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What makes this better than a computer game?

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#21 CaffeineAddict



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Posted 30 January 2014 - 12:12 PM

I've always preferred card games and board games to computer games. I dont play them. I work in IT, so I spend a fair portion of the working day staring at screens. So when it comes to games, I'd rather do something else.

#22 Karlson



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Posted 30 January 2014 - 03:33 PM

I've always preferred card games and board games to computer games. I dont play them. I work in IT, so I spend a fair portion of the working day staring at screens. So when it comes to games, I'd rather do something else.

Exactly what I was going to say.  Most of us spend so much our lives in front of electronic screens, whether they be computuers, cell phones, or televisions.  So, it is so nice just to relax with something non-digital that holds a physical presence that you can interact with.  That's one of the main reasons I have really gotten out of video games and into board and card games in the past year.  I can't remember the last time I actually played a video game to be honest, but it's been a while.  I've purchased a handful of board games in the past few months and have had a blast playing them with my lady and even on my own.  I play LotR LCG almost exclusively solo, however, but I absolutely love that.  I take pride in my collection and building decks, playing through quests, etc... Feelings I've never had for a computer or video game.  

#23 Mndela



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Posted 30 January 2014 - 05:46 PM

If you like pc games and lotr lcg, you can join them in octgn :)


Seriously: i always played in pc games but since i found out lotr-lcg, i left the pc and i returned to the real life with the physical cards (well, sometimes into octgn :))

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#24 Noccus



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Posted 31 January 2014 - 04:16 AM

I've played video games ever since I got the NES in the late 80s. Must have turned 12 years old.
Back then gaming on a console was (at least we're I live) very uncommon. Few kids had one.
Anyway, since then I played a lot through the years. Some games really had me hooked.

Some favorites on the NES:
Snake rattle & roll, life force (salamander), contra 1 (probotector), double dragon 2

SNES was my RPGs discovery time:
FF6 (FF3), chrono trigger, secret of mana, Zelda to name a few.

Baldurs gate, unreal tournament 99, Diablo 2, Vanilla WoW.

I state these as my reminder of fond memories. You will all have similar ones with your favorite games.
Now I simply do not have the time, or will to play every day. I'm getting older I think.
As back then I could emerge in a game all day and be happy. Now 1 hour is enough.

Only a few years ago turned back to card/board games because of my buddy.
Did play MtG a lot in the past, but back then I would choose video games, hands down.

Now I enjoy sitting with my mates around the table with lotr lcg & a beer (or rum) and having a conversation.
Today I would choose card/board games.

So for me, it's time/age dependant. And this might very well be true for others here too.
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#25 VladVoivode



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Posted 05 February 2014 - 09:25 AM



I can control Glorfindel, who makes the Nazgul soil their robes.


This is very true.

It is also true that the card game can be played indefinitely whereas you never know how long an online game will be available.


As Cunir says, it would be nice with some more continuity in the card game. I haven't played any of the saga expansions so I don't know about boons and burdens, but it sounds promising.


First off, hello all!! I've been an FFG player and lurker for a few years and finally decided to join the online community. There are lots of brilliant people who have unknowingly helped me through some of FFG's more "arcane" game rules, so, a pint or three for all!


TL;DR: There are no guarantees


This will at first seem tangential but please bear with me as I believe it is germane to the comment about servers shutting down and you are stuck with something you can no longer play.


I am a HUGE fan of Runebound. When I moved to Europe I made certain to pack all of the mini-expansions. When my stuff arrived here three weeks later, these mini-expansions were lost by customs. So, I thought, okay, I'll just order them again. I learned that most are OOP and in addition, those still IN print cannot be bought on FFG's store unless I am in North America. So, I tried eBay and Amazon. The prices for the mini-expansions are INSANELY high. Yes, I have all of the big box expansions for Runebound except for Midnight. But here's the thing: all of those great adventure variants are gone, all of the challenges, etc, offered by the mini-expansions. Runebound unfortunately doesn't allow for mixing and matching from one big box to another. So, I either go bankrupt buying the minis again, or I am stuck with just the single scenario in each big box. I have read pleas of the Runebound section of FFG for reprints of these and the silence from FFG is deafening. Essentially, for me, the server has shut down and for any new players to Runbound.


So now I finally come to LOTR: LCG (hereafter known as LOTR). I have the base game, Khazad-Dhum, and The Heirs of Numenor. In addition I have the minis Hills of Emyn Muil, Foundations of Stone, Road to Rivendell, and The Steward's Fear. My local gaming shop is plagued and infested by Magic The Gathering and board games are largely ignored. So I face a quandary. Because of limited funds, I can only buy a few minis for LOTR at a time, but, FFG could very well discontinue some of these before I get them, thus, shutting parts of the server.


There are no guarantees in board games/card games my friends. I quit physical MTG after - I think - Judgment. Not because the server shut down but because WOTC bans cards, changes rules, etc. It became such a money sink. So I play online in various ways ;). But how many people have wanted board games that are gone? Mage Knight is skyrocketing in price. Owners of first edition Descent have to either buy the conversion kit, or chuck away Descent for the second edition and of course the three (?) new expansions.


I love LCG, CCG, and boardgames, but, they are more of a risk. In PC gaming there is GOG and many great games are available again. With physical games, there is a shark after market.


So a bit of advice folks: knowing what I do have with LOTR, what would you suggest I go for next in the mini packs?




Best to all, 


#26 Noccus



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Posted 05 February 2014 - 12:47 PM

1st, welcome to the community!

Maybe you should consider turning your post into it's own thread?
It can stand fine on it's own legs as a topic.
Just a idea.

As for your question, I would not worry to much about lotr lcg dying anytime soon.
I think it has a growing player base, and they also will finish the lots saga expansions no doubt.

And with mini's you mean APs, as in adventure packs I take it?
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#27 Distractionbeast



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Posted 05 February 2014 - 02:25 PM

I take a balanced approach, since I have financial and time constraints as well.  


I try to pick up the expansions as they come out because they unlock gameplay for the entire upcoming cycle and provide 3 new quests to play through.  After that, I pick and choose which APs I want to pick up, but try to go in chronological order - so I don't run into discontinued products.

#28 VladVoivode



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Posted 05 February 2014 - 07:57 PM

Thanks Noccus and Distractionbeast for your kind replies. 


Noccus, I sometimes tend to get long winded; I'll work on shortening my posts in the future.


Distractionbeast, What's killing me is that I'm not used to a 21% sales tax. One of the reasons I miss America. So, while the APs may cost 14.95, after shipping from Amazon UK - because FFG for some odd reason doesn't ship to the EU, I get hammered on every product.


I guess I'll start with the earliest APs first and work forward.


Thanks again and also thanks for the welcome.

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