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#1 Seiito



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Posted 15 February 2014 - 08:43 AM

Just a simple place to state your party composition!

I'm interested in seeing who everyone rolls with and what describes your games!


Gender/ Role(s) / Pets / Ships


Fem Bothan Scout/FSE (Me) (The River Tam, Memory Wiped, Bothan Spy Junior Agent, Obligation Heavy of the Group)


^Backstory Here^


Male Trandoshan Survivalist (Former Sheriff, raised by humans, hates droids, starting to hate our politico)


Male Human Politico/Gun for Hire (Face with 3 fake names) + Robot Dog


Fem Human Pilot (Owns the Ship, likes Booster Blue)


Fem Wookie Thief (Wookburglar)


Fem Rodian Outlaw Tech/Gadgeteer (Almost Jedi in terms of seeking identity as a Bounty Hunter)


Male Other Human Pilot (No show extraordinair, stole our fighter that we stole from the Chadrafan)


IG-100 Droid Marauder (Ship's Cook, Also no show extraordinair)


Droid Colonist (NPC, Accountant, Doctor, Butler to the ship owner. For people that want to try out the game)

Astromech Droid (NPC, Homicidal due to bad influence from our chef, made me use the Dark Side, also for random people)




Game Type: Firefly-esque, bit of Futurama at times given who our "chef" is.

Setting is 10 BBY.


We fly around in a heavily modified Citadel transport ship named the Spry Nomad but due to that name being tagged by Imperial Customs we repainted it as Planet Express (but we still call it the Spry Nomad).

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#2 mouthymerc


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Posted 15 February 2014 - 09:02 AM

I'm the GM. The group consists of...


Bothan smuggler/pilot. He also had taken the FSEx spec, but after some play decided to drop it as he was one of two Force users and didn't feel it really was needed in his character.


Rodian hired gun/bodyguard/FSEm. The other Force-user. Basically only uses it to boost his Athletics checks right now. A 4 ' rodian constantly getting into trouble with her vibroknife.


Human hired gun/merc soldier. All about the fight and using blasters.


Human colonist/doctor. Also side computer tech. Spends most of her time healing the rodian.


Gran technician/outlaw tech. Spends most of her time either fixing the ship or cowering.


Before the game started I had someone interested that created a twi'lek explorer/trader, but they've never showed.


And the group toodles around in a revamped lambda.


They decided to take a group obligation. They are the troubleshooters/fixers/scroungers for a large group of displaced and refugee aliens looking for somewhere to settle. I'm running Beyond the Rim for them right now.

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#3 Colyer



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Posted 15 February 2014 - 11:33 AM

I GM a group consisting of:

A Human Hired Gun - Mercenary Soldier

A Human Colonist - Politico

A Human Technician - Outlaw Tech, Doctor

And a Bothan Smuggler - Pilot.

Feels pretty well rounded to me.
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#4 Crimson Death

Crimson Death


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Posted 15 February 2014 - 11:55 AM

My 650 xp group consists of:



Human Male Assassin / Gadgeteer / Pilot (me)


Wookie Male Mechanic / Saboteur


These two characters started out with the beginners box set. The Bounty Hunter payments were being stiffed by the Hutt and decided it was payback time and freed his slaves and blew up the Hutt's palace. The Wookie owes the Bounty Hunter a life debt for freeing him. They go on to do a few more adventures then meet up with a Twi'lek from the resistance on Ryloth.


Twi'lek Male Trader / Scout / Pilot


After many adventures the Rebels asked them to do a mission a grave importance. Free a "jedi" from an imperial prison. This is where they met


Droid Male Combat Medic / Sharpshooter

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#5 Atraangelis



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Posted 15 February 2014 - 02:07 PM

I am gm...

Bothan doctor
Solarian marauder
Toydarian theif
Chiss mechanic
Wookie scout
Human explorer
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#6 Dex Vulen

Dex Vulen


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Posted 15 February 2014 - 02:16 PM

Our campaign is very gritty and Fireflyesque.


Gand: Bounty Hunter- Survivalist / Gadgeteer / Force Sensitive Exile (me)

Rodian: Smuggler- Pilot

Human: Bounty Hunter- Assassin

Jawa: Hired Gun- Marauder

Droid: Technician- Slicer (now dead, R.I.P.)

