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Will there be future for Battles of Westeros?

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#21 Sacrilege83



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Posted 13 June 2014 - 11:35 AM

They don't need to wait for the next book.  They can release a Wildlings vs Night's Watch now with a double sided winter board/Wall with Castle Black and gate tiles.  Then give The Others as an expansion to it when "Winds of Winter" novel finally comes out.


I wonder if this game is making any money for FFG, if not it's pretty understandable why they've halted support.  And of course the game doesn't have the title "Game of Thrones" on it to appeal to the casual gamers/tv viewers.  They really need to put on their boxes "Based on GRRM's series ASOIAF including 'A Game of Thrones'".  That's what I would do if I'm marketing, using full titles not acronyms.  How many casual fans from the novel and tv know that the continent/country is named Westeros?

#22 Ordo Malleus

Ordo Malleus


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Posted 17 June 2014 - 09:27 AM



I don't think adding "Game of Thrones" somewhere on the box will add much appeal to the casual gamer. It may fool some poor souls, but BoW is not in any means casual and this is obvious from the moment you open the box.


Many hours are needed just for preparing to play - assembling, reading and understanding the rules, setting the battlefield. The game itself is not exactly short and the experience is closer to a quiet chess game, than to the usual understanding of fun. Its 2-player nature is also deterent to some gamers.

Of course, (almost) the exact same things are amongst the positives of the game and the factors that made me love BoW, but I will not really recommend it to anyone just wishing to spend some fun, light hours. BoW is more than a demanding game and requires full attention, nice partner and a long, rainy afternoon...


The hardcore wargaming crew is the target that must be pursued, at least from my point of view, but maybe the moment for that is missed. Which is a shame, since this game is my definition of great boardgaming experience.

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#23 goonstwone



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Posted 15 July 2014 - 02:18 PM

I just got the game and really hope they're not killing it.  Does FFG not comment on these types of things on the forums?  Sorry for the ignorance but I'm new to these types of games.


Anyway, i'm curious to see what vassal is all about. PM if anyone is up for a game....

#24 Julia


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Posted 15 July 2014 - 02:49 PM

FFG never comments on their fora unless it's something incredibly important (e.g., I've seen this happening twice in the boardgame fora in the last 7 years), so I won't be holding my breath expecting anything to be said here. They usually give official communications only when there's something ready to enter production, so... but I do hope something sooner or later will be released.


Sure thing is that Robert Kouba is not working for FFG since May 2013 (stated on his LinkedIn page), so maybe this could be problematic for the game? Dunno. It's true it's a long time since Baratheon, but it's also true they reprinted the Premium Banners, and if the game were near the end, then maybe they wouldn't have reprinted some pure plastic expansion.


Dunno, really. I keep my fingers crossed and look at the coming GenCon with hope

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#25 williamames3



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Posted 16 July 2014 - 08:28 AM

I also recently just found this game and got all of the expansions already. Hoping they keep it going with more expansions!

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