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Space marines and the Machine Cult

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Posted 01 January 2014 - 01:54 AM

Mostly, I still gripe about the loss of the C'Tan as cool, rather than yet another Chaos harnesses daemons angle, and the backstory that went with it, but mostly the loss of the Pariahs is what I whine about the most. Those things said, the one isn't a huge loss, as the C'Tan are still cool, and the Pariahs, while gone, could easily be slapped together in a game of DW. The Subhekar Dynasty isn't the ONLY one out there, even just in the Reach, and any other one might have had some "special project prototype" unit they had been working on. I made a Melfina for RT, a Necron who can see into the warp, to keep an eye on the enemy, so it wouldn't be at all hard to make a higher-end Necron, add the Untouchable template to it, give it the cool weapon, and run with it.

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Dr. Quinn


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Posted 15 July 2014 - 10:34 PM

And speaking of Necrons, the Necromancer spoke his arcane magics, and raised this thread from the dead!


(Seriously, though this thread is old, it's nowhere near as ancient as the Necrons, hope it's ok)


So, two topics of interest in this thread, a rarity for sure:

1) Techpriests.  The way that I see it (matters of interpretation and all) is that the reason they don't see the Emperor as a God is because they know better.  Their own lore expressly tells them that they are the chosen sons, born of remnants of his own geneseed.  Tough to believe that your own 'father' or however you want to perceive that is a diety.  Not impossible, but hard.


Conversely, for technology mostly they *don't* know better.  Obvious exceptions exist like the Iron Hands and Salamanders etc, but in reality, most of those exceptions, and especially the Iron Hands, buy into the religious aspect of technology More, not less.  The reason anything works is because they do the things told to them by those who indicate that there is a greater power at play, and they not only have no information to the contrary, they have no reason to look for any.


In terms of history, it's like finding a knife labelled World War I on the blade.  You know it's a fake, not only because they called it the "great war", but also because they had no reason to believe there would be a second.  There would not be mission reports or records of machines working properly without the appropriate rites, because if they worked properly, there is nothing to report, and if there are no rites, there is similarly nothing to report, they had no way of knowing of future rites being an issue.


Secondly, it currently works.  They leave the Ecclesiarchy alone, despite many players believing they are responsible for the stagnation and presumed eventual death of mankind, and despite absolutely no positive benefit.  Why?  It's not worth their time, they have other fish to fry.  Even if they did have cause to believe the machine cult was full of it, and I maintain again they would not have such cause, it wouldn't change that the worst relationship they would maintain is a carefully cultivated non-aggression, and since the efforts of the machine cult are actively and vitally needed in maintaining their vehicles, titans, and other items of war, it behooves them more to cultivate friendship, or at minimum cordial ties.  Why would anyone ever, out of the blue, start antagonizing recognized allies, for no discernable benefit?


In terms of the necrons:  I agree with almost everything currently said.  At least there's still the tyranids.  In terms of existing canon, though, look back not just to why they "hibernated" in the first place, but before then, to why they were strolling across the galaxy in the first place, and the new fluff is not excessively incompatible with the old.  They were also an inferior threat compared to the tyranids (albeit a very different one), and not excessively popular in sales.  Taking them in the direction they did only makes sense, and I see nothing personally drastically wrong with it.

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