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Beastmaster's Stalker Ability Card

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#1 Lockthor



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Posted 10 October 2013 - 11:53 AM

Hi fellow gamers!


I would like to hear your thoughts about the Beastmaster's Stalker Ability Card, especially the second part of the text "Additionally a monster cannot declare your Wolf as the target of an attack if it could legally target a hero figure instead".


We are depating this a little now and then, ofc the debate is heated up from time to time depending on who is overlord and who is beastmaster.


So, give me your thoughts on the matter.

#2 RagsMckay



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Posted 10 October 2013 - 12:58 PM

To me it seems straight forward. If a melee monstor wants to attack the wolf, but a hero is within range of the melee attack i.e. standing next to the monstor, then the monstor must attack the hero instead.


For ranged attacks if a hero is in LOS of the monstor then the monstor must go for the hero instead even if it is virtually impossible range wise to hit the hero.


This does not require that a monstor must move towards a hero to initiate the attack as that is a different part of the monstors activation. Only the attack is affected by the Stalker ability.

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#3 Inspector Jee

Inspector Jee


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Posted 10 October 2013 - 01:42 PM

I agree.  It simply says that the wolf cannot be declared as a target of an attack if there's another legal hero target available.  If the monster is ranged, every hero in LOS of said monster is a legal target.  If it's melee, then any hero adjacent is a legal target.  If the monster is melee and the attack you're making has reach, then any hero within 2 spaces, in LOS, is a legal target.


Note that attacks that have no target, like Sweep, would smack into the Wolf just fine regardless.


What you really should be asking is:  What happens when a Blood Ape Leap Attack's through spaces containing the Wolf?


Leap Attack: This monster may move its Speed, ignoring enemy figures as it does so. When if finishes its movement, perform a single attack that targets each figure this monster moved through. Each figure rolls defense dice separately. Limit once per turn.


I'm gonna say that because no official "declaration of target" is made upon declaring this particular attack, it ignores the Stalker context.  I'm open to alternate theories.



#4 Steve-O



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Posted 10 October 2013 - 08:12 PM

Yeah, I'd be willing to give Leap Attack a pass in this case.  A more lawyery person than I could probably do something with the word "instead" on the end of Stalker.


As for the Stalker ability in question, I agree with the others that it's fairly straightforward.  When the monster declares his attack, identify all legal targets to choose from.  If the answer is anything other than just "Wolf" he must pick something other than "Wolf."


Note that if the OL really wants to hit the Wolf, it's usually not that hard to put the monster in a position where the Wolf is the only legal target and then smack it.  You can activate other monsters first and use them to block LoS to heroes if you really need to.

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