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What's the most awesome stuff from "your Expanse"?

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#21 darkforce



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Posted 11 December 2013 - 05:35 PM

Guess that'd be...


The Door

exploring the Ruins on Naduesh, the players suddenly found a Emperor-class Titan-sized door of and unknown material. They weren't Equipped to break it, but what's inside must surely be valuable, or dangerous, or both... only I know  :D


The Totally not-blatantly-ripped off of various Anime-characters inquisitor and her totally not ripped off from even more cliches and references Team


Good old Selvaria Bles used to be the Inquisitor for my Dark Heresy group and has become a recurring character throughout all of my 40k-Campaigns. She usually doesn't give a ****, having the audacity to simply go and have a picnic in a warzone, which then gets interrupted by a Warlord-Class Chaos Titan she then boards and destroys for "giving her tea a bad taste.". Oh, and she loves tea, operating in the Expanse mostly to find the most rare and exquisite flavours. Her Ship has a greenhouse for that reason.


Her trusty killing-machine Ahab Grey with twice the firepower of an Eversor-Assasin but unfortunately ten times the witty comments of one. Loves dual-wielding shotguns linked to a backpack-ammo supply cause sometimes you just need a memorable badass for those Cutscenes.


Xanathos Diercker, another killing-machine, but also a Mechanicus-Priest. Glued two Plasmacannons to his back who are controlled by his trusty companion and machine spirit Wilfried, who "Is nice enough to keep my back free while I'm working"


Zarkov Wollsey, her Psyker-Pet. Very old and always pissed, constantly calls other people fools (not his boss though, cause that'd be rude)


Frank Stein loves dissecting stuff... Xeno-Biologist and for whatever reason a decent Pilot. He also glues the parts back together sometimes, which is usually quite gross.


Nicolas Irving cares for the spiritual well-being of the group (didn't work out that well with Frank though). He also carries a huge Aquila with him, filled with Boltguns and Flamers, "For when a Heretic needs smiting"


Miria Cortez is the personal secretary of Selvaria, who is usually too busy drinking tea to mind her schedule. Miria doesn't talk much (the many tea parties got her traumatized probably) and for some reason always manages to avoid any danger ever. 


Victtris Quinn, another desk-hero. Boring, plain, always arriving late to briefing, loosing his papers, etc. But that doesn't matter, since he seems to have swallowed the whole effin' Black Library. After reading all those books, of course.


created that team for Dark Heresy as enjoyable NPCs (got a lot of positive feedback, luckily :) ) and am now too attached to them to simply stop using them.


The Tau-Suit

Yeah, I gave my players a XV8 Crisis-Suit. Archmilitant's player had Birthday, so "have something nice, here you go." Only service it saw was against the players though, since he didn't want to use it before the problem of ammunition was solved. Ship was boarded by Chaos-Forces, who found the thing and less qualms about using it, so it ended up destroyed.

Also, there's someone out in the Expanse who must have taken it there in the first place^^ 

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#22 CaptainStabby



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Posted 11 December 2013 - 06:02 PM

Boarding a raider to find that instead of a command throne on the bridge they had a command hot tub. (Slaanesh cultists, ew).

#23 Magnus Grendel

Magnus Grendel

    The Empire Needs You!

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Posted 12 December 2013 - 07:54 AM




- Also here are some latin phrases I have made up which we use in the campaign at various points:


Insufficientia Gubernare - Insufficient governance, an invocation high-ranking Imperial authorities can use to declare a planetary government ineffectual. Often used by Rogue Trader's to reorganize worlds before they descend into "anarchy". 


Gloria Imperator Eternum - Eternal glory tot he Empire, a phrase which dates back to the period immediately following the Horus Heresy, and the title of a particularly popular mass often favored by local nobility.


Certamine Capax Personarum - Combat capable Personnel, an ancient phrase which is used as an all call across ships which bear warriors from various military, religious, governmental, and private organizations. Generally used during boarding actions or all-out planetary landings.


Tene Tuus Natibus - Hold on to your butts, a phrase pilots use as an invocation to the machine-spirit of their craft before taking off, especially common with those who pilot a craft capable of carrying passengers.


I just have to add this:


"qui p*nis aquam turbat" - its meaning translates to ... ekhem: who is behind this?!




If you want another High Gothic Phrase, then one used in an old Inquisition novel is "Triple D":


Per Auctoritas Digamma Decimatio Duodecides


This is the formal first line of an official, sanctioned exterminatus order. "Triple D" situations - supposedly standing for 'Doom, Death and Destruction" is a common "it's all gone to ****" shorthand for mid-ranking inquisitorial acolytes who aren't senior enough to know what it really stands for. The ones who do, tend not to find it funny anymore...

