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Noob in need of help

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#1 Timmehb86



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Posted 26 September 2013 - 07:39 PM

At the moment my wife and I have been playing the core game I added KOTS and POTS and went off a 45 card deck build. We have played enough games that we grasp the basic rules as well as the shadow mechanics...
So I felt that I wanted to add to it I bought 3 chapter packs and looked though the cards but have no clue how to put them into the core game. After reading I really see why I need to get x2 core. It's to late for me to return the packs ( as I have opened them) have I wasted my money as far as adding to the game and keeping it balanced or do I just need to get the rest of the tale of champions cycle?

I'll take any advise at this point as all the packs and building balance between houses I'm lost lol

The 3 packs are:
Where loyalty lies
The grand melee
Trial by combat

My wife plays baratheon and I greyjoy we have been having blast

#2 sWhiteboy



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Posted 26 September 2013 - 11:53 PM

Honestly, the balance of the core set isn't that good in the first place.  It gets much worse when you buy POTS (easily the best house box).  Buy what you want and add what you want.  Nothing should ruin it for you as long as you have fun.  Just add some new cards to the decks until you hit 60 in each, then worry about actual deck building if you feel like doing that.

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#3 Skowza



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Posted 27 September 2013 - 09:03 PM

If it helps, the best cards in those packs are:
A House Divided (really good)
Asha Greyjoy (really good)
Captain of the Iron Fleet
Flea Bottom (can go in every deck)
Daario and Jorah
Meraxes (really good)
No Quarter
The Brimstone
and Ghost of High Heart is pretty good and can be thrown in most of your decks to help cycle cards, same with Satin although Ghose is much better. sWhiteboy is right, PotS is OP compared to the Core builds. Based on only having the Core, Bara and Stark got the least powerful cards from the packs you mentioned and Targ and GJ probably got the best. You should probably look into getting a box expansion for the 2 Houses you like best. As far as basic deck building advice goes, in a 60 card deck you generally want 30 Characters, 15 Events/Attachments and 15 Locations, with ~10 of them being cost reducers (though that's not possible with just one Core but is possible with House box expansions).

#4 Timmehb86



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Posted 28 September 2013 - 02:21 PM

As of today I went back and got a second core set / the great fleet ( only song of seas pack there and wanted to add naval )

Was gonna build darksbane balanced core decks http://www.cardgamed...om-2x-core-set/

Also I think I got this right but if the card is on restriction list it means you can't have one restricted character and one restricted location

And for unique card I can't have more then one kind of asha greyjoy or Robert baratheon even if they do read out differently?

Thx guys for suggestions.

This my first lcg so sometimes I think I bit more then I can chew lol




so I built the balanced core X2 decks and play some games what a difference in how it plays out...I'm almost afraid to add anything from my chapter packs due to such awesome games my wife and I are having. Totally should have bought a second core 2 months ago  :D

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#5 Skowza



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Posted 01 October 2013 - 08:50 PM

You should be fine with Cores that are printed at different times, the only significant errata was making Lannisport Brothel unique.
The restricted list prevents you from using more than one card that is listed; you can use as many copies of that card as are allowed by normal game rules (i.e. 3 copies of Characters, Attachments etc and 1 Plot) and cannot use any other restricted card in the same deck.
For unique cards you can never use more than 3x of a card with the same title in a deck, however you can use any combination of different cards with the same title. So you are allowed to use 1x Core Khal Drogo + 2x DotN Khal Drogo (for example, jumping the Core version in and out of play until you draw the other version, then playing the Core version as a dupe) but you cannot ever have more than 3x Khal Drogos in the deck. Also, if you are using different copies of a unique card that are different card types, like Character Shaggydog and Attachment Shaggydog, the 2nd one played becomes a dupe of the first even though they are different types; you cannot play him as a Character then play the Attachment on a Character at the same time.

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