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Chaos Marines as antagonists

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Posted 20 March 2014 - 03:40 AM

With regard to opening post I would suggesst not using Thousand Sons or Alpha Marines.  They get used a lot these days such that any cult plot is bound to be linked back to these guys, particularly Alpha Marines.  It should be a reveal not a forgone conclusion.


Throw a curve ball at the PCs.  Maybe there is a World Eaters marine who can keep his **** together for enough hours in the day to actually think up a long term strategy.


Otherwise go for Deathguard.  They are plain nasty......



The way I reconcile TT with the Universe is this;


1.  The TT is Space Marine centric.  That is why their stats are on the scale of 1-10 only 4 (granted against a lot of things in the game this is great).  This is also why GW push marines so much and they feature so heavily in everything.


2. All WH40K games regardless of points value are important encounters of consequence.  That is why it is fine for a special character to turn up in a 1000pt game featuring only a few models on each side.  Other battles, skirmishes and engagements may have been fought prior to the battle that is actually being fought on your kitchen table, gaming club or whatever. 


3. The army lists and the stats don't necessarily represent the average ability in that army but rather the forces that would be comitted taking into account points 1 & 2


4. A turn is an indeterminant length of time and scale is off.  You can't compare a turn of shooting from a unit to a round of shooting in the RPG.  The WH40K round of shooting might include several rounds in the RPG plus a mixture of called shots, supressing fire and other bits and pieces.


Thus yes a Space Marine army  of 30-40 odd models may have landed down and butchered their way across a rebel guard army but the 1500pt battle you play represents the 70-90 Guardsmen who have the skill, determination, gene-enhancements bionic bits or whatever to take them on.


Basically the TT is accurate to the RPG if you assume that the guardsmen on the TT aren't the normal 'brave boys' of the Guard but infact even trooper #37 if translated into the RPG would have about 14,000xps


Disclaimer: This is how I reconcile the TT with the RPG and the universe in general.  Most people I know disagree with me lol. 

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