#24 Alasseo



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Posted 13 December 2013 - 05:48 AM


Endural Freeport: A bulbous cylinder 32.5km long and 6km in diameter, with large docking arrays at either end (referred to as 'Northport' and 'Southport'). The main body of the station is divided into 30 sectors, from north to south, each separated by a "transfer section", with 5 decks arranged from the core to the outer hull.
Despite its' size and advanced nature, there are no artificial gravity generators anywhere aboard. Instead, thanks to advanced magnetic bearings and motor systems, each sector and deck is capable of rotating independently of every other sector/deck to give the illusion of whatever gravity is required. As a result, the only means of travelling between decks are the ladders and lifts in the transfer sections between sectors, as these, the docking arrays and the station's core remain in free fall. There are small craft bays in the transfer sectors, but full-on starships that wish to dock must do so at either Northport or Southport. Either port is capable of handling up to 6 ships simultaneously, although only 3 of them may be cruiser-sized or larger at any one time.
Using a transfer section requires moving fast enough in the appropriate direction that the sector you wish to enter is appears stationary relative to you (and vice-versa with the section when leaving). There are a number of flatbed electric vehicles available in all sections and sectors to make this easier, although many of the station's inhabitants appear to prefer to run. Using a transfer section is understandably risky, particularly if the sector is spun up to a high gravity, or on one of the inner decks, and there are always a few accidents among people who misjudge the transfer and slam into a bulkhead (or someone else) at high speed. This is considered an (occasionally fatal) faux pas.
The station has very few rules about who gets to visit, welcoming trade and business from anyone, of almost any species. However, members of the Adeptus Mechanicus are warned that attempting to "salvage" or study too intently the bearing and motor systems will result in the offender being used as fuel for the station's plasma reactor. Members of the Scholastica Psykana are restricted to the outer docking arms (in theory, all psykers are, but many people have trouble picking them out if not dressed in the robes of the Psykana). The only other restrictions are- no weapons that could cause serious damage to the station, no bioweapons, the station's neutrality is to be respected, and no trying to avoid paying your bills.


Where? Sustained by who? Factions? Why? Who built it? 

This seems very contrary to STC layouts and so probably wouldnt have AdMech support and also I don't see why it wouldn't get some attacks from Orks and Rak Gol, or even Iniquity pirates).


Maybe built by a lost human colony that no longer exist? Or that has been lost? The long gone original owners of Naduesh?


Well, as originally envisaged, it was human, pre-Imperial, and that explained the design. However, then I found a couple of references to Imperial structures that used spinning to create gravity, during the Great Crusade (one was in the process of being shot to pieces by astartes because the inhabitants were not and almost could never be Compliant, the other was a rich-man's asteroid retreat in the Sol system). Neither were treated as anathema by the Mechanicum.

Coupled with the fact that not everyone in Footfall can afford to have gravity in their habitat, and that humans do not do particularly well if forced to live in freefall for a prolonged period (at least, not if they ever want to go anywhere with gravity), and the O'Neill cylinder becomes a technically elegant, if technologically obsolete design for someone wanting to set up a self-contained port without spending exorbitant amounts on gravity generators and their maintenance.

Which is a long way of saying "I stripped out much of the original notes as they are under revision".

Your point about attackers is well taken; I had originally included a number of radically off-bore weapons delivery systems in the ports (consider it the equivalent of 4 keel-mounted Jovian Missile Batteries, and maybe 2 keel-mounted torpedo components, maybe 3-4 tubes per port?), plus point defence stations along the length of the station mounted on the rotating sectors. I guess that got stripped out as well for revision.


I deliberately left "where" out of the description as that is not massively important, with the proviso that it is in a star system, and not in Imperial space, since a fair few of their regular customers would be on the Imperial Navy's "shoot on sight" list, and/or the Inquisition's "Ask questions later". For reference, however, I put it on the Rimward by Trailing edge of Winterscale's Realm, in a system with plenty of metal- and mineral-rich asteroids, with one technically habitable planet (no solid ground beyond a few small coral islands. Lots of water, lots of fish, lots of seaweed, and that's about it), several airless rocks and a gas giant.


It's maintained primarily by the resources available in-system, although that is little more than subsistence (try the sushi whisky...or not), so much of the fees it levies on visitors are in the form of foodstuffs and entertainment supplies (like alcohol). Mostly it offers a neutral port to meet and trade. Even the worst slaves of the Archenemy have to go somewhere to pick up supplies they need and offload loot they can't use, after all.


Everything else... under revision, with the notes on another computer, or would constitute spoilers for my players, who do come to these boards now and then.

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