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#21 Jegergryte



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Posted 16 February 2014 - 11:09 AM

My group consists of:


Blue - Human, Assassin/FSE. She loves grenades, her rifle and reading emotions and thoughts. She hates riddles and mysteries, or people not talking plainly. She shows this dislike by shooting them in the face, or just hitting them really hard.


Ghia Necil - Human, Doctor/Mercenary. She loves her disruptor rifle and her medkit equally I believe. Paranoid to the extreme. For some odd reason she's become the leader of the group - not a good idea.


Jace Maverick - Human, Scoundrel/marauder. Big spender, not big on paying back debt. Loves his vibro-rapier more than life itself it seems. Not paranoid, but easily scared into action.


Tracken - Rodian, Gadgeteer. Trigger happy and flaky. Gets the job done, but has a hard time cooperating, unless its on his terms.


Cyris - Odd droid with some problematic programming, enjoys gambling (particularly losing credits) and excels at piloting, at least in it own opinion.


Che - Cathar, Thief. More or less invisible. Pacifist. Stubborn.


Ship - The Ruby Damnation - heavily modified YT-1300 (no, it's not red).

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#22 Thaliak



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Posted 16 February 2014 - 12:09 PM

Wow. Some of these groups are big.

I'm a player in a group of five:

Ido Kath, a human resources consultant with a passion for academic journals and a datapad full of sounds he uses to misdirect his foes (me; Politico);

Sedrin Mal, a smugger and Rebel who is as skilled at seducing Twi'leks as he is at lying to customs officials (Scoundrel);

EG-1, a medical droid so obsessed with perfection that he wants to replace most of our limbs with cybernetics (Mechanic/Doctor);

Kriegiss Tarkorr, a pragmatic but honorable human bounty hunter with a big gun and a deadly knife (Assassin/Gadgeteer); and

Griz, an amnesiac trandoshan who has no qualms about beating people up for a few credits (Marauder).


We're flying the Krayt Fang. We used to work with Ryan Burns, a greedy human slicer who overestimates his abilities. However, the player who controlled him now GMs, so he has become a mission-gathering NPC.


I run a game for three players: a hedonistic Chiss lesbian bent on gaining power by aiding the Empire (Politico), a Booster Blue-loving human mechanic who dreams of creating a droid army (Mechanic), and a bothan Bounty Hunter who wants to build the ultimate rifle (Assassin/Gadgeteer if memory serves). This group also has two NPCs: a pilot hired by the Empire to monitor the Politico and a charming slicer who used to work for pirates that tried to steal their ship. The ship is a standard Ghtroc Industries 720 freighter.

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#23 Darth Ferrum

Darth Ferrum


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Posted 16 February 2014 - 04:11 PM

I GM for a group and I just started playing in a group. Since the latter is not set in stone yet, I will just name the group I GM for.


-4RC-H3R: a droid Bounty Hunter/Gadgeteer/Mercenary Soldier. Rebuilt and reactivated HK-51 droid. Wanton slaughter is the name of the game with this one. Ungodly amount of soak. Really bad at making decisions. Lost a leg once.


-Sol Winters: a human Smuggler/Pilot/Force Sensitive Exile. Dual wields heavy blaster pistols with actuating modules. Good at shooting. Good at piloting. Takes booster blue and screams "It's a good day to die!" over the ship's intercom from time to time.


-Ark: a human technician/slicer. Veteran of the Clone Wars, drinks heavily because of the things he has seen. Good at computers. Accidentally shot a civilian once.


-Scatius: human colonist/politico. Sided with the CIS during the Clone Wars and has been on the run from the Empire ever since. Morbidly obese. Carries around nerf bacon in his pocket.


-Wuda: rodian technician/mechanic. Helped her brother rebuild the HK-51 droid. Now looking for her brother who was kidnapped. She is the only voice of reason for the droid.


Aldis: human hired gun/marauder. Nobleman from Alderaan, expert duelist. Carries two vibroswords. Best quote: "We can never go back to The Wheel."


They fly a heavily modified yt-2400 called the Hot Prospect.

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#24 Dampe



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Posted 16 February 2014 - 04:59 PM

I GM a group consisting of:


- A female Gand Marauder/FSE who deals an tremendeus amount of damage, and can sustain a lot as well


- A Dual-wielding Human Smugler/FSE With som nice spread on his skills


- A Toydarian Big Game Hunter with an overly sized rifle that he has some problems using. And a little addiction to gambling, huge women and even bigger guns.


