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Re-Developing List: The Baron's Magic Space Bus

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#21 Revanchist



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Posted 19 February 2014 - 03:14 PM

I would prefer DC, just because Backstabber can draw a lot of aggro early on. As you said, the loss of Fel is deadly to the strategy, but if the game can be limped along afterwards, DC will be much more useful IMO.
Imperial: 5 TIE/ln, 1 TIE/adv, 5 TIE/in, 1 TIE/sa, 2 TIE/d, 1 TIE/ph, 1 Firespray-31, 1 Lambda
Rebel: 3 X-wing, 1 Y-wing, 2 A-wing, 2 B-wing, 1 E-wing, 2 Z-95, 1 HWK-290, 1 YT-1300

"History is on the move, Captain. Those who cannot keep up will be left behind, to watch from a distance. And those who stand in our way will not watch at all."

#22 Kelvan



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Posted 19 February 2014 - 03:51 PM

With all the focus on Great White Space Bisons and Tie Advanced lately, I had to take a look at an old list but a good list:

Baron's Focus: http://community.fan...t-barons-focus/

And upgraded it to:
Soontir Fell + PTL + Stealth= 33
Omni+ Gunner + Engine Upgrade = 30
Nightbeast= 15
Dark Curse= 16

Clocking in at 94pts we have some room for improvements!

Originally this list was focused on focusing and had a Firespray BH as the big ship but I need something to block and take a beating and the BH with a recon specialist was more of a big dogfighter than a space Anvil. Ideally, I want my opponent to focus on/around this anvil and get lit up from some unexpected places.

---The little guys that do heavy lifting- they are kinda like roadies---

The named ties:
Nightbeast- often able to evade and focus on the same turn for more survivability than expected and the ability to barrel roll for positioning and still snag a free focus means the Beasty is more maneuverable than expected as well. You can't have a pilot error while using him or you do waste his extra points over an Academy. One upgrade option coming soon is the targeting computer. I don't know that giving a basic tie TL is really that useful but it could work here.

Dark Curse- Everyone's favorite thorn in everyone elses side. Throw on a stealth device and, unless it's a lucky one shot, the curse will produce many curses from your opponent. He's here to make the obvious attack choice the shuttle (Fell with 4-5 agility, double focus, and an evade- if you even have a shot on him, this guy, and that other tie with a focus and evade token= Kill the albino void manatee). Use him as a mini anvil to crash your opponents into and don't worry too much about him. If they are shooting at him (and likely wasting shots) then your real hitters are living longer. Shares point cost with Backstabber

Backstabber- There are 2 reasons I don't put backstabber in this list. 1)he costs 1pt too much to include along side Dark Curse. 2) Backstabber Draws more hate fire than pretty much any other cheap ship and I want my opponent killing the shuttle not my offense.

So the real question about these three is Who would you choose and why? And would you upgrade any of them? Stealth on DC is great until it's not. Both other named ties could benefit from a targeting computer. Heck, you could take both the offensive minded ties and a targeting computer for both.

Honorable mention: Mauler. A high PS 4 dice capable offensive threat is seldom a bad idea. Again, he draws some hate fire AND costs more so I would need to see a pretty compelling argument to include him here.

---The Magic- He drives this bus!---

Fell is just awesome offense and crazy maneuverability. Your opponent will know this and either prioritize (meaning you spend the game driving him crazy by rolling/boosting out of arcs and taking evade + double focus all day) or ignore him (4 red dice all day). The original build made this a lose lose choice with the BH.

You have points to improve his awesomeness here. You could give him a targeting computer (which I have wished I had 1-2 times recently) or a shield with the Imperial Title coming up. Neither of those are bad upgrades but making your biggest offensive threat (and priority target unless flown well) even more of a point sink seems to be counter productive.

Fell will kill more ships than the rest of the list combined -or- make sure your secret weapons have free reign to ruin your opponents day.

---The "meat" of the build- The Anvil---
Originally a Bounty Hunter with Recon Specialist now a Pale Orbital Bison. The latter has the benefit of costing less than the former and seeming like an easier target while still throwing out 3-4 die while taking a beating and is upgradeable with a number of fun tricks.

Your choice for upgrades here is difficult. Vader seems like obvious choice for a list bringing this much offense otherwise all shooting before the bus but the primary goal of this ship in this list is to take fire and take a lot. Crew that require actions are out because you'll be boosting.

