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So how about this bomber list

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#181 IvlerIin



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Posted 05 January 2014 - 08:15 PM

That's why I also suggested Howlrunner with Swarm or Leader. I was under the impression that you picked up Backstabber for the +1 Attack once the "furball" started. Howl's re-roll once all Ordinance was used would be better support than Backstabber's Additional Dice. (arguably the extra dice is more beneficial for sniping hurt targets from outside the arc.)


Howl with Swarm would make up for the lack of PS on the Scimitar. And since it's not an action the lack of a 1 straight could be made up for by just ramming her into the back of one of your bombers and still hand-off pilot skill.


Anyways if the plan is use Backstabber as a target distraction / Sniper I'd use the build layout you posted.

If it was a tight formation layout plan I'd use mine in a packed formation they'd need to choose who to focus fire on: Howl, Jonus, or one of the bombers.

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#182 sunny ravencourt

sunny ravencourt


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Posted 06 January 2014 - 11:33 AM

The assault missiles seem swarm specific.  In tourneys, you do see a lot of swarms, but I'm just not thrilled with using them for that sole purpose.


Proton torps are awesome, but they're a rare card outside of core sets.  A wings and Y's.  No imps.  So I have 3 I think?  I am supplementing in concussions.


Clusters are very VERY nice if you get the jonus boost, but if not, they're kinda awful against good defensive ships. 


I think I'm going to mix in protons and clusters.  I KNOW that I can get the cluster off early because my formation will still be solid with Jonus, after that, I don't want them. 


I really love the bombers.  I think they're going to be my thing for a while.

#183 swampthing



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Posted 09 January 2014 - 06:13 AM

I flew these two squads last night so just wanted to check in.

first game
Howlrunner /squad leader
Jonus / veteran instincts/ proton bomb
Gamma / cluster/ concussion
Gamma / cluster/ proton torp
against x2 blue w/ advanced sensors
Gold w/ ion
Green w/ PTL / assault

close game but victory for me with two ships left.

Howlrunner w/ SQUAD LEADER
Jonus w/ Seismic
Gamma w/ cluster/ concussion/ seismic
Gamma w/ cluster/ proton torp/ seismic

Lando w/niem numb/ navigator/expert handling
X 2 blue w/ advanced sensors

again victory for me but even closer as Lando handed off a lot of actions to get the blues out of range or arc and often barrel rolled denying my missiles. This time I had two ships left again but badly damaged.
seismics came in very handy.

I feel I may have been fortunate to face such low PS ships but the overall ease of flying only four ships was a good feeling.
This squad although funny looking initially does provide a pretty powerful alpha strike and options in almost any situation.

I intend to test it more, here are my thoughts for posdible changes, thoughts?

1) drop the seismic on Jonus for Swarm Tactics
2) drop the seismic on Jonus to give both Gammas assault missiles in place of concussion and torp
3 drop seismic and get one asssult and either vet instincts or determination on Jonus
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#184 phild0



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Posted 09 January 2014 - 11:00 AM

Cool squads Swampthing, I will likely try some variation of those. How do you like it compared to a 3 Gamma + Jonus list? Or have you tried Howl, Jonus, 3 Scims with clusters/concussions? I might like the 5 ships.

My current focus has been making a 3 bomber + 1 Shuttle list. I've tried a few combinations, this one I've flown a couple times:

Jonus + Squad Leader
Scimitar + Assault
Scimitar + Cluster
OGP + HLC + Advanced Sensor + EuP

I lost both games, one to:
Ibtisam + Ion cannon (maybe adv sensor)
Roark + ion turret (maybe more)
Rookie Pilot x 2

This one was close. My formation has been 2 Scims side by side, Jonus to one side and slightly back, shuttle facing towards the bombers, ready to 2 turn or bank in. I'd then bump the shuttle into the Scims at need, having some flexibilty with all PS 2. Alpha strike went well, it came down to one Rookie and the shuttle, both at low life, I just couldn't get the proper angle for a finishing blow.

Next game against:
Blue Squadron + Advanced Sensor x 2
Blue Squadron + Ion Turret

This game, opponent took out the shuttle first, though not without great some pain as he waded through the bombers. If the shuttle had survived one more attack, the game could have ended differently. Came down to 3 B Wings, 2 wounded in some fashion, vs 2 Bombers. One well placed ion cannon shot later, and it was game.

Overall, I am not sold on putting the HLC on the shuttle. It dished out plenty of damage with Jonus rerolls, but not enough power was given to the bombers to finish the game.

I will now try something like this:
Jonus + Squad Leader
Scimitar + Concussion + Cluster
Scimitar + Proton Torpedo + Cluster
OGP + Advanced Sensor + EuP

I think I'll use the Shuttle as a blocker this time, giving the Scims some time to dish out the damage. More power to bombers seems nice. Might drop a missile for Gammas...

#185 swampthing



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Posted 09 January 2014 - 11:25 AM

I have tried a version of the Jonus & x3 Gamma but not enough to opinion love or hate, so far ok, many load out variations though.

what I can say about the games last night was that a few times I had target locks but didnt fire the missiles, I used guns and Howlrunner's ability instead.
This saved me a few times when later in the game my formation had collapsed or Howlrunner was dead and I was able to fire my missiles instead of just my 2 attack dice.

It needs testing against a higher PS squad but howl with squad leader helps with this.

#186 swampthing



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Posted 09 January 2014 - 03:25 PM

To further this progression. I have a tournament coming up on the 18th and may not get to test everything I want to before then so here are my next two tests, if anyone wants to test them also, feedback is obviously greatly appreciated.

Howl & SqL
Gamma & assault & cluster & seismic
Gamma & assault & cluster & seismic

Howlrunner & SqL
Jonus & PTL & asssult
Gamma & assault & seismic
Gamma & assault & seismic

#187 TheRealStarkiller


    Scourge Of The Galaxy

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Posted 25 February 2014 - 05:54 PM

Which one would you prefere?




Jonus (22)

Gamma + Proton Torps + Proton Torps (26)

Gamma + Proton Torps + Proton Torps (26)

Gamma + Proton Torps + Proton Torps (26)




Jonus + Proton Torps + Proton Torps (30)

Gamma + Proton Torps + Proton Torps (26)

Gamma + Proton Torps + Proton Torps (26)

Alpha (18)

                 Sir, rebel transports sighted \                              / Affirmative.                                                           

   (-o-)  (-o-)    (-o-o-)     (-o-o-)     (-o-o-)     (-o-o-)    (-o-)  (-o-) 

 Excellent! Gamma wing, prepare for torpedo run. We'll provide cover.

     |-o-|   |-o-|   |-o-|   |-o-|   (<o>)   |-o-|   |-o-|   |-o-|   |-o-|   

#188 Marten



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Posted 30 May 2014 - 05:45 AM

So I just cannot find this info, can someone link (cause I guess this is already figured out math wise)


I wanna know:


ConcM vs Proton Torpedos with and without focus (but with Jonus re-roll on both).

#189 Red Castle

Red Castle


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Posted 30 May 2014 - 05:54 AM

Without focus, since you have exactly the same odds of rolling a blank and a focus, Proton Torpedoes is better since it change the result into a critical instead of a regular hit.


With Focus, the advantage goes to concussion since now all your focus result are turned into a hit, so it kinda negate the edge the torpedo have over the missile. Rolling 1 focus result in 1 hit in both case, a crit for the torpedo, but rolling 1 blank result in 1 hit for the concussion and zero in the case of the torpedo.


I can't give you the exact probability though. With Jonus, I would say the difference is trivial.

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