Sounds like my group is really combat heavy, but that's not how it actually is. In the last month we've only had 4 combat encounters, and we play at least once a week, the rest of our play time have been mostly RP and exploration.

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#25 UHF



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Posted 16 February 2014 - 06:00 PM

This thread gets it's namesake from the awesome new Lego Movie song;
(I highly recommend this movie for all kids or adults that refuse to grow up.)

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#26 UHF



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Posted 16 February 2014 - 06:20 PM

Dude... I use the Dark Side points. (Although sometimes I work in Grey.)

My players aren't happy, they're nervous.
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#27 ztirwin



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Posted 16 February 2014 - 11:14 PM

Seems we have a smallish group:


Male Human: Smuggler (Pilot)/FSE- Was our pilot and face, but hasn't shown up since two sessions in.  The group is pretty sure his character got locked away in a smuggling compartment somewhere.


Male Human: Bounty Hunter (Survivalist/Assassin)- Me.  Got marooned on a remote planet after his explorer parents were arrested by the ISB as suspected rebels.  Now has a disdain for Imperials, and a driving need to capture/interrogate anyone that might be high enough up to know where his parents were taken.  Now picking up some of the piloting duties in the absence of the actual pilot.


Droid: Colonist (Doctor)/Technician (Mechanic)- Experimental med droid gone haywire.  Escaped and on the run from his makers, has a serious thing for droid rights.  Also, a complex toward inferior (read: all) organics.  End goal: make everything mechanical to level the playing field in terms of rights.  Also, has a split female personality as a result of a cybernetic brain upgrade gone awry.


Male Human: Technician(Slicer)- Gifted and apprenticed to a man now in a Hutt dungeon somewhere.  Now working for the Hutt to get Master out of the clink.  Teamed up with the droid a while back for unknown reasons.


Male Human: Explorer (Scout)- Cocky, less capable than he makes out.  Recently found out he was an ex-Imperial scout trooper with a bounty on his head that was also part of the troop that took the Bounty Hunter's parents.  Attempts to be a face of the party, mostly to keep his own ass out of a firefight.  Hardly ever works out for him.


Flying the Krayt Fang.  Got it cheap off a group hot off of Tatooine.  Seemed glad to be free of the thing, which might be explained by the dead Trandoshan in refresher.

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#28 polyheadronman



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Posted 17 February 2014 - 04:57 AM

I GM, and while I originally wanted to also play, I found that the barrier between PC/GM in this game is so minimal, I felt like part of the group anyway.  So I never got around to introducing a PC.  Still loving it...


Duro Tech:  Outlaw Tech/Doctor.  Business card says "I fix."  Also abhors conflict/combat and talking.  To anyone.  Ever.


Chiss BH:  Assassin.  She is the enigmatic killer with a really bad temper and a lust for violence.  Also a source of constant stress for the Duro.


Human BH:  Gadgeteer.  A far more socially savvy BH, with a debonair smirk and a jaunty cap.  Likes money but has to go about it the Robin Hood way.  Except he never actually gives any to the poor...


Toydarian Colonist:  Politico.  Yes, the gassy windbag is the face.  No, it doesn't often work out well, but his Scathing Tirade is in full effect when it all goes pear-shaped.


Rodian Explorer:  Big Game Hunter. A dark, brooding fellow who prefers slugthrowers to blasters, he is always desperately trying to stay at long range... So every other encounter I throw stuff into melee range just to see him sweat a little.


A combat heavy party 

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#29 polyheadronman



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Posted 17 February 2014 - 04:58 AM

Gah!  Sorry.


A combat heavy party for whom social situations cripple them, but they are starting to come around, as I impress upon them the idea that this is not a fight or...fight harder system.  We have fun.

"Evil will always triumph, because good is dumb."

#30 Col. Orange

Col. Orange


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Posted 17 February 2014 - 06:52 AM

My GM has a sort of "main NPC," in our ship droid that acts as a sort of butler to the group, giving us additional information about locations, history, etc., little things that inform the group decision without deciding for the group, giving us that extra prompt when things start to grind in discussions of what to do next.


