beyond social skills to contribute to our campaign, she's rather superfluous and idle hands invite bad habits. In a future campaign this may change, for example if we decide to go for a hierarchical command structure rather than a collective of equals who all want as large a piece of the cake as possible.

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