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Are there quests that the players just can't win?

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#21 kerred



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Posted 20 November 2013 - 02:38 PM

What I found so far:


2 Heroes - The Masquerade Ball - Three times, haven't seen heroes win it yet.  I tried playing myself versus myself trying to find HOW the heroes can win, so I (as the Overlord) can cryptically hint to them what the correct plan is.


2-4 Heroes - Old Castle Daerion.  The stronger Sir Palamon fixed this problem :)

#22 PlainWhiteBread



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Posted 24 November 2013 - 09:58 AM

You know what screws players more often than any other quest, that turns an 'Oh, the heroes always win this' quest to 'Kunzite, what was that you said about the quest being geared toward the heroes' one?

The dice.

All the best-laid plans, the carefully plotted strategies and the most important come-from-behind and 'If I do this, we win' chances are all at the mercy of blind, unrepentant luck -- Something Kunzite, our OL, has in spades to the point where we call Blue/Yellow's 4 damage/1+ surge roll and Blue/Red's 5 damage/1+ Surge roll 'The Overlord Roll' because she gets it so often.

The three players playing against the overlord need four heroes' worth of hands to count the number of times the dice have screwed us over. Grey/Black defense rolls coming up double-blank, rolling misses on attacks that needed to hit or rolling poor damage on hits that needed to kill. We're now legitimately surprised the times we win even the easiest encounters, it's that bad.

We played "Reclamation" once, and the heroes barely made it off the starting tile because hero-side rolled sixteen misses, several hits unable to down monsters reliably, and the 5-move monsters we managed to kill reinforced at the start of turn and ran right back in to block the way from the bottleneck in which the heroes started. I'd like to talk to the person who thought tile 39A/B in Labyrinth of Ruin was a good idea. I'd smack them, but I'd probably roll an X in doing so. lol

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#23 Lilikin



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Posted 25 November 2013 - 03:36 AM

I was kicking my groups behind like there is no tomorrow never lost a game even after working out some of the rules we were initially playing wrong.  Last game I turned the tables we played the first quest in LoR (can't remember the name) which I won in the first turn (not literally) I two shot killed their mage with a couple of lucky dice, it wasn't an issue after that.


I then turned the table and they played the OL and I played the heroes.  I picked three heroes with classes that would compliment each other.  It was a rout I totally wiped the floor with them because as an OL I see things about their strategy they do not, even after I reminded them about rules and abilities that would help them during the game.  I find most games like this (strategy) there are three levels 


1) basic strategy - putting your rock on their scissors and your paper on their rock etc killing their DPS, healer so you can wear away at their tank

2) understanding the game rules & mechanics and using them correctly what types of rock suit me in this circumstance

3) Advance strategy what circumstances is my rock capable of defeating their paper IE how do I make their paper wet etc


the real fun is at step 3 it's no fun if the OL knows the rules and is at step 3 and the players are at step 1 effectively working out how the game runs and I find this is normally the main reason for a rout.

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