That's a really good narrative device (excuse the pun (this was after I stopped myself from saying "GM's tool")).  Instead of a dry "this is Tatooine" speech out of nowhere, you get an NPC with their own preconceptions (or, in this case, the preconceptions of their programmer) describing the place.  Neat.



EDIT: Dry + Tatooine - again, not intentional.  Some days it's every fecking word...

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#31 HiroKedyn



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Posted 17 February 2014 - 10:58 AM

Our group, the Space Monkey Mafia (you can tell that we are a very serious RPG group and that there are no shenanigans,  crazy ideas, unnecessary violence, or frequent couch stealing ever taking place) consists of:


(Me) Harrl a male Farghul Scoundrel/Scout, owner of the ship, pilot and group leader of our fledgling pirate group

Vera a female Akranian offshoot Fringer/ Force Sensitive copilot

Dredd Human Male Bodyguard/gadgeteer who thinks he is Judge Dredd

Atam Human Mercenary/ Recovering Booster blue addict

Gavin the Givin Doctor who randomly murders people and oddly is a fearsome force in combat by trying to kill himself

Zeke a droid Slicer/Hired gun

Jop a human male Mechanic/outlaw tech, Gavin's buddy that thinks all life is precious, especially mechanical

plus a bunch of random NPCs we managed to recruit.

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#32 RebelScum



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Posted 17 February 2014 - 11:16 AM

The group I GM consists of:


Boma Zlahtan Day: A Bothan smuggler/pilot who finds himself in trouble with the Empire for his brother's rebellious acts. He serves as the face of the group.


Jaden Vondar: A Human turned bounty hunter/gadgeteer after being kicked out of the ISB. His wife is now enslaved to a Hutt because of a botched job. He is the tank of the group


Sirlahn Alsek: A Sluissi technician/slicer with a hint of kleptomania. He wants to be the greatest slicer of all time, and his ambition has landed him in some sticky situations.


Asaak Ti: A Togruta explorer/big game hunter framed for murder on his home planet. He does more damage with an air-rifle than most other characters do with blaster rifles.


Their ship is the Temerity a slightly modified Loronar E-9 Explorer.


The group has run through Escape from Mos Shuuta and is finishing Long Arm of the Hutt, modified to account for the new characters. They are a combat heavy group and made quick work of all the enemies in both adventures. That will all change soon though..

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#33 UHF



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Posted 17 February 2014 - 11:53 AM

I once went to Mon Calamari for lunch but I left hungry when the seafood asked what I wanted to order.
*badum-tsh* ;)

Bring a sword and demand Sushi.

As for combat heavy groups, to each his own. It is called 'Star Wars' for a reason, and at least you know what to serve them for entertainment. A group of mechanics would be pretty awkward. You'd probably want some complex Mechanics house rules, and a broken down ship.

Personally, I'm of the opinion that variety is the best recipe for success in any RPG.

Never be afraid to kick your players when they are down.
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#34 Maelora



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Posted 17 February 2014 - 12:00 PM

My group is fairly light on the combat.  I don't allow armour (unless the bounty hunter is on some remote world) so the characters are very wary of anyone pointing shooty things at them.  Most of our battles are deliberate hits - get in and get out quickly before we get overwhelmed.


But yeah, variety is nice.  

#35 blittlepage



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Posted 17 February 2014 - 01:52 PM

I am proud to GM with the crew of the Screamin MuMu:


Eben Spyre
Human Explorer Scout

Obsessed seeker of a lost world


Miranna Orainn

Human Colonist Doctor

Pacifist healer on-the-run



Trandoshan Bounty Hunter Assassin

Philosophizing warrior


Strask Iris-Kai

Bothan Smuggler Pilot

A cowardly, reluctant smuggler.

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#36 HiroKedyn



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Posted 17 February 2014 - 02:15 PM

Back on topic, and speaking of GM Tools...

Another thing I would be interested in knowing is if you have any House Specific rules.



Medicine checks can be used to see how much explosive material you can stuff into a dead body. (This rule has come in really handy and has been used several times).


Our group tends to run by our own messed up code.