Human: Technician- Mechanic / Force Sensitive Exile

Zabrak: Explorer- Big Game Hunter


Yes, we know we are seriously lacking a face and Coercion has it's drawbacks, so most of us are taking Social Skills out of our Career.  At first it seemed like it would really hurt XP wise, but as time has gone on it has really helped round out our characters.

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#7 Crimson_red



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Posted 15 February 2014 - 02:52 PM

Male Human Colonist (Doctor)
Female Twi'lek Bounty Hunter (Survivalist)

The game will be starting next Monday. As is, these 'descriptions' are deceptive, my character is a young force sensitive who has almost no medical training, besides what he learnt from his mother growing up, his affinity for healing comes from from his affinity towards the force. The other, born on Kessel, escaped from her birth place and has been recently making a living in the Formos wilderness, and avoiding attention.

For the first session, we'll be playing a reskinned version of the beginner game... Starting our lives of adventure.
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#8 Maelora



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Posted 15 February 2014 - 03:24 PM

That's a very big party, Seiito!


I'm GM, but one day soon I hope to play my Space Weasel...!


The game is set in our own canon, where Tarkin is Emperor, Anakin and Palpatine died early on, Ben is helping the Alliance, Han is retired and raising kids, and Lucas Lars is quietly preparing for the Return of the Jedi...


The Krayt Dragon Smuggling Consortium is:


Ardanna Cynn, twi'lek Smuggler (Captain of the Krayt Fang)

Jo Belstar, Colonist and Force-Sensitive Exile (aristocratic hell-raiser)

Utchakallok - Wookie Hired Gun (world-weary family man) 

Reya - Chiss Mercenary Soldier (enigmatic smartass)

Corellia Red - Bounty Hunter (completely messed-up former Project Emergent cadet) 

BeeDee - Droid Technician (sophisticated sexbot)

Jena 'Laera' Cross - Archaeologist/Big Game Hunter (aristocratic snob and Czerka sellout)

Kimmy Skylow (NPC) - Fringer/Driver (cute space gypsy)


They are pure Firefly; mostly good people, but not interested in the Galactic Civil War.

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#9 Joker Two

Joker Two


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Posted 15 February 2014 - 03:48 PM

Group 1 (Serious Roleplayers)


Fringers who've repeatedly come into the Empire's good graces.

- Human Bounty Hunter (Survivalist) former Scout Trooper

- Twi'lek Colonist (Doctor) former gang hitwoman

- Bothan Smuggler (Thief, Force-Sensitive Exile) SpyNet Operative

- Droid Hired Gun (Marauder) fiercely protective cargo-loader droid



Group 2 (Total Shenanigans)


Wandering murderhobos in spaaace!

- Human Smuggler (Scoundrel) sleazy conman

- Droid Bounty Hunter (Assassin) experimental assassin droid

- Trandoshan Bounty Hunter (Gadgeteer) no backstory

- Human Colonist (Scholar, Force-Sensitive Exile) no backstory

- Wookiee Hired Gun (Marauder) no backstory


Group 3 (Moderate Roleplayers)


Corporate contractors for Arkanian BioMed (Ocean's 11 in spaaace!)

- Chiss Colonist (Politico) ambitious and amoral businessman

- Trandoshan Hired Gun (Bodyguard) world-weary security guard

- Droid Bounty Hunter (Gadgeteer) obsolete battle droid with a pet fish

- Human Technician (Slicer, Force-Sensitive Exile) naive programming whiz-kid (we'll see how long it lasts)

- Human Smuggler (Scoundrel) fast-talking conman who (allegedly) has a heart of gold

- Bothan Technician (Mechanic) runaway fleeing an arranged marriage

- Gand Explorer (Fringer) wandering loner, hired help

- Bothan Smuggler (Thief) no backstory

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#10 Desslok



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Posted 15 February 2014 - 04:19 PM




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#11 Liloki



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Posted 15 February 2014 - 06:45 PM

Ongoing group:

Bothan Politico/Marauder (excels at lying and stabbing, the murderous Face)

Human Assassin (mandalorian, stealth ninja sniper though starting to pick up some of the Face role)

Human Pilot/FSEx (excels at piloting anything that moves, starting to discover his Force abilities)

Human Gadgeteer (mandalorian, likes shopping and her Hello Kitty blaster pistol accessories)

