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Yet another Dragon expansion way to play.

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#1 DomaGB



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Posted 02 February 2014 - 03:58 AM

So Saturday our 11 hour game we decided to try a new way to play Dragons which was brain stormed by me and a friend, I discussed here elsewhere.
He had an extra Highland expansion. We attached it by the forest, and you could only enter it thru the Ruins space in the Middle region. This would be our Dragon Realm. And yes we played with a regular Highlands expansion as well.
This Dragon realm we only drew Dragon cards. Because of this the 1st half of the game no one went in there til the Minstrel was powerful enough to try.
When landing on a draw space we drew a dragon token and placed it on the space, 2 for draw 2's and so on. Then you drew the colored card to match the tokens. Tokens never changed unless a dragon card or effect changed them, they could not be picked up.
We did not play with the dragon lords as normal. They changed kingship by which ever got drawn last. When Dragon rage was drawn then you applied that lords rage.
We decided the end of the Dragon realm held all 3 lords and you could win by defeating all of them at once or getting to the CoC which we used the new Nether Realm expansion.
Now I don't own Dragon's yet either and please excuse me if I don't know all the real rules, but we used the Dragon board for the center that has draw cards and looked like a building/stairs of wood (?). And we drew Dragon cards in this region as well. However it was,'t until about a half hour of play and a scenario came up when it was asked if more cards were to be drawn due to what the Dragon card said, and I asked what does the space say, then I realized it is not like other regions limiting how many cards are there. So now every time a Dragon card was not beaten the spaces started accumulating cards.
The Minstrel was the 1st up there, but got hit hard on a battle with 2 Craft dragons as his craft wasn't high enough.
There must have been 4 hours of build up in the inner region and lots and lots of cards. eventually the Dark Ritualist was so powerful he would kill a dragon and level up instantly and sometimes gaining 2 craft with each kill due to the characters gifts.
But the dark Ritualist realized he didn't have a Talisman, once again I don't know the rules, but we played you had to have one. My son got pretty strong but not strong enough, went up and was wiped out by the Dark Ritualist with his 2nd character and lost his talisman and he quit the game and went and slept, way past midnite now. So the Ritualist got the talisman and had some card force him to move him into the CoC past several spaces he could have defeated any ways.
See the following for how that went:


RoboRally, then Talisman. That's the way it is... ;)

#2 DomaGB



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Posted 02 February 2014 - 04:03 AM

So, I, who don't like the Dragon expansion, found this method to be very playable and even fun! Even tho we ended up having several main board spaces flooded with dragons as well; Village, Temple, Castle, all targets directly by Dragon cards.


But by the time that happened everyone was well tough enough to deal with them.


I plan on buying dragons and getting a 2nd Highlands and implement this play. And while it is fun and very manageable, I wouldn't play it every game but maybe half my games!


I might try doing the center different, it was a bit extreme, but once a player gets past a certain point, dragons explode their leveling extremely high! They were tough enough to actually fight all 3 dragon lords at once!

RoboRally, then Talisman. That's the way it is... ;)

#3 0beron



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Posted 02 February 2014 - 10:37 AM

The concept itself is interesting and could be altered, probably easily. Basically, some "region" is designated a Dragon realm and play proceeds as you state.

#4 DomaGB



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Posted 02 February 2014 - 03:36 PM

I originally suggested a 2nd main board. My friend pounced on this and suggested the Highlands, and we both thought it very fitting! I just wanted the Dragons contained. I didn't realize there were cards that place other Dragon cards on the Village, temple, and so on. But as I shared, by the time that happened no one was really afraid of them. So they were semi-contained. :)

RoboRally, then Talisman. That's the way it is... ;)

#5 exion



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Posted 03 February 2014 - 10:38 AM

I'd be tempted to try something similar, except with dragon tokens only being drawn by players in the middle region (unless in a space otherwise specifically targeted by a card)... They certainly tend to take over the board too quickly when given free reign to do so...

Using a second highlands board is an interesting idea, though I'm hesitant to buy another copy just to try it. Inspiring stuff though, so I'll certainly start thinking up new house rules now.

#6 DomaGB



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Posted 03 February 2014 - 10:40 AM

We were originally gonna do Dragons only in the Middle Region, but this idea came up.

RoboRally, then Talisman. That's the way it is... ;)

#7 JediKnightAmoeba



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Posted 05 February 2014 - 10:26 AM

I think the key to the Dragon expansion is to only have Dragon tokens drawn on the outer region.  This will force a lot of players into the other realms and make play interesting.  When we play, we use all the expansions and a lot of the time players just go back and forth in the outer region trying to get some boosts with minimal risk.  Having the outer region littered with Dragon items is fun and forces players into the Dungeon, highlands and inner region where risk is much greater.


We recently started using a D10 when we play.  We roll a D10 along with the D6 for movement with the following effects:

1.  Activates the Grim Reaper

2.  Activates the Werewolf

3.  Day/Night Changes

4.  Invokes all cards that turn to be Drawn from Grilipus' deck

5.  Invokes all cards that turn to be drawn from Varthrax's deck

6.  Invokes all cards that turn to be drawn from Cadorus' deck

7-8. Draw a dragon token at the start of your turn and resolve it's effects.  

9.  All cards this turn are drawn from the Nether Deck

10.  You are lucky, no effect this turn!



Because of the cards automatically being drawn from the Dragon decks we do not place Dragon tokens on the board.  Instead, when a Dragon is made dragon king the player that placed the token that made the Dragon King, gets a Dragon Scale and the others are placed back in the pool.  


We have played this way 2 and half times and it really seems to have expedited the game and made it play much smoother-- All the while making all elements of the game feel as a integral part of the game.  Overall, our group enjoys this way of playing!

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