Modifications are numerous: Fire Control system ensures more TL/gunner shenanigans. Advanced sensors ensures you're actions are available and creates some extra fun with boost b4 move. Anti-pursuit lasers can be good but I havn't liked them over other options. An extra shield or hull could very well mean taking an entire other attack to bring down. An upgrade to Yorr helps the rest of your list stay mobile and in the fight.

So that's the list. And the options. Any I missed? What would you fly and why on your trip upon Baron Fell's Magic Space bus?

Backstabber>Dark Curse 95% of the time...


in this build your offense is:


Fel, Omni, Nightbeast, Dark Curse

Your Defense is:

Fel, Dark Curse, Omni, Nightbeast


With backtabber:



Fel,Omni, BS, NB


Fel, Omni, NB, BS


Backstabber being shot is great... I will say it again GREAT!! Because he costs 16 points and isn't soontir or your omni. Backstabber is a better defensive ship for your list than just about any other tie... plus he tends to do more offense.

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#23 Rakky Wistol

Rakky Wistol

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Posted 19 February 2014 - 04:17 PM

I was begining to lean that way myself.  Certainly looks easier than Fel, Omni/BH, or NB with focus/evade.  I think he adds a whole lot of offense for not much of a loss of defense and dictates play rather than responds to it. 

#24 Rakky Wistol

Rakky Wistol

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Posted 20 February 2014 - 01:54 PM

Played the original (Baron's Focus) today but put in Turr and a seismic instead of Fel.  Doesn't add much to the list. But another win over rebel {scum}. 


Turr encourages the opponent to focus on the hard to hit ties and the beefy BH by just disallowing shots on him where Fel would still catch a random shot here and there and just evade it.  Not sure if that's a good thing for this list.


I love Seismics on BH's though.  Opponents can't help but chase em when thier other option is trying to keep up with ties and interceptors.


The Turr change on the Magic Space Bus is interesting though as it gives you 2 more points to play with and that unlocks some potential. 

#25 Kaimuund



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Posted 20 February 2014 - 03:47 PM

Is making the shuttle a 'buzzsaw shuttle' an idea? 


I believe that is Gunner, FCS, Engine Upgrade


Its an expensive Albino Great Planes Buffalo, but when you whiff, Target Lock, Shoot again and then make those double turns and fly right into the other players business from the wings, it'll be worth it. 


So, put the White Rhino up one side, the three compadres up the other side, then swing them both in to strike?


Other option might be to put Antipursuit lasers on the Great White Whale, pushing it into the middle of their ugliness. 


Just some thoughts. No argument on Soontir. He and I are BFF's. As an Imperial Player, he sings loudest in most of my lists, with a kill count thats better than any ship I've flown, even the vicious Kath Scarlet Cowgirls (which are phenomenal by the way. (Nothing like Gunner, Marksmanship, with an ion cannon white buffalo wing man, any EVERYONE has stress.)

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#26 Rakky Wistol

Rakky Wistol

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Posted 20 February 2014 - 04:52 PM

Absolutely, the original list has 4 pts to play with so FCS + Intel agent is the most common.  Turr instead of Fel brings the points available up to 6...but then we're looking at a massive shift rather than a variant list. 

#27 Rakky Wistol

Rakky Wistol

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Posted 21 February 2014 - 06:03 PM

Ok... so settling on the Base list for Baron's Magic Spacebus:


Fel + Stealth + PTL

Omni + Engine + FCS + Gunner

Backstabber + Stealth


#28 SoulCrusherEx



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Posted 21 February 2014 - 06:31 PM

if u have exact 6 points left to use then get 3 stealthes on ure named ties just sayin u cant have enough stealth !!!




Rebel: hmmm i have a baaaad feeling abouth *gets shot*


Dark Curse: this.... yes... he-he-he-heeeee...

Imperium: 7 Tie Fighter, 3 Tie Advanced, 12 Tie Interceptors (4 aces boxes included) 3 Tie Bomber and 3 fire sprays, 1 Tie Defender, 2 Tie Phantom, 1 Lambda Shuttle, 1 V49 Decimator
Rebels:  1 B-wing, 1 Z-95, 2 Hwk290,
Pirates: 3 Firesprays, 3 Y- Wings, 7 z-95, 2 HWK 290

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