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D'Anna sucks

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#1 Skowza



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Posted 30 August 2013 - 08:24 PM

Am I the only one that doesn't like her? Her OPT is garbage, useless unless she is Infiltrating and then you sacrificed 2 turns just to look at someone's Loyalty card, and if its post-sleeper you don't even get to look at both of them? You'd think she would get some badass Cavil-like OPG in that case, but no, she gets screwed there too; about the only thing she's good for is being a CL who can get SC cards without ever Infiltrating.

#2 napoleonWilson



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Posted 30 August 2013 - 10:11 PM

I haven't seen her played yet however, I am not sure.  If she decides to help the humans her opt could be VERY useful for the humans.  if she is a cylon she doesn't have much reason to infiltrate so popping her opg and grabbing those mega-crisis first thing is probly the best she can do.  I think she was designed to be much more human friendly which I agree is a mistake.  THe leaders have to be able to go either way and making them too helpful one way is lame.  Though...one of those hilarious rare "impossible" possible situations might arise where if she knows that one human has the loyalty card that says if it is examined activate a bunch of cylon ships...she could keep running over to him and examining them...LOL...but even then I think just playing revealed cylon is gonna be a better play...



#3 Anacreon



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Posted 30 August 2013 - 11:35 PM

I agree.  She's bizarrely bad, the Blanders of Cylon Leaders.  How did they let that one through the game testing?  Her weak OPT of looking at a loyalty card can only be used if she's infiltrating and then leads directly to triggering her serious weakness of an SC loss the next turn.  If she doesn't have an SC to lose, she has to stay put and lose yet another turn simply to use her OPG to get 2 SCs or draw an SC from the Resurrection Hub, just to lose it, and for that she then draws only one skill card twice.  It's seriously harsh.   I guess if you're pro-human and want to use your OPT, you just suck it up and assume you won't be doing much of anything else; elsewise you just plan never to use your OPT and hope no one ever kills or brigs you.  If you're pro-Cylon, you use your OPG and hit them with the only two SCs you'll ever get, then sit back and let the game grind to its end.  About the only neat (broken) thing to hope for is the rare "unrevealed cylon Baltar feeds you miracle tokens" - which is pretty much the dream of any character with a decent OPG, so get in line.

#4 subochre



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Posted 02 September 2013 - 05:17 PM

Two things about D'Anna: 1) her skills are so good (which matters even more given the new Human Fleet), and 2) she's got some definite Demetrius synergy: obviously, she's the queen of the Rebel Basestar, but can also deal with the destruction of the Hub better than most.


Sure, her OPT is costly and inefficient to use more than once--assuming you weren't on your way to the Res Ship anyways--but that's because it's a slightly scaled-down version of (arguably) the best OPG in the base set.  An OPT detector is game-changingly important in all the ways that Baltar's OPG is, and a few others besides.  Unrevealed cylons (especially those pesky pre-sleeper cylons) will have to lay low just knowing that she's out there, and a well-placed false accusation can wreak all sorts of havoc.


I mean, clearly she's more of an Ellen than a Tory, but still very playable.  (But then I think the rampant Anders hate is pretty overblown, so what do I know? :P)

#5 napoleonWilson



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Posted 02 September 2013 - 07:38 PM

I don't know how well she will work but, I have to disagree about almost every point above.  Her skill set stinks...she can only draw EITHER one green OR one yellow and then EITHER one blue or one treachery.  SO. either way she takes one card that is good for humans and one that works against.  The skill set of Cylon leaders don't matter enough like they do for the human characters.  Simply don't get enough of them (3 at best). 

I have not seen the rebel base star yet come into play but, I do know that a game mechanic that only will occasionally come out and be used is nothing more than a slight boost. 

The main thrust though of her poor design is that opt, it is awful.  It takes 4 turns minimum to look at only ONE loyalty.  One to infiltrate, one to look and go back, one to burn getting a SC to get out and THEN she can get out on her 4th to do something.  Depending on how many players you have you could already be at the 4 distance by the time she takes her 2nd or 3rd turn. 

I once thought as you do with Baltars opg.  I just am not as worried about the unrevealed cylons anymore.  Firstly, you never would use that opg until second round of loyalty. by then if the cylons are out and trying to stay hidden they are helping more than hurting.  When they betray its obvious.  If they started to act funny before the second round, finding them wasn't the problem it was getting rid of them. So Baltar's ability just became less and less useful, sometimes never being used at all.  Now, with all the personal agenda's, his ability is even less useful.  Frankly, Apollo's opg is more useful...especially with the cfb,. 

Lastly, you have to be kidding about Anders.  He BLOWS DOG, Hotdog that is.  He is unbelievably bad.  He literally is useless and would only take him if you knew you were a cylon before picking and wanted to sabotage the humans by being a total blank character. 

I have not seen D'anna played yet so I don't know exactly how well she will work but, Anders is so blatantly abysmal that I  don't need to see him played. 


I need to start that thread.....


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