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How much for a cure insanity from Shallya?

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#1 Emirikol


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Posted 16 October 2013 - 08:46 PM

How much for a cure insanity from Shallya?   How much of a "donation" would you suggest for a priestess of Shallya to cast this?  How about cure critical?  Cure disease?


The side effect of Cure Insanity is a chaos star means that the priestess gains an insanity...

The effect of cure disease is chaos star = priestess gains a disease.




#2 valvorik



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Posted 17 October 2013 - 07:43 AM

Myself, I see those as only "reliably available" if you have a PC using them.


For NPC access, I would make any such availability more narrative.  There are too many insane people in the world and too few Shallyans for them to risk even a small chance of insanity and not get "drowned in the wave of demand", the Order of the Dove's strictures thus try to "safeguard" members from "self-destruction" by stating that only the truly deserving may receive these precious gifts of the goddess.


So your choice is (a) do a little Episode+ favour for the Shallyans (please escort Sister to the plague-ridden community under quarantine and protect her while she tends to the ill) or (b) find the rebel Shallyan who offers mercy for all - yes there is insane Sister Katrine last seen heading off to heal beastmen....  I would also make them available by "referral" from a patron or other NPC as a "reward for job well done" on something.


E.G., in Enemy Within, Clothilde has connections to the Shallyans.  Do her a big favour and instead of a purse of gold crowns get a referral.

#3 k7e9



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Posted 17 October 2013 - 09:37 AM

I'm with valvorik on this one. The NPC shallyans in my games are not as good as a player shallyan. For a suitable donation (expensive, but depending on if the PC is gold, silver or brass tier) the player could be allowed one "monthly" recovery check as described on "Recovering from Insanity" on page 92 in the Player's Guide.


That way the shallyans could help the PC a bit on the way. In the same paragraph in the Player's Guide they describe that priests could also increase the chances of success on the Discipline check.


I'm of half a mind to house-rule most (or all) healing blessings (for wounds, criticals, insanities, diseases etc) that PC shallyans can acquire so that they give bonuses to the recovery checks, rather than being instant-cure-blessings. The insta-cures provided by shallyan PCs doesn't really feel like warhammer. It removes a lot of the dirty, gritty, sh*tty feel from the setting. But at the moment I have no shallyan in the group, so I haven't gotten around to it.

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#4 Emirikol


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Posted 17 October 2013 - 10:24 AM

Great ideas.  Currently I have an "Asylum" in my costs section of my house rulebook and the time effect is useful..I also got to thinking about PC's having to "work off" their costs other than just endless quests, how about toil?  


Anyways, I'm thinking for the rich and persuasive, the cost is

  • Spellcaster for Hire (Rank 1 spell)  50s  /spell plus 1g if possible significant backlash
  • Spellcaster for Hire (Rank 2+ spell) 1g / rank of spell plus 1 if possible major spell backlash  (e.g. star could give insanity/disease/critical wound to caster)


They are deliberately slightly out of reach except for nobles (Elysium!), so it could easily be made into tasks and "holy item recovery" for the Shallyans.  Want to work off your Insanity payment?  You gotta' do something first, maybe work at the hospice with the chance of contracting disease :)  Should make for good backstory without having to take up an entire session of the inane details of doing tasks for the church  - For insanity or disease, it could be as simple as SPEND ONE X.P. and then have them make up a backstory with permission of the GM of course :)


Here are some sample's I figure would be controversial with this formula:

Sigmar (green side):

  • Unbending Righteousness (probably as delayed effect on blessed item): Rank 4 = 4g
  • Sigmar's Light: 3g - recall this is the spell that allows reveal of all corrupted creatures within range and should easily knock a spellcaster unconscious considering all of the chaos surrounding us!


Shallya (green side only examples):

Soothe: Rank 1, no backlash = 50s

Hopeful Dawn: Rank 3 = 3g

Cure critical wounds:  Rank 3 with no possible backlash to caster = 3g

Cure Disease: Rank 2 plus possible backlash to caster = 3g

Cure Insanity: Rank 2 plus possible backlash to caster = 3 g

Benediction of Health: Rank 3 = 3g

Shared Pain: Rank 4 plus automatic backlash to caster = 4 plus one for each effect that is transferred to the caster, plus I'd probably add an extra one.

Tears of Mercy: Rank 5 plus possible backlash  = 6g




Perceive Lies: Rank 1:  50silver = discern truth from falsehood

Pierce Illusion: Rank 1: 50s

Rebuke the deceitful: Rank 1: 50s

Oath of Truth: Rank 4: 4gold



Commune with Beasts Rank 3: 3g



X marks the spot: Rank 1:  50splus potential of backlash = 1.5 g = you get a broad or exact location of an item that you have a clear description or image of.  As this is a hired caster, this makes things much more difficult to find.


Recall, there is no "cure permanent wound" or "cure mutation" spell, however there is Lizard Wort or whatever that is :)  ..side effect that the limb might not grow back in the right place, leaving a mutation.



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#5 Jicey



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Posted 21 October 2013 - 07:11 AM


Recall, there is no "cure permanent wound" or "cure mutation" spell, however there is Lizard Wort or whatever that is :)  ..side effect that the limb might not grow back in the right place, leaving a mutation.




There's a rank 4 benediction of Shallya to cure mutations.

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