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Magic Level vs Level in Spell Descriptions Question

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#1 ozzie_in_a_pickle



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Posted 01 September 2013 - 02:14 PM

I am working through the core rule book, and have come across a potential issue.


On pg 112 of the core rulebook, under The Paths and Magic Level section, it says that a character knows spells based on his magic level invested in the path. So if you had 50 magic levels invested in light, you would know the first 25 spells on the light path.


However, on pg 117 under spell descriptions it says that


"Level: This number represents the magic level characters must invest in order to use the spell. For Example, a spellacaster with a magic level of 40 in a specific path would know all the spells of the path up to that level..."


The conflict I am seeing is that with the first case, the first 25 spells in a path, would make those spells around level 60. Could you cast those spells even though the magic invested in the path is only 50?


The first section (pg 112) states that you know the first x amount of spells where x is half the invested ML where , where as the second section pg 117 says that you only know all the spells equal to your ML invested.


So which is it? Are you able to cast level 60 spells with only 50 ML invested (as would seem indicated in the first section) or are you only ever able to cast spells equal to your ML invested ( as would seem indicated in the second section)?


This of course excludes free access spells that have their own rules.




What am I missing here?


Any help would be appreciated.





#2 Sidisessinu



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Posted 01 September 2013 - 03:48 PM

The ML invested in a path is equal to the highest lvl spell you can cast in that path.... So if you have 60 ML in a path, you can cast all the spells upto and including the lvl 60 spell. When it says the spells of that path is equal to 1/2 the ML invested, it is including the free access slots in that count since they are considered part of the path.

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#3 ozzie_in_a_pickle



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Posted 01 September 2013 - 03:59 PM

Thanks Again! i appreciate it!

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