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Best Combos for Runewars

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#1 The Death

The Death


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Posted 25 December 2013 - 08:06 PM

Hello, I am a huge fan of runewars and have played really a lot of games and have figured out some nice combo's. I hope that we share here some good techniques for enhancing our runewars skills,


I like playing a lot with commander cards for generals ans seek them for my strategies. Sorry for my english mistakes, I am from Chile, a spanish speaking country.


Letary Elves, fast kill. I love combining Leonx riders upgraded with predator's will with lots of archers. If you manage as well to get the hero card Zealous fanatic your first line of archers attack as rectangles and the you have hexagon leonx riders. Some pegasus come pretty nice as well.


Humans, Love this faction for defense. If you have a stronghold with development (+2 strength), a rune tokken in the área with the "commander of the warrior's guild (for the +2 strength bonus) and hopefully a hero with a huge wisdom stat with the commander card Zealous fanatic (specially recomended is Landrec the wise for his ability that practically makes him inmune to duels, he has a 4 score that can be enhanced to 6 with his training) you can get without counting units from 9 to 15 strength (depending on your luck with fate cards) this can make a huge army to retreat and then you can make a nice counter attack to routed units.


Undeads, Dark knights attack, Experience playing runewars have teached me that hexagons are mostly useless (unless you wan't to demotivate an adversary or intimidate him), this is not true with dark knights if you combine them with a commander with the card flanking chargem that allows them to attack before the first round of combat. It can even be usefull to buy them their upgrade (horror riders) since you can win a battle before the first round with their special ability with no limits. You can also combine it with unholy ballistics (archers fight as squares with initiative 2) and liches (for recruiting archers). You would basically do, first dark knights, then liches for recruiting archers, and then squared fighting archers attack. This is a technique for making the usually slow undead faction attack faster and with lots of srength.


Uthuk, I like this faction, is very offensive, specially with an early use of the desert of Yllan and the titles of the merchants. For fighting I love the combination of infernus upgraded warlocks with frenzy upgraded berserkers, wich can be also combined with a commander using teh zealous fanatic (either for warlocks or berserkers). Also some flesh rippers can be Handy for extra hp if they are lucky.


This are mainly fighting combo's, I know there are plenty of them and know some more but would love that we start sharing some of them in order to enhance our abilities.


Best regards to all of you!


The Death

#2 Budgernaut


    The Uncanny One

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Posted 07 January 2014 - 11:41 AM

Thanks for posting! I'm looking forward to trying out the undead combo!

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--Count Dooku

#3 The Death

The Death


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Posted 23 January 2014 - 08:04 PM

The other day, playing a game I had enough luck to start with the udead combo. You should have seen the face of the poor attacker when he realized that my Dark nights acted before and routed 6 of his units. I also realized that this Works very well with vampires since they can use their special ability (which is almost never activated).


I would like to encourage you all to share some tactics here in order to enhance our gaming experience.

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#4 Zaltyre



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Posted 10 February 2014 - 10:38 AM

I hadn't considered using Flanking Charge with the Dark Knights- that's ruthless! However, I'm a big fan of combining Unholy Ballistics with Liches. Without Liches, Unholy Ballistics looks like a moderate trade - slower, but heavier archers. Once you've got Liches, though, the initiative 2 change allows you to raise undead archers first, and then attack with them before moving on to initiative 3, which is much faster than waiting for reanimates.

I've never gotten deserts of Y'llan to work that well for me, but for the Uthuk, I'm a supporter of Blood sisters with the upgrade to allow 2 for every one recruited. Wonderfully abundant cannon fodder, especially if you get to use some special abilities. 

#5 The Death

The Death


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Posted 27 February 2014 - 04:40 PM

Come on! nobody else have any good combination for attacking? here is another for the undead, usually its very hard to use the vampires special ability, since it requires a circle or  triangle units to be routed. You may combine them with razor wings that rout with special abilities (since it is likely for oponents to rout circle or triangle units since they are  weaker. Also having nara the fang to start with one rout can help. I think we can share some good tactics and enhance our gaming skills!!!

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