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Purple Dragons, a Fan chapter

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You may use this Back story if you like :D Stats are on their way



Purple Dragons - A chapter of Adeptus Astartes that worships Emperor, but mostly two of his Sons, Leman Russ and Vulcan. Some speculate, that the Purple Dragons have a connection to the chaos and its gods, but ultimately the cruel faith has given them a huge trial on their wake.

Only a man with a good heart can become a Purple Dragon, or as they say a human born with a pure soul. Their founder, was a man named  Darrol, a Chaplain from the Salamanders, of the first company.

Memorable Dates:

Chapters Beginning:

045.M38 - After a successful mission  on Armageddon, Chaplain Darrol and the ship he was on, "Claw of Sorrow", was sucked in to a warp storm causing major problems and almost death of all aboard. Fortunately, Darrol survived. It was a miracle, the whole deck was wrecked and most amongst survivors were very injured, but Chaplain was physically unharmed. In a near death experience caused by lack of oxygen, Darrol saw the primarch Of Space Wolfs, Leman Russ.  What the primarch told or even spoke of with the Chaplain is still unknown, but this seriously affected his view  as he later wrote, "It opened my eyes and fed secrets to my mind, a mortal couldn't withstand".
After the incident,  "Claw of Sorrow", got carried to Immolit, an a jungle  planet. When survivors set their foot into the jungles, they found a giant temple, that was build by barbarians, when they first saw the emperor and his followers. After what he experienced, Chaplain decided to start a new chapter of Space Marines, to protect the secrets he discovered. Chaplain Darrol, becomes a Chapter Master.
Most marines accepted that, believing into the Chaplain. The Temple is given name, "Dragon's Tear".

124.38M. - with the help of the marines, the barbarians on the planet become more intelligent. This makes their relationship grow as the men become more friendly to their new protectors.

148.38M - First five companies have been made. Most of them are brothers from the other chapters most of which are mysteriously brought on the planet, as almost like a higher power was guiding them., . First major battle happens on Immolit. A giant size ship, "Space Hulk" crush lands on the planet. Two squads and Chapter Master himself, go in, to secure the ship. This further proofs him as a leader, who doesn't put himself above his fellow brothers. After five days of constant battles with Tyranids,  they come out not only victorious,  but with new recruits, two terminators squads and a librarian from the Blood Angel chapter.

156.38M - Purple Dragons grow in sizes rapidly. Darrol sends his message across the stars, further making the chapter more famous. Glorious battles are won. It is decided, that the Chapter will use two gens of Primarchs. Vulcan's and Leman Russ. This miracle of science was archived by a huge group of Techmariens and Apotechires.

186.38M - The Chapter gets recognition and helps in a current war against Eldars, pushing the xenox away from their sector. Blue Sky Squad is first formed, they are the best shooters of the whole chapter.

232.38M - PD, get a distress call from a near by system. Specifically, from one planet called Jerico. As always, in cases of protecting the homes of his soldiers, Darrol and two first  companies answer the prayers.  After a huge battle against Necron threat, Darrol is injured and is near to his death. The only reason he survives are five space marines, who guarded their master for six days, until the reinforcements arrived. Two of them who survived,  carried swords.  This event played a huge role in the tradition of the chapter. Darrol writes down the secret that he was hiding and asks to become a dreadnought.

After Darrol:

233.38M - After the transformation of Darrol, new traditions get carried out. Firstly, every chapter master from now on, has a set of five guards with him, called "Swords Guard".one of the soldiers in the guard, loses his name and identity to become, a symbol o selflessness and takes the name Arch-lion. Only the one with good heart and the soul of a dragon-lion can become this symbol. Secondly, the "Court of Dragons" is formed. They are normal civilians from the villages of Immolit, who decide the one worthy of being a Chapter Master. This tradition, represents, how trusting Darrol was towards the
rest of the humanity and his high hopes for their future. Thirdly, the even numbered companies specify to withstand guard against a ginormous amount of enemies, making them best at defense. In the same manner, uneven companies are skilled at bringing death in battle. Which brings us to a forth tradition, companies, always fight in two. This is also showing, how bond is the chapter and everyone is equal.  Finally, if Chapter Master is seriously injured or near death, he is made into a dreadnought, like Darrol was. But it wasn't the end of the suffering road for the Purple Dragon. Quite the opposite, it was merely the beginning.

The Age of Burden

335.38M - Within few years, large suspicion grows inside the chapter. Many brothers are concerned with the state of things. The lack of Imperial support finally shows its cracks as many of the weapons are not looked after properly, the armories are empty and the over all luck of the chapter has ran out. In this state, Purple Dragons a most vulnerable.  Chaos spreads its roots.

456.38M - Another major battle for Immolit. Chaos spreads despise and horror, while Dragons fight them back with double the strength they have ever put. Most of the battles are lost. Current Chapter Master, Fogil, sacrifices himself, to stop the fleet and makes the time they need for help to arrive. Crimson Fists and Space Wolfs aid in the war, fighting back the enemy. A great victory is achieved, by team work and spirit. Unfourtenatly, This commotion has led to the Inquisition taking an interest in the events. The Dragons are faced with a cruel ultimatum. They have two choices, be executed by the Inquisition,  or take off and become fugitives. Most of the brothers decide to stay, to face their annihilation. At the last hours of the chapter, there seem to be no way out. But when the Inquisition arrives at the planet, their leader, Alexander Dohe has a vision of the emperor himself, spearing his children. Until this date, the Inquisition speculates on the events, some even saying, that chaos made that vision appear. Still, with now, ever growing support for the chapter, their most darkest hour has passed. Or has it?

128.39M - Chapter has a new rising hero, Chief Librarian Hort.  He had discovered a secret diary of Darrol himself. This makes the mystery to be more seen and relative. Unfortunately, Hort became insane when he discovered the truth and committed suicide. Before death he wrote a rule book, as how to secure the diary. There are many instructions, but one of them is hidden. The rule number 13 can only be opened by Darrol or the one who he says is worthy of doing so. Darrol hasn't spoke for almost two centuries. Now the diary is placed deep inside the "Dragon's Tear", guarded by a squad of terminators. No one is allowed down there.

234.40M - There are more sightings of Individual brothers going insane, the incident are isolated, but the Chaplains of the Dragons are told to take great care and caution, when recruiting new infants.

New Dawn:

098.41M - Purple Dragons have fought in countless battles against those, who oppose emperor's will. They are setting standard to the new recruits. Although, there is a great history behind the chapter, still no one knows the secrets that were so heavily hidden inside it. Young sergeant, Biutrus, of the first company is trying unreavel the truth. He knows no fear and stops at nothing to complete his tasks. But is he worthy?



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