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Farewell WHFRP

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#41 Yepesnopes



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Posted 17 November 2013 - 04:15 AM

Don't want to use the action cards?  Well, then just use specializations. One white can be added per rank.

Talent cards:  Use a pencil and write it down.

Career sheet and ability card:  Not quite sure why they even put these on cards.  I've never used these.  Write it down.

Fortune point counters.  Again, only a mental deficient couldn't use a pencil to track these (just like sw strain)


There is absolutely no excuse for anyone griping about the components unless you have no arms or legs and cannot hold a pencil with your teeth.



Not playing with cards implies that you have to start house ruling other things. What do you do with the advancements listed on the career cards under Action, the delay symbol of the green dice looses some of its in-game effect, and you have to create some kind of lists like in EotE in order to give some flavour to the comets, banes, boons and chaos stars.

I mean, you can do it, you can play without cards, but it is by no means an easy job. Action cards and the recharge mechanics are heavily rooted to the game mechanics.

The Book of the Asur - High Elf fan supplement

The Dark Side - Witches, Warlocks, Dark Magic and more

Secrets of the Anvil - Advanced Dwarf careers and runes

Dice statistics calculator for SW EotE

#42 Emirikol


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Posted 17 November 2013 - 08:55 AM

Yes.  The recharge bit is affected, but if a person wants to do it its not impossible.  Add a black die to the next check.  That's it if you just want a boring modifier..or just have a delay.  It doesn't really matter.


Without ending up playing a sci fi game, when you really want to be playign WFRP, thats what you've got to figure out.  I just get tired of seeing all these helpless-sounding excuses.









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#43 Keeop



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Posted 17 November 2013 - 09:58 AM

didn't we just have this conversation? seriously, the 5 of you that hate this game are relentless. i hope this place gets cleaned up before the reprints. the new folks coming on board deserve a better forum.

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#44 ragnar63



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Posted 18 November 2013 - 04:38 PM

didn't we just have this conversation? seriously, the 5 of you that hate this game are relentless. i hope this place gets cleaned up before the reprints. the new folks coming on board deserve a better forum.

I would be interested to know which five you mean. Mostly I see people who are frustrated by FFG doing little or nothing with the WFRP license and who ARE trying to do something about some of the problems with a system that they still enjoy playing. The final part of your comment would go down extremely well at the moment with the communist party in China, where I believe they are clamping down heavily on any kind of dissent or internal criticism. Be careful what you wish for!

#45 Gallows



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Posted 19 November 2013 - 02:02 AM

I for one don't hate wfrp - we just started playing TEW and we enjoy it. I do however recognize issues with the game, having played regularly since release. I think we have about 400 hours of gameplay with wfrp.
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#46 r_b_bergstrom



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Posted 03 December 2013 - 04:23 PM

Gallows, I see you make statements throughout this thread about how long the fights are... but not just in terms of time, but in terms of turns. You mention how long a 10-round fight takes... and that makes me suspect that you must have house-rules in play that are causing those fights to last 10 rounds.  Are you perchance setting Defenses at higher than the RAW would indicate? In other posts in this thread, you say you like how a Savage Worlds character can be taken out in one or two hits. If that's not happening in your campaign, it's probably because of your house rules.


I'm looking at one of your old house rules documents right now (I downloaded it ages ago), and I think I've found the problem. Not sure if it reflects how you're playing these days, but once upon a time anyway you had house rules that seriously reduced the numbers of good dice PC's could roll, increased the numbers of black dice they'd be rolling, and also included a house-rule that said "Chaos star = chaos star + 2 challenges + roll one extra challenge die". 

With all that in play, I imagine attacks don't hit very often, and that's what's leading to the really long fights.


WFRP3e as written has such a high hit %, and such low Wound thresholds, that it's really unlikely fights will go to 10 rounds. I have yet to see a fight that went 4 full rounds. With the exception of Ironbreakers, a PC goes down to the 2nd or 3rd hit (which means the 2nd to 4th attack rolled against them). A really "big" fight in WFRP usually follows a pattern of 2 rounds then rally step followed by 1 or 2 more rounds.  If you throw in more bad guys then the PCs can reliably kill in that time frame, you end up with a really high rate of PC death. Pretty much if the bad guys aren't all dead or fleeing by the middle of the 3rd round, it's gonna be a TPK. At least that's my experience.


It seems to me that the design paradigm of WFRP3e is basically "we can afford to make each die roll take longer via narrative effects, because each scene is short and uses relatively few die rolls". If you're lowering the success rates, that means the fight scenes take more turns, and thus more rolls, which means more time.  Knock your difficulties back down to what the rulebook suggests, and you'll have much faster-paced fights.

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