1. Most peoples Plan B is our Plan A. Our Plan B is to make it up as you go along, which has somehow worked out well.

2. Liberal use of explosives solves every problem, and I do mean every problem and should be used as Plan A.

3. Always roll a perception check to see if there is a nice couch that we can steal.

3.5 Also, that rug really ties the room together, take it too.


As for rules 2 and 3, during the last game we in no way discussed stealing the ottomans from a business, filling them with explosives and firing them out of a cannon as a future Plan A, nor did we discuss attaching a repulsor lift to that heavy couch to make it easier steal, no it was so we could ride them down the street instead of using speeders.

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#37 rhombusleech



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Posted 17 February 2014 - 04:41 PM

I'm GMing a group with half the PCs having a secret past unbeknownst to the other PCs (for now...). Arriving in Mos Shuuta separately for various reasons, they bonded in the cantina over their shared love of drink. Their first trial as a group was a failed bounty (hunting their former pre-mades from Escape from Mos Shuuta in the streets outside the cantina). The group dynamic is a lot of fun and I expect some great experiences to come:


Dex, a 60 yr old, male Human Outlaw Tech. A former star ship design engineer betrayed by his former business partner becomes a hermit on Ryloth. Every year since the betrayal, he has built and programmed an assassin droid. One part survival training. One part half-assed suicide attempt. Dex builds and programs the droids to travel to the Core Worlds, then their memories are erased and only one objective remains, hunt and kill Dex. 


4Q-ZX a Bounty Hunter Assassin droid. A former warehouse security droid that is captured by a gang after a robbery and reprogrammed with an adaptive AI. Eventually becomes self aware that he is killing other droids, he is outraged and betrays his gang; killing them all and going out on his own. Hates everyone. Puts himself is ridiculous situations, usually failing, resulting in hilarity.


Crone, a 61 yr old, female Ryn Soldier Medic. a former smuggler that was captured and forced to be a medic at an Imperial labor camp on Kashyyyk. Worked for an Imperial commander that experimented on Wookiees. Served her term, was released, and is back in the smuggling game.


Kerrick Black, a male human Scoundrel. The face. A mysterious past unknown to the other PCs has led to a sizable debt. Also, a gambling addict that won their ship in the first session in a game of rock, paper, scissor.


Thor, a male human Slicer. Another character with a secret hidden from the other PCs. The little they do know: He was busted for stealing plans for a new vibroknife design. Served his term at an Imperial prison. Owes a sizable restitution in damages to the weapons manufacturer.


Frakchow, a male Wookiee Hired Gun. Kidnapped as a child by Trandoshan slavers and sold to an abusive Twi'lek pirate. After years of abuse, going against Wookiee culture, in a moment of blackout rage, kills the pirate and crew using his claws. Labeled a 'mad claw', he is exiled from his people. Now sells his muscles to the highest bidder.


We're currently recording our sessions and plan to start releasing them as a podcast soon!

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#38 Joker Two

Joker Two


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Posted 17 February 2014 - 06:58 PM



2. Liberal use of explosives solves every problem, and I do mean every problem and should be used as Plan A.


Violence is always the answer! If it's not working, you aren't using enough!


~Zaraki Kenpachi



When in doubt...


"P for Plenty"


After all, eyebrows will grow back eventually.

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#39 Shakespearian_Soldier



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Posted 17 February 2014 - 07:02 PM

I'm the GM of our group, which consists of:


Adran Cormus (Human Male, Hired Gun [Mercenary Soldier]) - An Imperial ex-officer whose aggressive attitude and attempts at leadership have caused a few problems for the crew. But he's loyal enough, it seems.


Carrick Reece (Human Male, Bounty Hunter [Gadgeteer]) - A Mandalorian who's search for his family armour carried him into the service of the infamous Vago the Hutt. From there, Carrick met the crew and joined them when it was suggested that Vago would not only fail to pay him, but would very likely attempt to have him killed.


Denma Hawat (Human Female, Smuggler [Thief]) - A skilled thief who found herself indebted to Vago the Hutt, after the crime lord helped her evade capture by the ISB (in a rare display of charity). Teaming up with Carrick, she was sent to find the crew of the Crimson Hawk - but ended up joining them when she and Carrick changed sides.


Eraan Churek (Gand Male, Technician [Outlaw Tech]) - A Gand whose naivity caused him to be captured and convicted by the Empire. Escaping from their custody by sheer luck, Eraan then offered his services to the crew of the Crimson Hawk in exchange for passage and sanctuary.


