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Flechette Torpedo Speculation

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#21 Rakky Wistol

Rakky Wistol

    The Grey

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Posted 12 February 2014 - 11:24 AM

Even if that's accurate, it's still a one time use torpedo.  It's not like you get to use it over and over.

at 2pts I know a lot of rebel builds that will pack multiples; 2 cost the same as one typical proton torp.  That's if Munitions Failsafe doesn't let you keep it when you miss.  I don't know that interceptors needed to be knocked down...in fact, they were just starting to grasp at competetive playability. 

#22 Sithborg



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Posted 12 February 2014 - 08:27 PM

I'm not quite ready to toss the Interceptors away just yet. You may need to build them a bit tougher, perhaps to be safe. But there are 4 new Elite Talents. Perhaps one will be a better option when stress inducing talents become much more dangerous. I know Predator sounds like it will be a deadly talent. Outmaneuver may be good for the zippy fighters. Hell, Expert Handling seems to grow in value everyday, even on TIEs. But, we are still talking about loading Torpedoes on ship, that aren't Bombers. I think that is a good shift, even if certain ships take a bit of a hit.


Still, I may be putting a Hull Upgrade on my HWKs.

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#23 KineticOperator



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Posted 12 February 2014 - 09:01 PM

No, this will definitely hammer a nail in the forehead of any Interceptor builds, at least as far as tourney builds.  They were already non-viable in that format because there were such hard counters available (esp named YTs), and this will crush those few that could run with even poor levels of success.  Being able to apply a stress, on demand, is far too big a deal.  A "bit" tougher would have to be on the order of 3 shields, just to survive the turn they lose their actions due to stress.


The least expensive Interceptor with any reasonable effectiveness was the Saber+PtL, for 24 points.  With a single 2 point upgrade, any torpedo carrying ship can now murder it.  Yes, yes you still have to get it in arc, but that really isn't that hard if you have played for any length of time, especially on the first pass.  Dutch + anyone, Red, Dagger, any named X, or Y wing.  Ouch.


What you might see is the occasional Alpha squadron, or perhaps Avengers, but paying 30 points for Soontir Fel when he is so terribly vulnerable is not going to be a route towards a consistent competitive build.


JMO, but at 3 hull with no shields you just cannot justify spending 20+ points for an Interceptor when turrets and now Flechettes can make their maneuvering/actions so ineffective.


Then again, maybe one of the other upgrades will salvage the Interceptors.  We will see.

#24 Sithborg



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Posted 12 February 2014 - 09:11 PM

Stay out of firing arcs, or do what many were planning on doing with Carnor Jax anyway, get up in their face at Range 1.


<shrug> Interceptors are risk. Of course, I'm not as sold on the power of PTL as others are, so I'm more prone to try an look at other options. I know I like Lorrir as a bit of a lone wolf pilot.

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