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Initial Impressions for King in Yellow

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#1 Wolfgar



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Posted 03 December 2013 - 05:03 PM

So I recently picked up the King in yellow expansion and played a solo game with it. Some thoughts.


I initially decided to play with the Herald with hastur as the AO, but then thought maybe that would be too cliched, so I decided to pick an Old One at random. I picked...Hastur. I guess the game was trying to tell me something. Investigators were Gloria, Carolyn, Jenny, and Sister Mary.


I really like most of the new items. Nothing seems too overpowered, or too weird, while still being unique. The Cursed Sphere became a power player for me during the game; giving that to Carolyn proved extremely effective. Sadly I didn't get to try any of the new spells do to a poor shuffle, but they looked interesting and maybe a good move from some of the more dissapointing spells in the base game.


When it comes to the Yellow Sign tokens, I'm not sure if there is a good reason to put them on the Terror Track. I had to put down two at one point, and I decided I would split them since it seemed a shame to not actually use any of the Blight cards. I wound up with Doyle Jeffries starting riots across town which pinned in all my investigators and could have resulted in even more terror had I not been lucky rolling. This leaves me to wonder if it's ever really a good idea to add Yellow Signs to the Terror Track instead of to Doom.


I had Act One come up, but that's as far as the play got, fortunately. Apparently there had been too many delays.


I eventually won by close. Overall it seems like a good set, although all be interested in seeing ALL of it.

#2 Julia


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Posted 03 December 2013 - 06:43 PM

Congrats for getting the KiY on your table :)


Some observations: 99.9% of objects are great. Well balanced, interesting, different from the usual stuff. All but Press Pass. That object is really broken (especially considering its price)


As for the Blights: some are terrible, some are not-so-terrible, but it really depends on the AO you're against and the expansions in play if it's better adding doomers or having the terror rising; I always go with the second one, but in a core game plus KiY, a couple of extra doomers shouldn't hurt.


And agreed, no reason to put the yellow sign tokens on anything. I usually use them as spare tokens to track stuff (ongoing effects for rumors, keeping tally of successes in FB, and so on)

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#3 The Professor

The Professor


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Posted 03 December 2013 - 07:56 PM



      Having played more than 50 games with the King in Yellow (along with all other expansions in the mix), I echo Julia's comments that all of it is simply outstanding!  While you'll appreciate the Act cards now, later when you get Miskatonic Horror, you'll find that they take on a whole new relevance and malevolence.  I do like the Press Pass, so I won't share the sentiment with my Italian friend.   ;)


     As to the Yellow Signs...it's a matter of which AO against which you're playing.  If it's Yig, you don't have a lot of spare room, so onto the Terror Track for me and swallow hard at the next Blight card.  If it's Cthulhu...Doom Track all the way baby!




The Professor




#4 CrusherJoe



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Posted 03 December 2013 - 08:57 PM

This week we had two Blights and thought, ok no big deal.  Then a third broke the seal on one of only two gates we'd fought so long for. 


Physically putting down the Yellow Sign token though, is purely for bookkeeping.  During the after game post-mortem and blame-throwing you can look and see exactly who was responsible for what effect.  It helps us to remember what we went through.

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