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Idea for a series of missions bridging two or more campaigns

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#1 Chaelek



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Posted 30 January 2014 - 01:06 AM

Hey guys, I've got some guardsmen valiantly killing orkz, but they're starting to get bored, so tell me what you think of this idea...


They're assigned to a Captain for a mission against some dominate forces. This guy's a bit of a unique figure, attached to High Command as an... unconventional warfare officer. Sure, not standard IG tactics, but makes for better game play, I think.


So anyway, they fly in on a valkyrie, and kill some dominate guys who have an outpost in Ork territory. They deal with the traitors, and on the way back, they're shot down and have to fight their way back to friendly territory. The captain starts off hanging back and mostly just advising, but as stuff starts going bad he takes more and more command, until the squad finds themselves operating as almost an extension of his will (only for a very little bit though, else it wouldn't really be much fun). 


Anyway, the regiment is soon transferred to another campaign, entirely against dominate forces. They're sent out to recover a captured imperial operative, and lo and behold, it's the mysterious Captain, who's being tortured by his captors. 


As they break him out, it becomes apparent he's no ordinary guard captain. Somehow, they discover he's an.... duh duh duh... inquisitor. To build up to this, I'll have some scuttlebutt that an inquisitor is involved in the theatre, but have all suspicions point towards someone else.


So after that, he'll occasionally borrow them for missions... not seconding them outright, but using them like Inquisitor Veil used Commissar Cain in the books of the same name, if you guys are familiar with them.


...Anyway, I like the idea of them occasionally getting diverted to destroy a cultist cell, or quash a nascent daemon incursion, in and amongst more mundane missions.


What do you all think?

#2 Askil



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Posted 30 January 2014 - 01:41 AM

Sounds cool to me, maybe it`d be a good idea for that original mission to be a "we can`t risk either of them getting their hands on it." sort of deal (maybe a DAoT arsenal or an STC constructor for idon`t know... baneblade super heavy tanks.)


That way the players will instantly know that this guy thinkson his feet and isn`t afraid to change his objectives (capture to destroy) when the ofdds are stacked aganst him.

#3 ranoncles



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Posted 30 January 2014 - 03:02 AM

Nice but I'd consider two tweaks:


1) Have the inquisitor use someone as a double and make sure the players see the double, not just hear rumours about the presence of an inquisitor. Players like to think they are the centre of the universe and thus would likely think your 'captain' is the inquisitor unless presented with an obvious other.... I'd organize a parade & inspection for the players where the fake inquisitor will inspect the troops...They are to make sure their uniform and equipment is in tip top shape so give them some rolls for spit polishing etc. and perhaps some grief from the quartermaster. Also some rolls for practising proper marching and presenting of arms. And finally throw in a rival squad who will try to make them look bad (e.g. stealing their bayonets, adding bleach to their dress uniforms). As another example, my squad was honoured after a mission by being made flag guards for a parade. Their rival squad stole the flag and they had to quickly get a new flag before the parade started.....


2) When 'taking' direct command, I'd have the inquisitor work through NPC officers/NCO's. For example, first the inquisitor suggests options to the lieutenant, then advices the lieutenant and finally orders the lieutenant. Or have the captain override a superior officer (major, colonel etc.), respectfully but firmly.

#4 Chaelek



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Posted 01 February 2014 - 10:48 PM

Thanks for the advice, I've introduced him without much suspicion, I think. I love the idea of an inspection with rumors of the Ordos being present, and then have this dude in a leather overcoat and looking all broody... with the real inquisitor hanging out somewhere near by. And I've already got an intercompany rivalry that would go well with that. 


Right now he's been injured and is kind of comatose, but I like the idea of a Major or Colonel berating the men for something when they return, and him sort of coming to and basically ordering the officer to stand down, breaking character because he's in a lot of pain. 


Also he currently has a russian accent, so when he reveals himself to be an inquisitor I think he'll start by speaking with a different accent.. just to see if any of the squad can figure out what's going on.

#5 Tenebrae



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Posted 02 February 2014 - 03:26 AM

Also he currently has a russian accent, so when he reveals himself to be an inquisitor I think he'll start by speaking with a different accent.. just to see if any of the squad can figure out what's going on.

Local joke tradition states that Ordo Hereticus speaks with a bad bavarian accent (think Herr flick from 'Allo 'Allo), Ordo Xenos with the most high born elitist upper-class English you can do (UK english!) and Ordo Malleus sound like a parody of a texan oil baron. Feel free to steal this if you need an idea - or ignore if you have a better one :)

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