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madam Flush and alternate Baltar....is this as broken as it looks

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#61 Vonpenguin



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Posted 15 September 2013 - 10:06 PM

Bah...don't need it.  We are just all playing as cylons so don't need a sleeper phase. We can streamline it and get

more games in,..woohoo.


Except it's not playing as cylons. It's ensuring that you can be the biggest asset to your team, whichever team that is, possible once who's who is settled. If it was a sure fire cylon win then why would anyone ever do it?

#62 Ziptie



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Posted 21 September 2013 - 11:25 AM

Running stats doesn't tell ya, "how it goes down in the streets", so to speak :)


Human players have no reason to lie.  If they keep saying they can't help in votes or can help alittle but, would have to give up

the xo to help there is a problem.  Purple cards themselves stink.  The primary card is launch scout.  Usually there is something else that has to get done, (especially with the mutiny cards, or agenda loyalty cards now) that the launch scout is only played if you have really nothing else to do.

Launch scout? Allows you to go through fewer jump cycles overall, and there is opportunity to play them sometimes in almost every game. Certainly more useful than CPs from yellow.

Strategic Planning? Allows you to use FTL with less risk, or choose a roll choice on codex, or plan shots on cylon/human ships.

Trust Insticts? Crisis/SC with 4+ positive colors, or if destiny is more likely to be positive than not (that is, if you actually keep track of it). About as situational as Red Tape.


The list goes on. Sorry, but if you can't see any worthwile use for tatics cards, you're doing something wrong.


The baltar taking tokens is actually less of a threat because the idea would be Baltar doesnt build up tons he just grabs one and runs it over to Cain.  At that point there isnt much else he can do. The second he grabs a token and doesnt give it to Flush he gets a trip to jail.  He would probably just run over and steel Flush's token, that would be about the best he could do as a reveal barring circumstances.

If you do everything as you just described, this is what happens:

Baltar grabs a miracle token, (if you XO him again to give it to Cain he grabs another token), you try to brig him (you waste an action, you waste skillcards AND you allow Baltar to use his reveal action from the brig). Might easily be much worse if you try to XO the president to shuffle through quorum deck since you might not get it even within 5 turns.


For the very start of the game, that's a pretty good reveal overall.


#63 BrandonCarpenter



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Posted 23 September 2013 - 02:03 PM

Played a base game last Friday. As much as I suggested we needed to scout, there was always something more important to take care of. We did have Boomer and Roslin in our group, however, and I feel that lessened our need to scout. Still, I thought it was funny after the fact. :-)

#64 quit



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Posted 05 October 2013 - 03:04 AM

To answer to the original question (because I believe I never did that):

Madam flush and Cultar working together to blind jump 3 times is very broken. 


I recently had a game with 2 blind jumps from Cain (without Cultar, just because she gained a second miracle token some other way) and even that was broken. 

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