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Average Corruption Gain?

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#21 Pixels The Red

Pixels The Red


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Posted 06 January 2014 - 09:47 PM

And of course, Psykers should skew the averages for CP and IP if they're playing it "right" 

#22 bogi_khaosa



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Posted 11 January 2014 - 09:51 AM


But in 40K, the term "corruption" means so much more than just being a game mechanic.


In my mind, purposely not trying to dodge splats of blood from people you just mutilated carries with it a component of what "corruption" means in this game universe.


If you don't see that, I'm not sure what to tell you.


I do if you don`t see why bathing in blood of murdered people is messed up and evil then maybe the police should take a look at the strange correlation between how often you bathe and the rise in missing people near your house.


Guys I think we just found our sociopath.


Also lack of empathy is just one of many symptoms of sociopathy others include a diminshed sense of danger, increased propensity for social disorders and trouble forming lasting relationships. 



He didn't "bathe in blood," he had it splashed on him. oooh! (Not to mention that bathing in blood is actually arguably morally neutral since it hurts no one. :) )


So you want to give Corruption  Points for trouble forming a lasting relationship? :)


Anyway the point is that giving CPs for such behavior will make it very easy to spot evil people (since they will all have two heads :) ), considerably simplifying the job of the Enforcers.


Look, 40K is to a large extent Space Middle Ages, with Chaos relacing the Devil. You do not acquire witchmarks (straight from medieval folk belief BTW -- that's what a witch's familiar suckles on) from being evil (being a bad king, and so forth). You get them from consorting with demons.


Part of the main theme of 40K is hypocrisy; that the Imperium is just as evil as the forces it is fighting. If you give CPs for being evil (which actually means "doing things that the GM thinks is evil" -- something that is going to cause problems!), this goes away because being evil turns you into a physical monster, with which the Imperium is clearly not peopled.


This is another issue from that in the DH you are basically playing the Space NKVD. You ARE evil from the POV of modern Western society. So whose value system are you going to use? If you use 40K's value system, you're going to give people CPs for sparing the weak and so forth.

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#23 Askil



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Posted 12 January 2014 - 02:13 PM

You use the rationale that unnessecarily extreme violence, cruelty, excess or greed are evil, feeding the gods of chaos and corrupting the character, but as they say the devil is in the details.


Bombing an Orphanage becuase "screw you I`m with the inquisition": bad enjoy some corruption points you monsterous douchebag.


Doing it to save the planet from the psyker-coven inside who are losing control about to uneash a full blown deamonic incursion: justifed, have a cookie.


The forces of "good" sometimes have to commit terrible crimes to stave off the darkness, the important thing to remember is that themore terrible acts you commit, the more you become like to the vile foes you despise. Eventually you have to either pull back from the precipice or fall becoming one of the enemies of mankind you sacrificed so much to fight.


There lies the line between order and chaos.

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