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Let's talk about Dark Heresy 2nd ed. fluff, not crunch

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#41 borithan



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Posted 15 November 2013 - 04:50 AM

The Tyrant Star, while almost certainly a warp thing, was at least not the standard warp/space overlap ala the Eye of Terror/Hadex Anomaly/etc.


On those things, I do find it irritating that they are often referred to "Warp Storms", which isn't really what they are. They tend to coexist with warp storms, but warp storms exist entirely in the warp. The Warp is more violent and dangerous in those areas, making warp travel difficult (or even impossible), cutting areas of space off from each other (as without the warp interstellar travel is totally impractical). However, while they may lead to things like the barriers between the warp and realspace becoming thinner and more easily breakable, they don't actually lead to the weird colours in space etc, ala the Eye of Terror. A planet cut off from a warp storm wouldn't necessarily see any difference in it's night sky, unless something took advantage of the situation to breach the barrier. It just wouldn't be able to send ships into the warp, or have other ships reach it via the warp. The warp/real space overlaps are a separate type of object, where the barriers have come down permanently and the warp spills into realspace, warping the laws of reality etc.

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Posted 20 November 2013 - 03:07 PM

<p>With the warp so active in a single sector with regards to warp storms and materium/immaterium overlaps, I think it would be interesting to explore how a society evolves from such an ever-present anomaly. I would think socially speaking there would be greater mutational deviations, perhaps even acceptance of certain proscribed deviations, such as beastmen, ogryn, ratlings, etc. Psykers would certainly become more common than they are today in the rest of the Galaxy, and heresy might be ever present. Indeed, this gives us the opportunity to explore all manner of alien cultures that are warp based, some long dead like the Yu'Vath, others still thriving in the shadows of the storm, perhaps in planet sized islands that flicker in and out of reality itself, barely detectable to the Imperium, but there all the same.</p>
<p>Not only that, but it is certainly an opportunity for a type of wild west to begin in terms of the Inquisition, the sector, the warp, and everything else. It might be an established sector, but due to the presence of a permanent warp anomaly or storm it could still be untamed and lawless, with great unexplored regions between known systems and planets, much like the wild west was. The absence of real law (Inquisition, Arbites) means that you have the opportunity for a frontier sector where the norm is NOT the Imperium as we saw it in Calixis, but something else. Perhaps on some worlds it is a fact that alien overlords pull the strings from behind curtains? They hold the people in thrall through arcane devices older than they powered by the massive storm that encircles the sector. Who knows? In frontier and wild lands, some xenos are somewhat tolerated and hired as mercenaries. What's to say things aren't so here?&nbsp;</p>
<p>Plus, new technology, new fluff, new patterns of weapons, all of it. Don't get me wrong, some of the stuff I liked, but damn if there wasn't enough variation between one stubber and the next.&nbsp;</p>
<p>I'd also love to see the Mechanicus, and examples of forge worlds utterly cut off opening up again for business, with new stock, but also some forbidden artifacts they built for the discerning customer, weapons and armor patterns brought entirely through experimentation rather than rediscovery. Vat grown synthetic exoskeleton armor, muscles, new gland patterns, weapons unlike anything the Inquisition has witnessed save for upon Phaenon Prime or in the depths of Idumea.</p>
<p>It will also be interesting to know who's who by way of the Inquisition, and what their main focus here is. In Calixis, a well oiled sector, they were concerned with the Tyrant Star and heresy from within. Would these Inquisitors be more focused on dangers from outside the Imperium? I would expect or hope the Ordo Xenos would certainly be more active here on the front lines than else where. Would certainly give us some cool rules and equipment.</p>
<p>Beyond that, a new sector means new conspiracies, and for that I am pumped. Don't get me wrong, Haarlock was cool and all (would have been better if they let the GM design what his return actually means rather than blatantly stating what he had become in a side note) but that, the Tyrant star, all of it got a bit stale with all the internal strife stuff.&nbsp;</p>
<p>It was cool, but there appeared to be more Hereticus Inquisitors than Malleus and Xenos combined. I'd love some good old fashioned alien conspiracies where they're not locked away and hidden but out there and operating, if not in the open than just underneath.</p>
<p>But I'd also love some other types of situations. Because there's not alot of Inquisition here, does that mean that some other Imperial or Sector body takes it's place in more nominal affairs?&nbsp;</p>
<p>Edit: I'd also love to see some honest to Emperor hardcore Terran styled Techno Barbarians. That type of culture and society, a perpetual war world where people have devolved to barbarism but still keep their technological advantages, that really appeals to me. The brutality, the war, the tribes, all of it is awesome.</p>

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