Droid Doctor (former Imperial bioweapons research droid turned fugitive)

Drall Slicer (space hamster out to prove he's the best slicer in the galaxy)

Droid Chef (NPC, occasional plot device/comic relief)


Infrequent group:

Human Scoundrel (the rough around the edges everyman center of the group)

Wookie Marauder (group mascot, vibro-ax wielding death machine)

Human Pilot (pretty much the Ace concept before AoR Beta came out, may retcon rebuild as Ace)

Human Slicer (girl with the dragon tattoo... IN SPACEEEEEEE)

Human Mechanic (DaVinci wannabe - hence Mechanic and not Outlaw Tech)

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#12 Liloki



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Posted 15 February 2014 - 07:48 PM


Human Gadgeteer (mandalorian, likes shopping and her Hello Kitty blaster pistol accessories)



In Star Wars wouldn't that be something like "Salutations Nexu" or "Waving Wampa?" 




The terrifyingly beautiful truth is that Hello Kitty transcends all space and time...



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#13 Hygric



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Posted 15 February 2014 - 08:56 PM

Awww!!! Da widdle storm-twooper kitty makes me want to take him home!!!


On a serious note, my group (I'm the GM) is as follows:


Dex, a Rodian bounty hunter who has just branched out into force exile after feeling the death of Alderan last session.


San, a Chis mechanic who wants to race swoops and win competitions, but seems to be falling into the roll of chief grease-monkey with gusto.


LOM-659, a LOM series protocol droid that has been programed to be an excellent pilot.


Cork, a Trandoshan hired gun, but concerned with honour and Jaganath points.


Fianna-Ra, a Twilek smuggler, the nominal captain of the ship and black-market facilitator.  Has a thing for enslaving and selling captive bad-guys.


C4-AG, an old-model, obsolete assassin droid.  Has a few issues about being made obsolete as well as droid rights.


Karyudo, an ex-imperial scout-trooper (abandoned on Kashykk, rescued and taken in by Wookies, accused of treason by desertion by the Empire) who has now completely renounced any loyalty to the Empire after the atrocity of Alderan.


Faye, a human computer/networking engineer that was in the wrong place at the wrong time and did the wrong person a favour.


Bok, Trandoshan meat-head.  Much less focussed that the other Trandoshan on the mystical side of the species, more concerned with killing stuff and skinning wookies.


They are an odd bunch, but they seem to work OK together most of the time.

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#14 UHF



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Posted 15 February 2014 - 10:49 PM

GM a crew consisting of;
Human Scoudrel. (Pilot, Face, and all around brains)
Human Force Sensitive Marauder (hand to hand and mind reader)
Twi'Lek Gageteer Bounty Hunter (maximum firepower, be afraid)
Rodian Colonist, Doctor (all around brainiac, and a pretty good shot)
Trandoshan Driver (rescued from the Sa Nalor)
PD-4 'Hack' Pit Droid Mechanic (ship's mechanic and spare character for players enjoying an extended stay in the Bacta tank)
PD-4 'Slash' Pit Droid Thief (sneaky as heck Slicer)

I'm about to have the players break open a 25000 year old Ratakan Stasis Field, rescue a princess, and escape a planet with a ship. They will acquire a few new crew mates who speak with Shakespearean English. "What light through yonder flashing screen breaks!" Oh, and the princess is the bad guy.
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#15 Liloki



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Posted 16 February 2014 - 01:15 AM

A rakatan princess? I don't want to be the one to kiss that mouth.

Hence why she is the villain? A lifetime of being spurned by other sentients has embittered her to seek revenge. Her plans were almost ready when her enemies imprisoned her in a stasis field... but soon her work will begin again and she who was once scorned shall have her vengeance upon the galaxy!

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#16 Col. Orange

Col. Orange


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Posted 16 February 2014 - 06:33 AM

Oskara Seele - Female Twilek Bounty Hunter (Gadgeteer/Survivalist) - practical and survival-oriented (but wishes she wasn't)


Pash Vermouth - Male Hooman Smugglah! (Pilot/Scoundrel) - risk-addicted drunkard with a Han Solo inferiority complex and a shotgun


Manny Kreepto - Male Bothan Colonist (Politico/Thief) - down-on-his-luck ambassador to the Galactic Senate (for one day - yes, that day)


CC-2N8 - Droid Hired Gun (Marauder/soon-to-be-Slicer) - salvaged BX-series battledroid (occasional psychopath, but strangely loyal)


Their ship is the Krayt Fang Ancipital (occasionally named the Wandering Grace Southern Son).

