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Carapace + Agl Caps

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#21 Alrik Vas

Alrik Vas


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Posted 30 January 2014 - 11:18 PM

I have to agree with Cymbel here.  Gravity is your enemy.  I would give chain the nod on mobility in the short term, but only if the game has turn by turn rules for how tired you get and how that effects you.


Seriously, if you fight for more rounds (in a row) in chain than you have toughness, you should get Fatigued.  It is not condusive to efficient maneuvering.  That doesn't mean you'd get fatigue every turn after, but people couldn't fight for very long in armor.  Moving from one fight to the next, okay, moving to engage a new opponent, sure, but in the constant press you get tired and then you die.


Articulated plate on the other hand was much better for fighting.  technology.  I know the M41 doesn't have a handle on it anymore, but it doesn't mean we have to forget.

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#22 Boss Gitsmasha

Boss Gitsmasha


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Posted 31 January 2014 - 12:15 AM

Then again, barely anyone uses chainmail or plate when you could be wearing good old Guard Flak instead.

"Oomans are pink an' soft, not tough an' green like da Boyz. Dey'z all da same size too, so dey'z always arguin' about who's in charge, 'cos dere's no way o' tellin' c'ept fer badges an' ooniforms an' fings. When one o' dem wants ta lord it over da uvvers, 'e says 'I'm very speshul so'z you gotta worship me', or 'I know summink wot you lot don't know, so yer better lissen good'. Da funny fing is, 'arf of 'em believe it an' da uvver 'arf don't, so 'e has ta hit 'em all anyway or run fer it. Wot a lot o' mukkin' about if yer asks me. An' while dey'z all arguin' wiv each uvver over who's da boss, da Orks can clobber da lot."

#23 Cymbel



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Posted 31 January 2014 - 01:14 AM

Chainmail was the cheap option for a reason, useful, easy to make. And plate was what the rich got because they could afford it. Why would they have spent a LOT more on this option if it wasn't better? Better weight distribution, better protection and snazzier (last point open to discussion).


So while chain mail may have a greater initial mobility, it would possibly drag them longer, but not worth making special rules for it...Agl caps should be adjusted for plate though, it should be at least the level of a normal person when moving around. As it is, I doubt any player using it, even for fluff (especially with the massive penalty on dodge).


Anyways, I still find it weird you can make a do-it-yourself kit of light carapace with roughly the same AP and a bit lighter to boot, but a much higher Aglcap.

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