Hale Zephyrus (Human Male, Colonist [Doctor, Force-Sensitive Exile]) - A prominent doctor that left for the Outer Rim in order to help others, Hale has recently come to discover that he possesses an unnaturally potent sense that might well mark him as Force Sensitive. He hates the idea, and hides it from all around him.


Lancer Drayson (Human Male, Smuggler [Pilot]) - The infamous pirate Lancer Drayson is wanted by the Empire something fierce - and it looked like they might finally capture him, too, when his starship crashed into the Rorak 5 spacestation and he was locked up as a result. However, fortune provided him with an exit... and another starship, the Crimson Hawk, on which to sail.


(NPC) Leena (Twi'lek Female, Smuggler [Thief]) - Leena was once the prized dancing girl for the crime lord Vago the Hutt. But fortune allowed the Twi'lek to escape aboard the Crimson Hawk. Since becoming its unwitting captain, Leena has opened her ship up to others, who formed the basis for the crew as it stands today. The Twi'lek died a heroes death on Nar Shaddaa in the midst of a deadly firefight.


Lofwyroor (Wookiee Male, Hired Gun [Marauder]) - Deadly with his fists, the honourable Lofwyroor was used as a labourer by the Empire right up until the time when he escaped custody. He now travels the galaxy alongside the crew of the Hawk - but dreams of the day when he might deal a savage blow against the regime that destroyed the Wookiee culture.


Thorbin Droma (Human Male, Colonist [Politico]) - The son of an influential Imperial citizen, the journalist Thorbin Droma was disowned by his father when he started preaching about the barbarity of the Empire (truths that he discovered from determined research and crafty friends). Now he's on the run, since his father has placed a bounty on his head - and the Hawk seems like a good place to hide out, at least whilst he prepares for his next big story.


The Crimson Hawk (YT-1300 Freighter) - A starship that once belonged to reviled gangster Vago the Hutt, the Hawk was stolen from him by his escaped slave, Leena. When Leena's death was revealed to the Hutt, Vago demanded that the crew be brought to 'justice', and that the Hawk be returned to him at the same time.

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"Beg for your life. No, doing so won't save you - but it will make your death more amusing to watch."
- Vago the Hutt; Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

#40 Dex Vulen

Dex Vulen


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Posted 18 February 2014 - 09:08 AM

These nicer write ups has made me want to do something a little more than my previous post.


Vezu d'Klunn (Gand male, Bounty Hunter (Survivalist, Gadgeteer, Force Sensitive Exile)- Growing up on Gand, Vezu had dreams of one day taking the Janwuine-jika. After some training under the Findsman Venlyssu, Vezu set out among the stars to make a name for himself. 


Rand (Human male, Technician (Mechanic, Force Sensitive Exile)- Rand was the chief mechanic to a Hutt that delt heavily in the slave market.  Rand, not being able to handle the slavery any longer, spent a good amount of time sabotaging most of the Hutts fleet causing a serious blow to the Hutt's pocket and to his operations. Currently on the run. Rand's motto... If it's broke I can fix it. If it's not broke, I can make it better.


Lanik (Rodian male, Smuggler (Pilot)- With the goal of being the richest and most well known racer in the galaxy, Lanik has agreed to being sponsored by the Tento corporation. When not racing or doing photo shoots for Tento, Lanik is the pilot of Rusted Justice. Quick with words and a blaster, Lanik is quite the asset to the party.


Krith (Jawa male, Hired Gun (Marauder, Mercenary Soldier)- Krith fancies himself as a leader of sorts. Motivating the party to action as he closes with the enemy. Many enemies have made the mistake of not taking a charging Jawa seriously. His skill with the vibroaxe is second to few.  


Casque (Human male, Bounty Hunter (Assassin)- After losing favor with his guild, Casque put in a lot of work to regain their trust. He currently is attempting to get a guild house up and running. He is finding that his skills with a blaster rifle far out weigh his skill in running a business.


Rusted Justice (YT-Prototype) Stripped of most parts, Rusted Justice was buried in the sand and used as a house. Dajuin, the owner of the ship, gifted it to the party after a few favors. Rand, after over a month of work got the engines fired up and made the Rusted Justice space worthy. Now if the party could only find a hyperdrive and some weapons, they could be in business. (Oh, and one escape pod. One was launched into the cockpit of a pursuing pirate while in atmosphere to help us get away.)

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