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#17 2P51



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Posted 16 February 2014 - 09:20 AM

Rakaa - Chiss male Scoundrel.


Suro Tucker (aka T14859)- Rogue clone trooper commando.


Saba - Female Hajus BH/survivalist.


Par Janin - Duros male scientist.


Ship- The Spartan Corona


Primary occupation - Trouble makers.

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#18 UHF



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Posted 16 February 2014 - 09:26 AM


A rakatan princess? I don't want to be the one to kiss that mouth.

Hence why she is the villain? A lifetime of being spurned by other sentients has embittered her to seek revenge. Her plans were almost ready when her enemies imprisoned her in a stasis field... but soon her work will begin again and she who was once scorned shall have her vengeance upon the galaxy!


There's no accounting for tastes...




Actually I was planning to make it a Human Princess, who wasn't really human, or a princess.  Think angry doll droid.  The players are dumb enough to fall for this, but the Force Sensitive Marauder may determine that her head is indeed empty of sentient thought.

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#19 kaosoe


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Posted 16 February 2014 - 10:30 AM

Group 1 (A PbP game that I run)


Linus Sol - Male Human Force Sensitive: Emergent/Fringer. He hasn't placed in XP in fringer, and focused mainly on the force sensivity. He potentially is the most lethal one of the group, but the force dice rarely cooperate and he has done a decent job up until this point staying under the radar. He mainly sticks to using move power and his blaster.


Babek - Male Human Mercenary Soldier/Force Sensitive: Exile. Babek has been spending equal attention to both the Merc Soldier and FS:Ex trees. Unlike linus, he focuses on Sense, so his force sensitivity is completely subtle and more passive.


Jazz - Male Human Scoundrel. The face of our group, and played by my wife. It's often joked that Jazz could sell ice to a wampa. Needless to say, Jazz is charming. Jazz has sleeves of tattoos and was on his way to owning the cantina he bartended at until the rest of the group showed up and blew most of it up.


Chir'da - Female Twi'Lek Trader/Fringer. The ship's pilot. She speaks in a southern accent - all my players are from the southern part of the continental United States, so it comes easy - and generally just trying to make a living while being thrown into the madness that Babek and Linus dig up.


Ship: "Beast of Burden" a wayfarer with a hidden past.



Group 2 (Same general set of players but our in person game that just started)

Navik - Male Rodian Mercenary soldier with a penchant for long ranged combat

Allerik - Male Selonian thief. He just started so his dynamic hasn't been set yet.

B-12 - Droid doctor. He mostly flies under the radar.

Jun Wyn - Gand Big Game Hunter. Very flashy action hero type of character. His signature is his hammer shotgun.

Giles - Chiss Politico. A very cold person that uses his talents in intimidation to great effect


Ship: "Raven's Courage" A Loronar E-9 that is very pristine and fresh from the factory. Complete with lens flares.

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#20 Jkilla41



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Posted 16 February 2014 - 10:59 AM

We just finished our first session, using "Trouble Brewing" as a framework for the first story arc.


I'm the GM with a GMPC. (I was asked by the group to play one to give one more PC to the crew)


We have 4 members of our team.


Orin Soulstar - Human Bounty Hunter (gadgeteer) A Correllian with a quick draw and a quicker mouth. (Me)


Adina Keheel - Human Colonist (Doctor) A Noble-born lady of Alderaan, hired on as the Doc of the ship. On the run from her father, needs the crew as much as they need her.


Rom Gant - Human Smuggler (Pilot) A hotshot pilot that can connive his way out of anything. (including Mexican standoffs apparently)


Ghuul - Gand Bounty Hunter (Assassin/FSE/FSEm) A strong force using Bounty Hunter that can, at his most focused, lift a starfighter. (He has no talents yet, spent pretty much all of his starting experience on the two force specs and powers)


Our Ship - The Wampa's Bounty, a Corellian YT-1300 that has seen better years...


Occupation - Whoever and whatever can land us credits.

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