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Touring Performance with Other Expansions

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#1 BenEggler



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Posted 17 January 2014 - 03:17 PM

So, I'm about to go to one of my friend's houses and (of course) bring my Arkham set. I was thinking of having us play The King in Yellow's touring performance for our first time, but this made me start to wonder: have any of you tried these rules for any of the other expansions?


In case you don't know them, these rules basically state that you take all the cards from an expansion set, shuffle them, and place them on TOP of the vanilla decks. This makes it so you play with solely new cards until you run through them and start dipping back into old cards.


I understand that the reason The King in Yellow has this is probably because it's very thematic with those cards and designed in a way for it to be done effectively. But has anyone tried this with another expansion? Maybe just with the Arkham/Other World encounter/Mythos cards?


Looking at The King in Yellow's items, it looks incredibly difficult to play a solid game without using items from the base game.


Anyways, I just wanted to get some discussion going and see if anyone has tried this! :)

#2 Dr.Faust



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Posted 17 January 2014 - 04:09 PM

From what I understand, the Touring version is a monster. You are really asking for pain when you play it like that, though I play a variation with it (and most expansions) to help make it interesting without losing the cards (heh) in the shuffle.


I separate the two piles for any given expansion and then, when its time to draw from the deck, whatever it may be, I roll a single die and dictate which deck is 'Even' and which is 'Odd'. This way, you still have a chance of getting a pull from either old or new AND can play the 'Touring' version with any expansion. The only thing I don't do this with is items, but everything else, like the Lurker's Gates, big board Mythos etc I use this rule.

#3 BenEggler



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Posted 17 January 2014 - 05:26 PM

I used to play by rolling a die like that, as well. Honestly though, I've just learned to shuffle my cards even better than before. I'll disperse a Mythos deck from an expansion evenly throughout the vanilla Mythos cards and then shuffle after that for a while. It mixes things up perfectly. I really like the feeling of drawing a card from one deck and anticipating where the gate will pop up, opposed to rolling a die and being able to narrow it down before you draw a card. I definitely understand that appeal, though.


Yeah, I've heard the Touring version of TKiY is brutal. That's why I want to do it so bad! Hah. I LOVE getting my butt kicked by Arkham. It makes every win that much more satisfying.

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#4 Julia


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Posted 17 January 2014 - 06:24 PM

Weeeelll... Not all expansions work properly when played in touring style. For instance, Innsmouth has Mythos opening gates only on the Innsmouth board, so normal playstyle is almost impossible (you can try a victory by closing by coordinating properly the investigators, though, but still, no big fun).


As for KiY, yeah, touring is brutal, but if know a little what you're doing and you pick up Ashcan, you should beat it consistently (once I played a League Scenario requiring it; Darrell + Ashcan provided me enough resources to simply crash the game despite Hastur's will). Be confident, remember how the Mythos deck is build, and go for it!

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