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Ships, Armor, and Breach

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#1 ZeroKvothe17



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Posted 15 February 2014 - 05:54 PM

Hello Once again!


An interesting debate came up last night with my Players and I and Once Again I look to you, The People, for help. This decision is yours, The People.


Most speeds have a consistency of Armor 0 and HT of less than 10. Most Star fighters, Freighters, Frigates, Etc have an Armor of 2 and greater with Varying HT.

Breach has a 10 Soak negation or 1 Armor Negation unless Cortosis is involved, however that Mod has nothing to do with this so will not be calculated for anything.


The core book only consists of 3 items which start with Breach 1.
those consist of a Lightsaber, Missile Tube, and Thermal Detonator.

In our last campaign, we decided to "Glaze over" Starship combat and Related situations, focusing mainly on space, as we had no actual Pilot and all of us were learning the system, Now we have a Rather Fully competent team, I'm trying to take my "Training Wings".

We were talking last night about what happens if a Fight breaks out Inside a ship, for example
YT-1300 Light Freighter    Armor: 3   HT:22


If the players are hiding and the intruders have any of the 3 weapons above, Then by Game Rules and Standards, Technically They are not able to break open any places the players are hiding with force, due to the armor of 3, Yes they Breach 1 point of armor each leaving 2 left technically, but EVEN WITH 5 yellow die, 1 Green die, Rolling two success per die, that means a Lightsaber(the weakest of the three) Could still only do 22 points of damage, Meaning it DOES do 2 Hull threshold, but those chances are Insignificant.

In the case of a Missile Tube and Thermal Detonator doing base 20 damage, It is more reasonable for them to be able to as such Naturally, But there are sturdier ships out their as well as in a ship, the blast damage is as likely to kill the intruders.

Has anyone had any thoughts on such things or can enlighten me on something I may have missed in the book or possibly my Inexperience with the system still.

Thanks for all and any assistance ^_^

#2 Liloki



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Posted 15 February 2014 - 06:11 PM

For the most part the Armor rating represents defense from external forces. Unless it is a military vessel designed to account for boarding actions or similar, I would not have the armor of the ship apply INSIDE the ship. Remember that the personal to ship scaling ratio is 10:1. So counting the ship as having no armor during fights within will still result in minimal damage to the ship itself while still allowing the fighting inside to add up over time... or with explosives add up rather quickly.

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#3 UHF



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Posted 15 February 2014 - 06:36 PM

Armor refers to external attacks.  The interior is unarmored, and quite vulnerable.  (Pretend its metal and has a soak of 5?)


A detonation for 10 damage should trash the room completely, and blow through doors and walls.  Any equipment in the room should be considered severely damaged (as in suffering a 'ship critical') if more than 10 damage is delivered.


GMs should judge whether some areas are better protected than others. 'Blast Doors' should have have the equivalent of external armor for protection.


My crew has only had a few fights break out inside the ship.  They tossed a grenade into one of their cargo bays.  Its likely those bays are well sealed and nothing critical was damaged.

#4 Agatheron



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Posted 15 February 2014 - 11:09 PM

As others have said, armour is on the exterior of the ship, while damage inflicted on the interior of a ship would simply bypass any armour present. That being said, personal damage weapons would need to do more than 10 points personal to inflict 1 structural point... But I'd be more concerned with criticals trashing important systems. A lightsaber inside the ship wouldn't necessarily do criticals to the system unless it was deliberately used to cut up the interior, rather than just being slashed around in combat. In any of these, a success is needed to "hit" even if the damage is less than 10, so criticals are possible even when the personal damage of an attack is less than 10.

I suppose going back to the original argument, breach is irrelevant on the interior of a ship, unless a particular component is specifically armoured. A blaster pistol well fired could mess up the interior controls, effectively scoring various criticals on internal systems.

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#5 Exalted5



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Posted 17 February 2014 - 08:13 AM

Right - I think this is where it is important for the GM to combine creativity with common sense.


As others have said, the armor of a vehicle is representative of the actual armor plating on the exterior of the ship.  I would imagine most interior walls of a ship would be made of pretty heavy duty material, maybe with a soak of 5-8.  But keep in mind that a thermal detonator going off in the cockpit may trigger several critical effects (possibly pre-selected by the GM), whereas a missile hitting an interior wall of the cargo hold may only weaken the hull a bit (dealing HT).


I think it is feasible that the players (or NPCs) could "lock" themselves into an area of the ship, requiring heavier weapons to get the door open... but these interior walls should not share the same exterior armor value as the ship.


Also, the type of ship is key.


It's unlikely a YT-1300 will have a blast door (which may in fact have armor 2!), but a Star Destroyer would.  Just remember: you're the GM.  Do what makes sense in the spirit of your game.

#6 MandalorynOranj



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Posted 17 February 2014 - 11:57 PM

Narrative effects are also your friend here. While a Lightsaber may not have enough Breach to breach the hull, a Despair on a check while using one in a ship could very well open a little hole into space. Hope you've got space suits handy...

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