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3 Chapters for review

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#1 The Glen

The Glen


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Posted 11 September 2013 - 10:37 PM

I started the Space Marine Project a long time ago, and I'm finally getting some progress after pretty much complete turnover.  It was an ambitious project, we took 25 chapters with little to no history outside their name and decided to give them a full Deathwatch write up.  These are three of them.  Angels of Purgatory, Scions of Anteous and Screaming Geckos.  The Angels and Scions appear as name only in a list of space marine chapters, Screaming Geckos were mentioned once in the Rogue Trader era.  Feel free to offer suggestions.  The files are ODT and they are long, average length of a chapter write up is 12 pages, but it has not been formatted yet.




#2 Magnus Grendel

Magnus Grendel

    The Empire Needs You!

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Posted 12 September 2013 - 01:09 AM

Not entirely true - the Sons of Antaeus, which are probably the same chapter, have had a bit more background in one of the Chapter Approved supplements. It might not be the same, but I'd be hesitant to claim that.


They were supposedly a Cursed Founding chapter who were noted for the durability of their marines (extreme even by the standards of astartes).


Yay for the Screaming Geckos! Makes me want to do a Reclaimers one.

#3 PhilOfCalth



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Posted 12 September 2013 - 04:01 AM

You're right about the Sons of Antaeus:


I remember the article in white dwarf... Also if I'm not mistaken I think there are rules for them in Honor the Chapter (I'll check tonight). That said, it's posible that Sions of Antaeus are not one in the same as Sons of Antaeus.

#4 The Glen

The Glen


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Posted 12 September 2013 - 10:49 AM

Might have been a typo on the list.  The sons could be a successor chapter of the scions if we wanted, there is little information on them.  If I had to all I needed to do to fix the list is a simple search and replace.

#5 Gurkhal



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Posted 13 September 2013 - 01:35 PM

From a first look they look pretty good, always love myself some additional Chapters. :) Will come back if possible with a longer review.

#6 Gurkhal



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Posted 13 September 2013 - 02:08 PM

Ok, I've been reading the Angeld of Purgatory and these are some points that came up for me. These are all just my personal opinions of course and others will likely disagree.


1. Do the Chapter owe their psychic potential to Warp taint? That's what I read from the description of the daemon prince's explosion. And so wouldn't this mean that the Chapter is in fact tainted by Chaos? And if not, how come that they were not tainted by the power that affected them when it came from the Warp?


2. How would they remember the "legend of the Thousand Sons" unless they are very oriented towards forbidden knowledge and why would they follow the example of these traitors and heretics even if it was practical?


3. I don't at all like that some Inquisitors and and in particular that the Adeptus Astartes just poop out of the blue to help the Chapter out. I don't see the Adeptus Mechanicus giving their aid except for some serious debts owned to them. I think that either the marines should just lack their eyes or this link to the Mechanicus should be expanded upon.


4. I don't like the Tech-marine Lucys being an Untouchable. Considering that this Chapter is supposed to be be up by psychers I think that it both breaks the mood of it and it feels very uninspired to me. I don't like it one bit.


5. Regarding the homeworld I accept it without fuss, but I seriously doubt that it would turn even remotely into a hive world within a millennia, population boom or not.


6. I think that the starting stuff for coming from this Chapter is way to good. A +5 Characteristic and the bionic eyes should be well enough for them. In fact I would probably give them a +1 Psy Rating and a unique Chapter Psychic Power instead of any other bonus. 



7. I think the Demeanor have potential but it really needs a to be expanded and worked on.


8. In the Battle Doctrines section it seems to me that you are both saying that these guys do not have a battle doctrine and that they do. I would probably refine it a bit to make it more inline with their unique advantage of their sight. Right now it feels to me that they have two separate parts that aren't really connected with each other.


9. Primarch's Curse looks good to me. 


10. In the Advancement Table I don't get where the hatred against psykers comes from in the Chapter. That hasn't been expanded upon as far as I could see.


11. Don't at all like the Solo Mode Ability. To me it seems like this is more of a psychic power than a solo mode. 


12. Psychic Powers looked ok, although to be honest I couldn't really discover a theme in them. 


13. Wait! So every member of the Chapter goes to Terra for a Soul Binding? How the hell do they keep that silent since its a HUGE thing to go there and do this. I'm sorry but it don't work for me.


14. I don't like the idea of anyone welcoming an Untouchable with open arms. If he's tolerated and not killed by his brothers he should consider himself very, very, very lucky for every day that he lives. I would rule it that the Unbidden are simply killed by their former brothers.


15. While the name is the "Angels of Purgatory" I couldn't find much of either an angelic or a purgatory theme in the Chapter. But that could of course just be me who is narrow in my vision. But I think that the theme of the Chapter don't really go through it. I certainly couldn't really detect a single unifying theme across the Angels of Purgatory. 


The Good Things.

- I like the idea of a Chapter of low level psychers

- Most of the overarching stuff is ok or good but there are several details that I think could be changed

#7 The Glen

The Glen


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Posted 13 September 2013 - 08:21 PM

1.  Will need to refine that, it's more of a realization of potential than chaos taint.


2.  Should be the Inquisition remembers the Thousand Sons.


3.  Reword it so they are up to their eyes in favors owed.


4.  The flavor of the chapter is that their binding ritual sometimes leaves the marine untouchable.  The chapter trains the guy and immediately dumps the poor sod off in Deathwatch.  It's extremely rare, but there are recorded incidents.  The Deathwatch views the guys as weapons and assets, they don't really care for their feelings.  They have an exploitable talent, and they are going to use it.  If the Untouchable lives, great!


5.  Will change the fluff to a more reasonable timeline.


6.  Bionic eyes have neutral effect, they are purely cosmetic they don't give any bonus at all.  The bulk of the chapter is at the wyrd level of psychic powers, it manifests as lucky happenstance or a 6th sense more so than actual psychic powers.


7.  Will look at the demeanor.


8.  They are generally a codex chapter, they do show a preference for devastators and assault marines working in unison.


9.  N/A


10.  Will add some fluff.


11.  The solo mode was the best way to show their development of minor psychic powers.  I was really trying to avoid the original idea of being just a psychic chapter like the grey knights, so giving them rather minor powers that manifest over time as almost innate abilities.  


12.  Really not much a theme, just generic artillery librarians.


13.  Change the fluff so they go in small groups, leaving the chapter frequently under strength.  Sending a company would be right out but 4-5 marines could sneak through.


14.  The cost to be an Unbidden is as high as you can get for a 1st level character.  The character takes a major hit for fellowship and has to deny his own chapter when they kick him out.    Will change the fluff to better represent their pariah status.


15.  Change the planet to Purgatory, that should tie everything together.

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