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How my wife turned imminent defeat...

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#1 chiller087



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Posted 19 January 2014 - 01:03 AM

Into sudden victory: A BotF LS challenge deck experience. Kind of a long post.

So my buddy Jon and I were playing our DS decks against my wife, who was using the LS challenge deck. I was piloting a star destroyer/walker deck with Tarkin and he was using a Sith Control variant. We punched through to the back row and by chance the first objective we pick turns out to be Return to Tatooine, and we cheered! In the next couple of turns we attacked it again and put about 7 damage on the objective and another 7 on Luke, so we're well on our way. She's not using any Old Ben's Spirit craziness for this game.

I play a ton of walkers and star destroyers in that time, and we go in for one last hurrah, cuz my buddy only has one card left in his deck by now and I'm down to 6. She has 2 SpecForces Commandos, Wedge, and Luke as possible defenders. Jon goes in with Palpatine at a middle row objective in an attempt to lock down her two Spec Forces Commandos, because if they get to shoot us, we lose.

She blocks with one Commando and we win the edge. Big team-sigh-of-relief, because at this point we're fairly certain that we, as they say, "got this." Palpatine hands out free tokens. As we're pulling away from the objective and I'm about to push in with all my walkers and star destroyers to finish her off at Tatooine, she reminds us that Palpatine also does blast damage.

"Oh yeah," we say. "Guess we gotta flip it over."

So we do, and it's Front Line Reinforcements. Which she uses to go grab Boushh. Who, when she enters play, turns over another objective. Which turned out to be Rebel Command, removing all the focus tokens we just dished out. The Commando then shoots and kills Palpatine, my teammate is vaporized, I'm down to 2 cards left in my deck thanks to Wedge, and well...suddenly my Star Destroyers don't look all that menacing anymore.

I'd be furious with her if I weren't so proud of her.

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#2 Caal-FR



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Posted 21 January 2014 - 03:27 AM

Nice... You can be proud, she owned you...
But seems to me you kinda owned yourself...
Why not attack Return to Tatooine with all your units, borrowing Palpa from your friend to focus her 2 SpecForce?

#3 chiller087



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Posted 21 January 2014 - 05:31 PM

Cuz I didn't have the hand to win the Edge. She kept quite a few cards back, so we wanted her to blow some in a battle against Palpatine, because Jon had a much better edge hand.  And if she didn't, well, easy tokens.  At least, that's what we thought...

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