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#121 Wookiee Scholar

Wookiee Scholar


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Posted 09 June 2014 - 11:46 AM

I'm the GM of a group consisting of

-My 11 year old son runs a Human Smuggler modeled after Han Solo, but he carries a sniper rifle.
-His 11 year old friend runs a Wookiee Marauder modeled after Chewbacca, but he carries a vibro axe.
-His other 11 year old friend runss a Human Slicer
-My 64 year old father runs a Mon Calamari Scholar modeled after Sherlock Holmes from Elementary.

They are basically a bunch of criminals that will steal anything they want, and potentially kill anyone that gets in there way of them taking it, while the Mon Calamari provides insight as to doing these things without getting caught.
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#122 ZachAttack



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Posted 09 June 2014 - 12:34 PM

Our group just started out, but our 3 PCs are.



Male Human Bounty Hunter Survivalist/Scoundrel(armed to the teeth with a HBR, Blaster Carbine, Heavy blaster pistol, blaster pistol, Thermal Detonator, 2 frag grenades) from a semi-civilized world known for making bounty hunters.


Male Human Technician Slicer. On the run from the Black Sun.


Assassin Droid Hired Gun Marauder with a focus on melee combat. Armed with integrated Shock Fists(Brass Knuckles and Shock gloves) and weilding a very large axe. Think HK-47 from the KOTR game but as an axe murderer instead.


We recently finished part 2 of Long Arm of the Hutt(the party)


Long story short: We roughed up the Gand into spilling the beans, sweet talked Piddok into giving us all the info we could want, and bought some weapons, sold and bought a ton of Info from the Toydarian, hired the smuggler duo to run spice with us/sneak us into Mos Shutta, and hacked the Protocol droid at the bar to sell our drugs for us(something we now plan on doing to every protocol droid barkeep we run across)


In the words of our assassin droid, "drugs don't sell themselves!"(he hates organic meatbags and sees drugs as a way to damage them)

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#123 Forged



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Posted 09 June 2014 - 05:19 PM

Pets seem pretty uncommon. My group recently lost its robodog, he got blasted in zero-gravity by a squad of stormtroopers.

Pets are my goal! Well, something like that. Planning on getting the K9 droid from EtU as my personal pet/partner.
Once I get my own ship, I plan on having little droids all over the place rather than crewers.
That's the dog our face guy lost for the group. Kinda funny to me considering he spent group funds on it. I'd have preferred a Cybot Galactica walker scout droid.

It wasn't a group K9 unit, I bought him. I did borrow from the group funds to pay for him but I've paid over 1/2 of it back and remind everyone each session how much I owe.
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#124 Dead-Pool



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Posted 09 June 2014 - 08:16 PM

My bunch.


Targin - Human Male Bodyguard - Ex-cop turned mercenary, a fundementaly good man that couldn't stand the New Order's oppresive methods. He sort of operates as the face of the group, though he lets Leesa do the smart work.


Leesa - Human Female Archaeologist - A young Human woman with a love for the lore and anqituity. Unfortunately she's got some sponsors to keep happy, and she's looking for a way out of their grasp.


Carnus (Me, baby) - Houk Male Gadgeter - A Guild hunter with a strong sense of duty to his trade and a contempt for amatuers and freelance scabs. He's not an overly mean sort, but he knows he's a big, scary alien and he's learned to roll with the naturaly intimidating air of his species to take the fight out of his marks (And to use his blaster when that doesn't work).


Darvyl - Human Male Thief - The newest addition to the crew picked up on Raxus Prime. He's got a few scores to settle after his buddy stabbed him in the back and stole his ship. He's also an unashamed lady's man.

Gadzooks! This looks fairly familiar, was just about to post the group on this thread when I saw you beat me to it.  I am GM'ing for these guys, been having fun so far.  Was new to GM'ing, first it was just Leesa and Carnus and I, and I ran them through a modified Under the Black Sun adventure that I tied into Beyond the Rim Module.  At the end of Under the Black Sun, the group stole the Nikto's ship  the Borrowed Time.  I had a NPC Pilot aboard, a Cathar female named Callista, that was all too happy to be working with a more professional team.


Targin then joined our group that Reom had hired to assist and make sure they brought back any finds on Cholganna.  After some time in the jungle, they laid a trap and assaulted the Imperials trying to capture them and Cratala.   They blasted offworld and headed towards Raxus Prime where they picked up a new crew member, Dav as he likes to be called.  He had been stranded doing random jobs from IsoTech while the anger of the betrayal of his friend and stolen ship consumed him. 


Their ship had taken quite a bit of damage and they feared the hands of the Empire would be after them.  They left with Reom's ship towards the Roche System to meet up with Iso I.  Had to do some parts gathering from a nearby system where a black market thrived, as well as hire a Ugnaught to install a 2nd transponder in their ship to create a new profile that the Empire wouldn't be aware of.  They renamed the ship the Centennial Chicken. (Not sure if there are actual chicken's in SW, but that's the name they loved the most, comes with an emblem on the side of the cockpit of a chicken attacking a Jawa.  The Dirty Dewback came in 2nd)


Currently the group is heading to House Salaktori, where Carnus has been summoned by Jeslor Salaktori himself along with other hunters for what must be important, because it has been some time since this last occured.

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#125 Dead-Pool



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Posted 09 June 2014 - 08:30 PM


Their ship is a YT-1930 named Crimson Clover (or Crimson n' Clover) - they argue about the name.  


Jimmy Eat World I presume?  Great Band :lol:





Take it back, apparently it's an older song that I was unawares of :o

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